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Carroll quotes from Tuesday

Here's everything Pete Carroll had to say Tuesday:

(Opening…) “Well it’s good to get back from the bye. We had a great break and that the guys got good rest. Everybody is kind of charged up to get going again, knowing that this is kind of our chance to push through the end of the season so we’re excited about that. We come back pretty healthy and we’re going to try take advantage of that and have a great Monday outing against the Saints coming up. Over the break, there were some issues that came up that we dealt with. One is that feel very disappointed that some guys won’t be able to play with us. But, this is kind of how it goes at times and I know that over the years, I’ve always found myself wanting to find guys that made some considerations, some special opportunities to do what they can do and sometimes it doesn’t work out and guys get into trouble, something pops us. We’ll always look to give guys a second chance around here and the fact that the league has adjusted the rules and allow a guy that is suspended under these circumstances to be with us. We’re going to take care of them and look after them and try to bring them along until we get them back. But we are disappointed. But what’s really cool about it on the other side of it is this is an opportunity for some young guys to step up that have come here to play football for us. They haven’t come here to watch, they want to play and Byron Maxwell is going to step up and do a lot of playing for us, Jeremy Lane will jump in, DeShawn Shead will step up on the roster, which we’re really excited for these guys. These guys can all play, they played for us before, they’ve done great stuff when they have and we have nothing to think about but the positive and the upside is that these guys are going to contribute in a big way. Just like our guys have across the board. So that won’t deter us at all from having an extraordinary week of getting ready and getting jacked up about a great opportunity here with a fantastic football team for Monday night. So we’re looking forward to it.”

(On corner situation not being an issue in terms of roster moves…) “Yeah we’re in good shape with those moves that’ll happen at this point. We’ve added Perrish Cox has come in and Akeem Auguste will come in and join the practice squad. So we’ll be back to full numbers and all that as of today, we’re back at it.”

(On Perrish Cox…) “He’s a good all-around football, player, he’s  a good special teams guy, he’s played nickel, he’s played corner, he’s played a little bit of safety at times, he’s a really aggressive football player. We’ve watched him for years at San Francisco recently and so we’ve had a good look at him and we think he could fit in.”

(On being disappointed having to deal with suspensions in the middle of the season…) “Well things pop up. It’s not really about what pops up, it’s how you deal with it and we’re going to take care of our guys and the guys that will step in, we’re going to expect them to do really well. So disappointment I think is the best way to say it. We want our guys to get everything they could possibly receive. We want them to have all of it and so we try to coach them and guide them and mentor them in every way that we can. It’s our job. But when a guy does have an issue, we’re going to take care of them and look after them and make sure that they can fit back in as soon as they can and that we take responsibility for helping them be able to get what they can receive. So we’re more disappointed than anything.”

(On conversations about Bruce Irvin being an example of players needing to make smarter choices…) “Yeah we’re still trying to work through it and I’ll say it again. Over the years, I’ve always found myself looking for guys that maybe other people don’t see something special in and maybe we take a chance on a guy here or there that needs some extra consideration and care and sometimes guys, they have issues and things pop up. But I’ve always been kind of hopeful and thought that we could make guys find the best in them and bring it out and so sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but we certainly will hang with our guys and take care of them.”

(On players taking ownership in their mistakes…) “You would like to think so, but there are a lot of guys in this program and I don’t know that we could expect to be perfect. We’d like to be, but that isn’t the case. But it’s a big challenge for these guys to do right and we want them all to do it and carry through and be there where we need them or counting on them, it doesn’t always work out that way. So what it does, it presents opportunities for other guys and we’ve always championed that and our guys have always come through and they’ll do that again in this instance.”

(On Byron Maxwell…) “Byron [Maxwell] has been a fantastic player for us whenever we have given him his opportunities. When he started last year, he did really well when he played for us in all situations coming off of the bench and then special teams, he’s a fantastic player. So he’s well-schooled, he’s totally versatile in our style of play, and he’s had a great season with us working here. We have nothing but confidence in him. So he’ll jump right in and I don’t hesitate saying that he’ll play really well in this game.”

