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Since you asked ...

Russell Wilson's 4th quarter passer rating is 93.8, with 4 TDs and 3 INTs (half of his 6 for the season). That's 9th in the NFL. Those comparing that to Kaepernick will note that his fourth quarter rating is 41.3, 41st in the league.

Other stats of note: The Seahawks lead the NFL in penalties with 87 (played 1 game more than non-bye teams). Team passer rating: Seahawks 106.6; opponent passer rating, 68.7. Receiving yards of Marshawn Lynch (222 on 24 catches) is the most since he's been in Seattle -- with five games left. NFL rankings: Seahawks #1 pass def. #3 rush off. #3 total def; Lynch #2 rush yds. Wilson #5 pass rate; Hauschka #1 scorer. Lynch #1 non-kick score.

Russell Wilson's 11-game rush totals of 72-409 is nearing his 16-game total of  2012 -- 94-489