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News, notes and quotes: Sherman says he's fine

[HTML1]Richard Sherman said he just needed a day to rest on Wednesday and will be back at practice today.

Quick hits from Sherman and Russell Wilson:

> Sherman said he's not concerned who will be at quarterback for the Vikings on Sunday. "They can both turn around and hand it to Adrian Peterson," Sherman said.

> Asked about not being thrown at often in recent weeks, Sherman said he doesn't want to be an island. "I want be more of a tourists attraction. You stop here, I take your money, then you go. Everybody has a good day."

> Sherman said they had an "intricate" plan to defend Percy Harvin last season when the Seahawks played the Vikings. Harvin ran four times for 24 yards and caught just two passes for 10 in that game. He also yelled at his head coach during the game, in addition to getting into it with Sherman at one point. Sherman said they have talked about that a few times. "I thought it was a great competitive moment," Sherman said.

> Asked who he wants to win between New Orleans and San Francisco, Sherman wondered if there was a way they could both lose. He settled on the fact that whichever team loses is likely to lose ground to the Seahawks.

> Wilson said he "threw a ton" with Harvin in the offseason. "I trust what he does," Wilson said.

> When it comes to balance in the offense, Wilson said it's important to "facilitate the ball" to the right place.

> Wilson said he puts a lot of the responsibility for not taking hits on himself.

> Wilson said he will take a little time off next week during the bye, but that he has a hard time taking any mental breaks.

> Wilson also said one thing he thinks the team is doing very well each week is "hitting the restart button."> Also, the Seahawks will open the gates at 10 a.m. the rest of the season.