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Harvin doubtful for Monday

The Seahawks' full injury report isn't out yet, but wide receiver Percy Harvin will be listed as doubtful on it.

Update: the full injury report is out and is below.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Harvin still has not shaken the soreness in his surgically repaired hip after playing for the first time this season on Nov. 17 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Carroll said there is no structural damage to Harvin's hip.

"I thought from day-to-day we would have a chance to get him back," Carroll said. "He's been rehabilitating throughout the week. His hip was sore coming out of the game. We thought he would get back. He's still ... we're going to list him as doubtful right now, he's had a lot of stuff done to help him, we'll go all the way to Monday with this."

The more Carroll spoke, the more it sounded like Harvin won't play this week.

"It's more important for us to get him back for the longer haul," Carroll said. "I thought with the days off, it would all work together. But it didn't workout quite right for us. Unfortunately, he didn't make it."

Carroll was asked if there was any further structural damage for Harvin.

"No. It's just responding from the load of the game," Carroll said. "He had 19 plays and 16 active plays in there, so it wasn't much. He's just sore, so we don't want to push it beyond that right now. It's not worth it.

"We have to go day-to-day. That's the facts. That's the only way we can go right now. We don't see anything big issue structurally, we've looked at everything, it's just him getting back and making sure he's balanced in that area so he can handle the workload."

In other news, Carroll said they cut Perrish Cox to leave the roster spot open as they wait to hear what happens with Brandon Browner. Carroll said he expects to hear back by the middle of next week on Browner's appeal of a one-year suspension.

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