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Wilson: 'That’s our objective; is to be the hardest hitting team in the National Football League'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say today:

(On if getting the win against the Vikings before the bye week will be gratifying...)

(On if how the Seahawks got the win against the Panthers boosted his confidence for the rest of the season...) “Well I think that the past few weeks, especially offensively when I speak of the offense, I think we’ve done a really good job with stepping it up on third downs, we’ve done a great job in the red zone for the most part, and that’s how you got to play great offensive football and I think that we’re elevating our game. Obviously going back to Atlanta after the disappointment we had the year before and to win in that fashion was pretty exciting for our football team. It’s a new week; it’s a time to restart. I think the thing that we’re doing really well, every single week, is hitting the restart button. So we’re able to do that and then it kind of prepares our mind that, ‘Hey. This is the only game that matters.’ So I think for us this week, it’s the same attitude. We’re coming back home, playing in CenturyLink again. We love to do that, we get an extra fire from doing that just because we’re playing in front of our amazing fans and when we do go on the road, we have that poise, we have that composure, and plus we have our fans that have been traveling too. So that always helps.”

(On the running game creating opportunities for the passing game...) “Well the thing that we want to do first is always run the football. I think that with our offensive line and what they’re capable of doing and how athletic they are, we want to be able to run the football and be tough-nosed and just let Marshawn Lynch do his thing. He’s incredible man. He catches the ball extremely well, he runs the ball extremely well obviously, he’s so physical, he gets those extra yards like you can’t even imagine. And so that’s the best thing that we have in terms of being able to make some big plays just out of our running game and if we can make explosive running plays out of our running game and then also make explosive plays out of our passing game, it’s tough to beat us if we’re good on third down and good in the red zone.”

(On the key to the success of the passing game...) “I think our protection has just been a lot of better. You know just in the past several weeks, we got to remember, we had three of our starting offensive linemen out against Houston, one of the best defensive lines there is in the National Football League and then we played the Indianapolis Colts. So it’s one of those things that those guys are learning. We had Michael Bowie in there, a rookie who steps up and does a great job and has done a great job ever since. You have Lem [Lemuel Jean-Pierre] stepping in at center for Max Unger and then you got Paul McQuistan moving in at left tackle, which he did a really good job there too as well. So for us, I think the biggest thing is can we stay protected? Can we get the ball off in time and quick enough and then make the plays down field? And guys are making plays and that’s what it comes down to in the National Football League. There’s going to be guys covered every time. There’s no true wide open guy usually. So what we want to do is be explosive, make the easy play, but also make the clutch plays at the same time.”

(On improvements to the offensive lines’ pass protection being the reason why there has been an improvement on third down conversions...) “Yeah I think that’s why the third downs have been better. We’ve had a little bit more time, we’ve just gelled a little bit more with guys stepping in, which is crucial for our football team and the thing that I believed I said last week… But if I didn’t, the best thing about all this, you never want to have injuries, but the best part about it is we’ve had guys step in. Three guys stepped in and played crucial roes for us and you think about the center position, you got to make a lot of calls and communicate with me a lot. Lem [Lemuel Jean-Pierre] did a great of that. The right tackle has got to block a lot of defensive ends who have speed and the left tackle as well and so for down the road, when we’re playing hopefully in the playoffs or hopefully in a big game,  game 15, game 16, we have those guys that are able to step in and it’s no pressure. They’re very poised, they understand situations extremely well and so I think that’s going to play a huge benefit for us down the road.”

(On the importance of him not getting hit as much as he did in the Tampa Bay game when the Seahawks played against the Falcons...) “Well I think our objective is to always protect the quarterback. Whether if it’s me running the football, me sliding if it’s just in terms of protection calls; I’ve put a lot of that on me. I think a lot of it is just decision making, on getting the ball off on time, trusting what I see getting down when I am running it. You know they hit me a few times a few weeks ago, but it’s one of those things that you keep getting back up and keep playing the game.”

(On the last touchdown against the Falcons when 10 out of the 11 plays were running plays...) “Well you know I think the thing for us is we want to be able to run the football. We have one of the best, if not the best running back in the National Football League, in terms of Marshawn Lynch and we want to hand the ball off to him. That’s why we call him Beast Mode for a reason. He’s just a guy that can get first downs, he can get the tough yards, can make people miss, makes the right cuts, makes the right decision. It all starts with the offensive line. It all starts with the offensive line in terms of them fitting up on their blocks and moving their feet and keep their hands inside and open up gaps for Marshawn [Lynch] and he’s a great decision maker. And then you think about Robert Turbin, a guy who can step in. He’s a starting-type running back. He’s got all of the ability in the world, catches the ball extremely well, does a great job in protection as well and just runs the ball very, very tough and when he sees the hole, he hits it. So you have two running backs that are very, very special and then you got Christine Michael too who’s young, but he got in there at the end of the game too.”

(On the offensive line loving to hit people...) “Yeah I mean the offensive line loves hitting people and that’s our objective; is to be the hardest hitting team in the National Football League, offensively, defensively, and special teams-wise and we want to be physical. We want to be smart too at the same time. Making sure that we’re making the right decision and playing to the whistle, but not playing after the whistle and I think that’s one thing that we’ve been doing a good job of. Just over the past year-year and a half, we’ve really learned how to make the smart decision I believe and its helped our football team stay on schedule, keep our tempo up, and make the plays that we need to because when we hit that explosive play, we don’t want to bring it back. We want to keep moving forward and keep having those big drives and those big touchdowns.”

(On how he feels about the balance between the run game and the passing game...) “I love having the balance that we have. You know I’ll do whatever it takes win though. If its throwing it i60 times or throwing it 10 times, at the end of the day, I want to facilitate the ball to the right guy at the right time, get our offense in the right position whether if it’s a run check, whether it’s a pass check, a protection check, I want to make sure that we’re in the right situation at the right time and my goal is to win the game. Like I always say and I mean it, ‘Our goal is to go 1 and 0’ and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

(On taking time off during the bye week...) “Will I take time off in the bye week? I was thinking about that today. Probably a little bit of time but not too much. I’ll probably take the first few days off just to relax and let my body recover because we’ll have a five game stretch of regular season games and then hopefully playoffs. But you know my mind, it kind of never relaxes. That’s one of the things that I’m always in to it, I’m always trying to study as much as I can and get prepared for the next opportunity.”

(On his relationship with Harvin...) “You know I feel so comfortable with Percy [Harvin]. He’s a guy that threw a ton with him this off season before the injury really popped up and so it was one of those things that we had a really good relationship before. I trust what he does; he’s in and out of his breaks really quickly. He’s just a great football player and great football players, like Kippy Brown says, our wide receiver’s coach he says, ‘Great football players make great football plays,’ and he’s one of those guys. So it’s one of those things that you want to give him the ball as much as you can and utilize everybody else that we have on the field. I think that’s the thing about our offense that makes it so challenging on defenses is that we have so many guys that we can use. Jermaine Kearse has done a great job of stepping up and you think about Doug Baldwin as well and then obviously Golden Tate and different guys that we have and then you add Percy Harvin into the mix, which we haven’t had him yet. He brings a whole other explosive mentality to our football team and we’re already, I believe, number one in the National Football League in explosive plays on whether if its running the football or passing the football and we want to continue that. But also make the easy plays too and get first downs, keep our rhythm alive, keep our tempo going.”