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News, notes and quotes Wednesday: Irvin ready to get going, Unger, too

Good afternoon.

Lots of Andrew Luck talk today. Wide receiver Doug Baldwin said he is on record as saying Luck will be the best quarterback in league history. Pete Carroll said, "Not a difficult pick to take him first."

More on that later.

On to the quick hits:

> The Seahawks claimed former 49ers QB B.J. Daniels today. John Lotulelei was cut. Daniels was cut Tuesday by the 49ers, so, now they lose him. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh said earlier today he hoped to put Daniels back on the practice squad.

> Max Unger told me his arm is feeling better and he was very close to playing last week. He'll practice today and expects to be ready to go Sunday.

> Bruce Irvin said he's "paid his debt to society" and is ready to get started after working out in West Virginia the past few weeks.  Carroll said they are going to have to see in practice how they work Irvin into the mix, and reiterated that Irvin is their fastest pass rusher. "We've got to wait and see," Carroll said. Carroll did say Irvin was giving them "tremendous flexibility" when at linebacker. Also said that Irvin "was way ahead of schedule" with understanding his coverage role.

> RT Breno  Giacomini is still in New York. No timeline update for his return.

> DT Jordan Hill will practice today.

> FB Spencer Ware is "still hobbled," Carroll said.

> Carroll said kicker Steven Hauschka has been a "rock-solid dude for us every day." Hauschka is 11-for-11 in extra points and 8-for-8 in field goals this year.

> Carroll was asked if his receivers are getting enough separation. He answered in a generic manner, saying everyone can improve day-to-day. Then added, "We need to give Russell time to throw."

> He was also asked about the proverbial "slow starts." Gave the expected answer that they would like to start faster.

> Carroll mentioned J.J. Watt once again when asked about Robert Mathis. He said Watt is the standard for defensive lineman now. Since Watt had blood running down his face for much of and at the end of the game, Carroll said, "He looked like Braveheart" in the handshake line. Carroll also wondered if Michael Bowie was still having "dreams about" Watt, ones Carroll said wouldn't be good dreams.

> Carroll pointed out that the seam-route 31-yard touchdown to Texans' tight end Garrett Graham was a mistake by Earl Thomas, who cheated to the wrong side, as much as it was poor coverage by LB Malcolm Smith (though Smith misread the play for a second when the ball was snapped and he was subsequently toast).

> Baldwin explained both Luck and Wilson have lots of similar, positive traits. He avoided a hard comparison, telling me later that those are both his guys. He didn't want to publicly differentiate between them.

> And, a quick add here as I came across what is a pretty amazing stat: Seahawks opponents have 11 red-zone possessions and have scored 37 points on them. They have four touchdowns and four interceptions in those situations.