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Sherman: 'I don't want to be an island'

Richard Sherman. He's funny.

(On the free safety advice from Earl Thomas…)

(On if it reminded him of his time on Bourbon Street…) “It did, it did a little bit. I think he was better than me, and then he got the lady at the end, who told him some free advice, don’t talk to strangers.”

(On if getting the win before the bye week would be extra gratifying…) “We go 1-0 every week. Were a team that searches for one win a week, nah I’m just messing with you I was trying to give you my Russell Wilson impression. Yeah it’ll be great. It’ll be great to get that win. We’re facing one of the best backs in the league obviously so it’s not going to be an easy win by any means, but it’ll be great to get that win and to get a win heading into the bye week, it’ll feel good. You rest better coming off of a win.”

(On preparing for the rotating quarterbacks…) “We’re preparing for the scheme. I don’t think the changing of quarterbacks changes the scheme and the plays they run. They both can execute the offense effectively so we just prepare for the routes and the concepts they run, and we prepare for Adrian Peterson because they both can turn around and hand it to him. I think we’ll be preparing for him just the same.”

(On if he pays more attention to Adrian Peterson when watching film…) “Not really. I mean everybody has to get him down; we have to get him down. It’s just like Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and all the rest of the good backs. You have to get him down; you have to have a good plan together as a defense. If our safeties have a fit in the run game then they have to be aware of him and have to be aware of their fits. So they’re involved in the run game a lot more than the corners are so we get to see them talk about their fits.”

(On the comparison between Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson…) “I think they’re totally runners. I think Marshawn is more wide legged. I think they’re both powerful runners, they both run very violently, they run hard, they take on contact, they initiate contact, and they usually shed off of contact. I think Adrian Peterson runs to go, I think Marshawn runs to run through people. He runs to find people to run through.”

(On liking to not have balls being thrown to him throughout games…) “No I don’t want to be an island, I don’t like that. I want to be more of a tourist attraction, I want to be the guy where you stop here, I take your money and you go. Everybody has a good day, I don’t want to be an island.”

(On the player rotation method…) “It’s the next man up kind of deal with our team. I think that’s why everybody is so confident in the guy that is coming in. Whether it’s Alvin Bailey, whether it’s Michael Bowie, Walter Thurmond, Byron Maxwell because everybody is prepared. You see what everybody does in practice, you see how well they’re prepared, and if you made this 53 man roster you can play in this league and you can play at a high level. I think that’s the confidence that we have in every individual.”

(On his hip injury…) “You know I saw that Peyton Manning got a day off and I was like man, where’s my day off so I was like let’s come up with something so I can rest too. Nah I’m just joking, I’m good, I’ll be out there today, I just needed some rest.”

(On what defensive backs do to prepare for Hail Mary game tying situations…) “Yes everybody practices it at least once a week I’m sure 100 percent because of plays like that. Now because of plays like that they’ll super emphasize it when we practice it. They’ll be like awe man did you see that play, that’s why we do this. But you’re usually supposed to box out the receivers. Every man for man, you box him out, and then somebody is supposed to knock the ball down to the ground, but a lot of times guys think oh man this was a free pick opportunity and everybody goes up and tries to pick while the receivers are trying to catch it and usually something bad happens. So they tell us to knock the ball down, but it’s a lot easier said than done when it’s thrown up in the air. I’ll knock it down if it came to that situation.”

(On if he remembers the game plan last year to prepare against Percy Harvin…) “Yes I do and it was very intricate to say the least. If he’s here we do this, if he’s here we do this, so we’re glad we don’t have to deal with him anymore. He’s on our team now.”(On if they placed an emphasis on Percy Harvin because of his versatility…) “I think we put more emphasis on him because he did so much for them. When he’s in the game they can do anything with him. They can put him in the wildcat and give him the ball right away, they can fly sweep with him, they could throw a screen to him, they can hand the ball to him, so there were so many different facets of their offense that were run through him. So we have to be ready for every one of those things. Without him they use Cordarrelle Patterson in a similar way and he’s dynamic, but he’s not Percy Harvin. We still have to prepare for him, but he doesn’t run the ball, he doesn’t line up at running back and do everything Percy does, but it takes away an element.”

(On if he would rather see the Saints lose or the 49ers lose…) “That’s a good question. Could they both lose? I wish they both could lose. To tell you the truth I think it’s a win/win for us either way. We have to win out, we have to do what we have to do the rest of the season to make our dreams come true anyway. In that situation I think whichever team wins is good for us. One of them has to lose. So if we handle our business throughout the rest of the season, we’ll be in a good spot.”

(On Adrian Peterson…) “He’s an awesome player. He’s an outstanding player and obviously his resume speaks for itself. He’s run for a million yards or whatever he’s run for nowadays, but you prepare for him the same way. I’m sure he has the same respect for our defensive players and we have some guys with some grit about them too. There’s definitely a mutual respect there and that’s why you prepare for him the way you do.”

(On having respect for him on the field…) “It’s always the same. It kind of eliminates when you get on the field because everybody is even. If you have a guy who you don’t know and you don’t respect, when he gets on the field everybody is even. He can go off just like anybody else. So when you start to respect any guy higher than another guy that’s when you start to get beat by guys who are some consider ‘no name’ guys and it’s a surprise to some people, but he’s a pro too.”

(On if he has ever talked to Percy Harvin about their collision on the sideline last year…) “We talked about it a couple of times. He said that’s just how he plays and I was like that’s just how I play. It was a competitive moment. It was one of those moments where we’re both competitors, he wanted to win and he thought he was going to run through, and I wanted to win, I wanted to get him down. I thought it was a great competitive moment for us. I’m glad he’s on our team.”

(On Stanford vs. USC…) “With the respect to my head coach I think it’s a great butting rivalry that we’ve won the past four or five times. I think that it used to be very lopsided favored by USC. Since it’s changed I nerd nation is taking over and not a lot of people approve of that, the nerds taking over the world, but nerds rule kids