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Quicky Pete notes

Pete Carroll --

--On bye:  we're real happy we made it to the bye as we have. I think we've accomplished a lot to get to this point in some regards. in other regards, we haven't done anything yet. we come out of this game and feel real good we’ve had a couple weeks in a row we’ve played real good football in al lthree phases and there’s still plenty of areas to improve.

With the return of the (injured) guys we felt their presence in the good ways and felt the rustiness as well, and we’re excited about the fact that we’re going to get some time off and get ready for a big game with these guys with a game under their belt (Russell, Breno and Percy, particularly)

It was a very good game on defense, gosh, we played really well up front. that was real obvious … hopefully we can recapture that when we come back and get the running game going on offense and head into the end of the season and do something special.

(Players will be off until next Monday)

The bye is always a time to take advantage of recuperating, but also to try to get better … we go in pretty healthy so by the time we come out of it we’ll be rarin’ to go..

Browner: we don’t know, hopefully by the end of the week we’ll know more. He’s got a serious groin pull. It’s legit, it’s not just a pulled muscle, he had some tissue damage, they’re talking 4 to 6 weeks at best. (from injury date)

(Message to team about being gone): It’s really important for us, one, to realize the truth of where we are and what’s happened, so they’re clear about and we’ve done well, we’re in good shape right now. we talked about where we’re strong and what we want to add to when we come back. I think it’s real important we compete all week long. that’s the message that they compete to get the most out of the recuperating from the game, and rehabbing … everybody’s got something that they’re working on, also that our guys get their workouts in this week so they can stay out of the mode of shut down, we don’t want to be in shut-down mode.  we’re encouraging guys to do all the different things to take care of their bodies, eat well and sleep right so that when we come back we don’t have any issues.

That also includes being conscious that they’re Seahawks and they have great awareness that they represent wherever they go and whatever they’re doing and we don’t have any issues coming off this week. It was a pretty strong message in a lot of areas we stayed on it and were very precise about how we want them to handle this week.

Kearse: felt better today but he did have a concussion and he’ll benefit obviously from this week. we think he’ll be able to make it.. he’ll have plenty of time to get well.

Scruggs and Tharold Simon have a chance to get back.

Percy? He’s a little sore, just normal, first time you get hit, he’s going to feel it. He’ll benefit from the break as well.

Run defense: It was  a dedicated effort to get guys in the right spots and be really disciplined about it and be very gap oriented so that if Adrian would  bounce around we’d be in the right spots, and also be really aggressive with our fits, moreso than we have in the last month or so. I thought we got great play out of Tony McDaniel and Red played his best game for us. It was really clear how forceful he was on a number of plays. It was really Tony and Red who made a big difference this week.

The consistency of their intensity was great, it was really obvious.

Wagner: He’s at his best right now. I think it took him a couple weeks to get back going (after injury). K.J. was really on it and Kam was a big factor, too. All those guys were really contributing … to the intensity and aggressiveness. That’s where we want to be as we finish off this season.

Sherman (hip): He’s fine. On TD pass: Between the two of them, Earl could have helped him out, too. They both got beat on the play action, the little juke they made on the play. Either one of those guys could have helped.

The pass protection was the best it’s been. That was the first time we felt like that. Russell had more time than he realized. He did a fine job of making things happens when he moved, but there were some times he didn’t have to. That’s a little bit new in the last couple months.

13-game home win streak: Since the first day I talked to these guys, if you want to have a great football team, you have to dominate at home… in this particular situation with the stadium and the crowd we have, it’s an extraordinary factor so that we can hopefully get in position to play playoff games at home.