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Harvin: 'I definitely think I am ready to play'

Here's what Percy Harvin had to say today:

(On how he feels after going through a week of practice…)

(On how concerned he was in his chances of playing when he felt sore in his hip…) “I wasn’t real concerned. It had a little fluid that build up and just kind of caused some stiffness. Just running and things was causing just a little soreness. I didn’t really have a lot of concern. (The doctors as they took the MRI), the bone structure where he did the surgery at was perfectly fine. Everything in the structure was fine. Just had some fluid buildup and we had to stop and kind of let that build up, take the fluid out, and I was right back on my feet.”

(On if he feels ready to play against the Vikings…) “I definitely think I’m ready to play. I still got a lot of work to do, but I think I’m ready to start playing and getting packages in there and getting the ball going.”

(On if he’s worried about being rusty after not playing for a year…) “I’m not worrying about it, but it’s to be expected. I haven’t played the game in a year. I haven’t had the amount of practices or the training camps that a lot of people have that, but I have a lot of confidence in this coaching staff, of them getting me ready to play and I have all of the confidence in the world in my ability and the way I prepare. So I’m not worried at all.”

(On if he feels that he could do everything on Sunday or would he have to ease back into the game…) “I won’t say what I can and can’t do. I would just say that it would be crazy for me to think that I can go out there and play the amount of plays I was able to play before and do all things I was. I’m able to do some of things, but it’s still day-to-day and we’ll see.”

(On if playing against the Vikings would be a special moment for him…) “Not at all. It is good to play those guys and be able to see those guys. I still got a lot of friendships over there. I text them and talk to them a lot. It’s just solely about the Seattle Seahawks. Me being able to be out there and be able to play again and get ready for this playoff run. It has nothing to do with the Vikings.”

(On if he knew that he could potentially play against the Vikings…) “Yeah actually, a couple of weeks ago, as he said when I had the setback, I had wanted to play the Monday night game and then the following game after that and then it all just started to seem like I was going to be able to play this game.”

(On Jared Allen’s positive comments…) “It meant a lot to me hear those guys still give me those types of compliments, coming out of that locker room. I got a whole lot of respect for Jared Allen. Me and him had a lot of talk and he’s talked me through a lot of things while I was there. So to still hear him have that kind of respect for me, it meant a lot to me.”

(On what he wanted to get out of this week…) “I definitely think I got everything out of it. The plan was just to get out there, start moving around, and it’s never actually the day of that I do things that the trainers or anybody that’s worried, it’s the following day. Making sure there’s no swelling, no stiffness, and I was able to go out there and I was explosive, I was able to run all of my routes unlimited. So it all works out good.”

(On feeling encouraged after playing in three straight practices…) “Exactly. Definitely. I think the last time, I went through a half of a practice and then the swelling came. So being able to put back-to-back-to-back days and not having any swelling, any setbacks, its encouraging. So as long as everything works well tomorrow, which I fully plan on it, should be a good sign for the game.”

(On his comfort level with Wilson…) “It’s at an all-time high. We did a lot of work throughout the offseason, just going to different high schools and just getting receivers all together before the OTAs when I first got here, we was throwing the ball a lot and just being back out there with them, we didn’t miss a whole lot, as far as chemistry-wise. With that said, we still have a lot of work to do; I have a lot of work to do, but that all comes with repetition, practices and in the games.”

(On the success of the Seahawks’ season so far…) “Man it’s been a blessing and then to go to my injury, to know that you have an injury, you get it healed up, and to know that your team is still doing exactly what we planned on doing, with the coaching staff and what everybody talked about doing. So that just allowed me and the training staff to really sit back and allow me to heal the right way and not be able to rush it or anything like that. So I’m just looking to get back in and fit in. Not trying to rush anything and then like I said, just get in and make plays along with all of the other play makers.”