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News, notes and quotes: Sherman says nothing has changed

[HTML1]Richard Sherman says nothing has changed in the Seahawks lockerroom after the suspension of Walter Thurmond and reported pending suspension of Brandon Browner.

"As always, it's next man up," Sherman said. "We don't really have any other feelings toward it. Thurm is still in the lockerroom, still great friend of ours. Great player, great teammate, great man.

"Browner, great teammate, great man, great father. We don't view them any differently. I'm not disappointed or taken aback with them. Men make mistakes. They're men and they're being held accountable and they're taking it in stride."

> Russell Wilson reiterated every game is a big game to him, when asked about the excitement for Monday night against the Saints.

> Wilson said he thinks the offense took off late last year because of "our consistent approach to everything." Wilson said they were getting incrementally better as the season moved along and it all came together toward the end of the season.

> Wilson again said he doesn't get nervous before games.

> Wilson talked more about his appreciation of Saints quarterback Drew Brees. He said his dad told him he should watch Brees when Brees was at Purdue. Wilson, a Virginia native, said he didn't know where Purdue was at the time.

> Asked what's similar about Brees and Wilson, Sherman said, "They're not particularly tall." He found that hilarious.

> Wilson said he asked Brees what separated him from year one to year two, then from year two to the rest of his career, and Brees told him to be consistent in his approach.

> Sherman said they just have to be aware of where Darren Sproles lines up throughout the game.

> Sherman said he can take away some thing from what the Patriots and Aqib Talib did to Jimmy Graham, when they held him to zero catches. But, pointed out the the Patriots and Seahawks are vastly different in their defensive schematics.

> Wilson said if he walks into somewhere, like the team cafeteria, and see himself being talked about on ESPN, he walks right back out. That, in part, is a way that he "keeps the noise" out.