(On making roster moves to get DeShawn Shead on the roster…) “It’s all happening. Yeah it’s all going to happen here in the next day. You’ll see it.”

(On how does he go about deciding when you give a guy too many chances…) “My pops lead me to think that way a long time ago by giving guys second chances, and looking for their opportunities to do right, and looking for the best in people even at times they don’t even see. So when you stop competing, and I’m going to work hard at it, but there comes a time when you have to move on and all of that. I think that we’ve made good decisions over the years when we’re faced with that.”

(On if it is more disappointing for him when guys get to the point where there are repeated mistakes made…) “Certainly. That’s how you get suspended.”

(Of all of the guys who is most likely to replace Walter Thurmond at the nickel position…) “You’ll see. We’ll look for some different rotations in there. We’ll just wait for the weekend for you to figure that out.”

(On if he has to recalibrate his message and if it’s not getting across…) “I think we’re constantly reinforcing the behavior, the mindset, and the mentality that we want. It’s hard to do what we do; it’s hard to expect everybody to be exactly on point. You’re going to be disappointed if that’s what you think is going to happen. It’s more about how to be able to adjust and move with it and make most of the situation and overcome it. I would love to say that we haven’t had any issues and we clean it all up and there will be nothing there, but that may not be the case even as we move ahead, but we’re going to keep working for it and we’re going to keep expecting to be as perfect as we can get to be.”

(On how does he deal with it with his team…) “We dealt with it today, we talked about it in the meetings directly and made sure that we owned up to it. The guy had a problem. We’ve got to deal with that properly and move ahead. The issues come in different packages, and again it’s not about the issue itself, it’s about moving forward and taking care of the people that are involved, and also turning your focus on what is important. I’m not concerned about that at all, we’ve already done that and we’ll take care of business. Our team feels too about our guys. They’re going to miss Walter Thurmond and they’re going to miss that he misses his opportunity because we’re that close and it matters. Unfortunately that’s what it is.”

(On if it makes him rethink the culture and how he implements the message…) “No. We’ll always look to do it better, but we’re on it. This team is very strong about where we’re going and what we’re doing and what we’re trying to create. Because somebody slips that doesn’t mean that we’re not on track. I think we’re on tremendous track right now. The focus around here, the dedication of what we’re doing, the standard that we hold them to in all areas have been exemplary in many, many areas, and we’re really proud of it. That doesn’t mean that somebody is not going to slip and make a mistake now and then.”

(On DeShawn Shead…) “He’s been a terrific utility player. He’s played safety and corner for us, he’s big and strong and he fits the mold of the guys that we like. He’s a playmaker and he’ll have a nice role on special teams. We won’t hesitate to play him in the game because we know how he’s prepared himself. Again these guys have been in our system for such a long time that they’re really groomed technique wise. That’s why you have seen all of our corners that have come in be very effective. I think that’s because Kris Richard and Rocky Seto do a great job of schooling these guys. So DeShawn will be right with those guys and be able to do the same.”

(On if the circumstances that the team is going through derails the team at all…) “Not a bit. It’s just a very difficult situation for the individual, but for us we’ll march on and be okay about it. We’ll miss them.”

(On does it help that he’s dealt with this before…) “It helps us that we understand that the next guy can step up and play top flight ball for us. We’ve had numerous examples of that; it’s already happen this year across the offensive line, and in many different areas. Our guys are strong minded, they understand how it works, and they understand that we do count on one another to come through. That’s why we practice so hard, that’s why we play a lot of guys in games; it’s to get them ready for the situations when we need them, and we need to call on them. All of the lessons that we’ve learned helped.”

(On Percy Harvin…) “We held him out today. We’re going to just keep working through it. we rehabbed him today, it’s always day to day right now.”

(On if Jermaine Kearse is back…) “Yes. He was off for the concussion thing, he practiced today.”