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Morning Links: Lane has it covered

Good morning.

We wrote about Jeremy Lane and his excellent punt coverage for today's paper.

A stunning stat we had in the story (and, it turns out, RDPoulsbo pointed out in a comment yesterday), is that the Seahawks are allowing just 1.4 yards per punt return. That's easily the best in the league. St. Louis is next at 3.2.

That's a crazy number, which Lane has a lot to do with. Unfortunately for Lane, he's not listed on the Pro Bowl ballot.


> Golden Tate was on KJR yesterday. You can hear his interview below, which starts with Tate talking about his visits to Children's Hospital and seeing kids with cancer.

> Mike Holmgren was on KJR Monday. A little late, but still worth a listen.

> Herman Edwards says Richard Sherman is the No. 1 corner in the NFL.

> Len Pasquarelli writes about Earl Thomas "making his mark" for the National Football Post. (An aside here, Pasquarelli writes there wasn't a media group around Thomas postgame in Atlanta. Like any postgame, media groups bounce around and come and go. I talked to Thomas individually, as did several other reporters.)

> answers questions in a mailbag.

> also says Marshawn Lynch is a tempo-setter for the Seahawks.

> Safety Ed Reed was released by the Houston Texans on Tuesday.

> SI's Don Banks looks at why 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is struggling.

> The Minneapolis Star Tribune on the bond between tight end John Carlson and Kyle Rudolph.

> Jonathan Martin of the New York Times writes about all the fools who tweeted him thinking he was Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins.

> Pretty amazing stuff from MMQB on former Cowboy Sam Hurd, who is possibly on the verge of being sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking.