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Carroll on Browner: 'He’s been fully diagnosed and we’re waiting until the last possible second to do what we want to do'

Here's what Pete Carroll said Friday:

(On how did this week guy with all of the guys back from injury…) “The week went very well. Guys practiced throughout, they did all of the things we asked them to do during the week and made it through all of the reps and turns and came back each day. Now we have to get through tomorrow and make sure that after today’s work everybody is fit and ready to go and we’ll make our decisions come game time.”

(On if Percy Harvin will play Sunday…) “He has a chance. He made it through practice today, we’ll see how it affects him tomorrow, and then we’ll call it. He looked good, he practiced and did everything, and he’s asking me about returning kickoffs already so he’s all over it. He’s excited about it.”

(On if there is a fine line between playing Percy Harvin and not playing him…) “We’re not going to do it unless we’re ready. These guys have shown that they’re ready now, but we won’t make that decision unless we think that’s the right thing to do. We could be more conservative and wait longer, but we think we’ve done all the things that we needed to do. We’ll get the information and figure it out, and then call it on game day.”

(On if there is anyone of the injured guys that are for sure going to play…) “Nah we’re just going to wait on it because they have to come back after the week’s work, show us that they’re okay tomorrow, and then we’ll make the call.”

(On Jeremy Lane…) “He’s fine.”

(On Tony McDaniel…) “He did extra work today to make sure he’ll be okay. I think we have him down at questionable at this point, but again we’ll wait and see how he is tomorrow. That’ll be another game day decision too.”

(On Percy Harvin’s status…) “I think he’s in the probable category.”

(On if he does play would you have him returning kickoffs…) “We’ll wait and find out.”

(On the Vikings’ special team unit…) “They have a great return game. They have the leading returner in punts and in kickoffs in the NFL. That’s a big statement that they’re serious about it, they’re really equipped, they have guys that can fly, and we have to be ready for this. This is a great challenge, this is the biggest challenge that we’ve had in the return game in facing it. We’re kind of excited about because we have a lot respect for what they do and we’re hoping our guys can step up for it.”

(On Brandon Browner…) “Nothing yet.”

(On if they have made a roster move yet to bring Russell Okung up…) “No.”

(On the preparation for the Vikings’ quarterback and not knowing who’s going to play…) “We’re counting on that Christian Ponder is going to play until he isn’t, but we have taken a look at all of the guys and we feel comfortable about what they will do with those guys in the game, and the style of the players. We feel like we know them pretty well, we’ve played against Josh Freeman and we know Matt Cassel really well and we’ve seen a lot of Christian. We feel okay about it, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t know how set that is, I don’t know what’s going on, we’re just going to count on that Christian is playing because he says he is.”

(On Max Unger and Red Bryant…) “Those guys are both fine. They both made it through the week and they’re alright. They’re going.”

(On what’s it mean to be home again with the Salute to Service week…) “We do stay connected with Armed Forces throughout the year, they get chances to come by and see us, we always want to pay as much respect as we possibly can, and share our time and opportunity here with our football with the troops that come by. It’s a really cool connection for us. The fact that Fort Lewis is right down the road, we have guys that do projects down there and we visit and we visited with the command group as well. We feel very luck that we are that close, but in all respects, we owe so much and there’s never enough you could do for all of the things that they have given us. We’ll have a fun day at the stadium again and a little preview to our highlight film will be all about it too with the players on Saturday night. We feel connected and hopefully we can return a nice day for them.”

(On if playing against Minnesota will factor in if he allows Percy Harvin to play this week…) “No. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing in that regard at all. We’re doing what’s best for us right now, so you’ll see.”

(On his thought on how Percy Harvin made it through the week…) “Well he made it through the week just right. He did everything that we asked of him, he was full speed on every opportunity, he looked great, he knows the offense, and he understands what’s going on. It’s understandable that he might be a little rusty at some stuff; he hasn’t played a lot of football right now so we won’t load him up with too much. Hopefully he can contribute and help us win.”

(On Brandon Browner…) “He’s been fully diagnosed and we’re waiting until the last possible second to do what we want to do just because we can. So we’re just going to wait it out. I think it was Bud Grant who said use all of the time that they give you, and respect that it’s Minnesota week, I listened to a lot of things that Bud said so we’re going to take every minute and utilize it to help us out.”