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Bye week Tuesday morning

Pete Carroll’s Monday press conference will be the lone access during bye week, so we’ll focus on that today. As he has in bye weeks past, Carroll gave his team a send-off message that included reminders to stay fit and also stay smart. The theme of the season has been “Leave no doubt 24/7” and that doesn’t change this week. In essence, it was a request to remember they represent the Seahawks all day every day, regardless where they are.

Because the New Orleans game when they come back is so important, the week of preparation needs to be up to the task. If they have to spend time getting back in condition, it will detract from that preparation, he said. I thought it was somewhat amusing when he asked the players rest and recuperate, but to do so competitively. That was angle of my daily story. has as few stories and video features out of Carroll’s press conference, including discussion of improved pass protection.   

Here's the podcast to the Pete Carroll show Monday at 710ESPN Seattle.  It's pretty much a 15-minute reminder of how happy he is about the  teams situation at this point  

Terry Blount at puts together some numbers about the Hawks heading into the bye week. He notices that the 13-game home win streak is the longest at the moment, as Denver’s stands at 12. The Broncos’ next home game is Dec. 8 vs. Tennessee has a video discussion of whether the Seahawks or Saints are the best team in the NFC. Jeff Garcia picks the Saints, saying their defense is improving to support the Brees-led offense. Eric Davis said it’s Seattle without a doubt. The more physical and complete team is Seattle, he said.