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Morning Links: 'Big tight end, big safety; it's going to be a good matchup'

Good morning.

One of the best things about big games, is that they are like Rick James house parties: the place is filled with Super Freaks.

Among them Monday will be New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham. At 6-foot-7, 265 pounds, Graham is big, fast, strong and can jump. Other than that, he can't do much.

I wrote about how the Seahawks may try to stop him and the general complications when attempting to do so. I feel the following pictures from the Associated Press are good illustrations of Graham's power, speed, size and hand-eye coordination.

 Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham, Jamar Taylor

Jimmy Graham

The quote in the headline is from Kam Chancellor, who smiled after saying it. He'll likely be countering Graham much of the evening.

The Saints, like many teams, like to run a form of a pick play that leads to a wheel route for the tight end. You may recall what Chancellor did to Vernon Davis on that precise type of play.Their matchup is one of several fun ones coming up in just two days.

In other news, Percy Harvin didn't practice again Friday. That means he hasn't practiced Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday this week. There's just one practice remaining, which happens late Saturday morning, before the game. Most legit practice for the week is done. We'll likely have a ruling on Harvin's status for Monday later Saturday.


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