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Morning links: Seahawks' offensive line has few answers

Good morning.

> Today in the TNT I wrote about the offensive line. Not a lot of options for the Seahawks, at the moment.

> Some guy named Mike Sando takes a look at the path to perfection. He analyzes which team could end up 16-0. The locals are mentioned prominently.

> ESPN rolls out its QB report. You have to scroll down a bit to get to Russell Wilson. When you do, a couple interesting facts there.

> ESPN's Terry Blount looks back at week 4 for the Seahawks.

> Yahoo's power rankings drop the Seahawks out of the top spot.

> Peter King at the MMQB. There is some Seahawks talk, and a boatload of knowledge from around the league.

> Mike Silver says Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub is holding back a team that would otherwise be a contender. The Seahawks also top Silver's rankings.

> The Saints are still undefeated, one of five undefeated teams remaining in the league.

> ESPN is reporting Jake Locker will miss 4-8 weeks.