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Harvin: 'The plan was just for me to get out there and start getting in rhythm'

Here's what Percy Harvin had to say tonight:

(On feeling good after two pretty big plays… ) Definitely feeling good.  The plan was just for me to get out there and start getting in rhythm.   I didn’t want to get out there and play out of whack, or try to make any plays I couldn’t make, so I just wanted to stay calm and just play within the system, and let the plays come to me.  I was able to get to two plays, Coach had come to me earlier to let me know they weren’t going to try to turn me loose or anything like that.  Just gradually get my feet.  If I caught a ball today, that was great. If I didn’t, that was great, too.  I was able to block, just do some of the things of playing football again.

(On getting some action just before the bye…) It was a blessing in disguise on how this all worked out.  Just being able to play this game, get a little feel for the game again, and then get a bye week.  So, if anything happened, I would be able to rest it for a week and then be able to come back for the showdown on Monday Night.  So, it all worked out good; I didn’t get banged up today.  I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ll stay during the bye, keep rehabbing, and get ready for Monday.

(On whether he said something to Coach Carroll to return kickoffs after Kearse got hurt…) It’s been a work in progress all week long; me, I’ve been having some of the teammates yell at him, some of the coaching staff; but he came to be before the game and he let me know that he didn’t feel real comfortable with me doing it this game, but I kept drilling him and drilling him.  When Kearse went down, I still asked him, and he still wasn’t too sure about it.  So I don’t know what happened, I don’t know who did what, but he just ran and shouted at me and said ‘get your tail in there’ and I ran in there and I was excited and he let me do the next two.  I showed them that I have the confidence to play football again.

(On whether he really said ‘tail’…) We’ll leave that for the locker room.  [laughter]

(On whether he expected the Vikings to kick to him…) I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t think they knew I was going to be back there, so I tried to kind of sneak back there, figuring that once he started lining up to kick it, he was going to kick whatever they had planned on the sidelines.  Once I got back there, and I saw his approach to the ball, I knew he was still kicking it deep.  I just hoped he wasn’t kicking it out of the end zone, because I know he has a big leg.

(On what it was like to make that catch…) I can’t even describe that play.  Just for me to be able to be on the field again.  A lot of people don’t know I had a lot of surgeries.  I had two/three surgeries I went through.  I had an appendectomy, I had a tumor that was taken out during the off season.  There was a lot built into this game, other than just my hip.  Emotionally, it was good to get out there and be with my teammates again.  Hats off to the organization and all my teammates.  They did a heck of a job of keeping me mentally into the game.

(On whether he had conversations with Vikings people…) I talked to all the guys.  Sanford, he’s one of my closest friends over there.  Henderson, I was close to him.  Of course, A.P.  I talked to Jared Allen.  I made sure I talked to all of the training staff.  I talked to most of the managers.  I tried to talk to everybody that I could.  It was all good.  There’s no love lost with them, so it was all good.

(On how excited he is to be part of this…) Man, it’s an enjoyable feeling.  Furthermore, for me to have an injury, and still come to a team that is already moving, so it was perfect for me to come and not try to feel like I had to be the savior or had to do something out of the ordinary.  I could simply rehab and the team kept winning, kept winning, kept winning, and I was able to just come in the mix and try to catch up on the bus.

(On how Russell Wilson runs the team in general and how he played today…) I have been in love with Russell since I got over here; just the way he prepares for the game.  He just makes everybody else feel that much more comfortable, because he knows the system so much.  If you don’t know where you need to line up, you can go to him and he’ll put you where you need to be.  Going into the game, preparation-wise, he just makes you feel comfortable, knowing that whatever happens he is control of everything.  If anything ever happens, you just go to him, and he’ll put you where you need to be.

(On playing against the Vikings…) I have a lot of long relationships with the guys over there.  We still text all the time.  A lot of the staff over there, they still text me.  I still have a great relationship with a lot of those guys over there.  A.P., he helped me through a lot of situations.  His fiancé and my girl are very close friends, so it’s constant talking to those guys.  The media blew it all out of proportion with the whole Minnesota thing.  I still have love for those guys, and apparently they have love for me.  It’s all good.

(On why he thinks it didn’t work out in Minnesota…) That’s not for me to decide.  The things that didn’t work out; they’re there and I’m here.  I’m enjoying myself; I’m having a blast.  Life goes on.

(On getting on the stationary bike..) It got stiff a couple of times.  I knew some of the series I would be going in, and sometimes I wouldn’t.  Just making sure I stay loose.  I didn’t know exactly which plays I would go in, what packages, so I just made sure I stayed loose for when my number was called.

(On how important to get into a game before the bye…)  It was very important for me and the staff, too.  Especially knowing that the bye was coming up; we knew if anything crazy happened or if anything got out of whack, or swelling or anything that had happened previously, that we had the bye week, we had a lot of days to kind of let it settle down.  I wanted to get out there and finally see where I was at, planting-wise and cutting-wise, because you can’t get those kind of simulations in practice and rehab.

(On when was the appendectomy..) It happened maybe 3 weeks after my ankle injury, and I was put on I.R.

(On how comfortable he felt in the offense…) I was very comfortable.  When I was with this offense with Minnesota when Coach Bevell in my first two years in the league.  It’s basically the same offense.  He added little wrinkles, but overall what he’s trying to do, what he’s trying to get to, I still have a good philosophy of what he’s trying to do.  So, I was able to plug in there, and just play football.

(On what we can expect if things get “out of whack”…)  I don’t expect things to get out of whack.  Today was the number one test that everybody wanted to see.  I went through all of the practices, I started putting back to back practices together.  I wasn’t limited at all.  I came out here and wasn’t limited at all, I got banged around a couple of times; did a few blocks.  I don’t see any more setbacks.  I’m looking to take off from here.

(On whether there was a moment during practice when he felt he was back…) We were practicing kick returns, and we had a middle return.  I was kind of hesitant, the previous practices, to dig in and really try to turn it over, so I did it on the kick return and it felt pretty good so I looked at Coach and let him know that the kick return was definitely an option for me.  I just kept drilling him and drilling him from there.  He wasn’t trying to hear it, but I was able to win him over eventually.  That was Wednesday practice.  We practice it every day, but Wednesday is the big kick return day.

(On whether he asked Coach Carroll to let him return kicks…) I talked to him, I had every offensive coordinator yelling at him in on the headsets.  I had the guys upstairs in the box yelling at him.  I had his son yelling at him.  It was something I wanted real bad.  Not just because I wanted to make a big play; I’m a kick returner so I wanted to get back there and start to get a feel for the kick returning again.  It was a chance to make a big play and he came to me, and I was able to make it.

(On what is possible with this offense…) This offense does the exact opposite [of his offense last year], it allows you to stretch the field as you saw today.  You saw Doug shake loose.  You saw a lot of big catches by the tight end, Zach Miller.  This offense is built in to have its hot reads and have its deep shots and Russell, he’ll pick his time when he wants to take them.

(On whether he thought he would score on the kickoff return…)  I really don’t know.  I saw the kicker, and I was trying to contemplate whether I wanted to run him over or run around him, so I just tried to make the best play that I could.  He made a great play in making me hesitate a little bit, so hat’s off to him.