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Pete after Friday practice

Both Zach Miller (hamstring) and Max Unger (triceps) are listed as questionable.

Pete Carroll : Zach hurt his hammy a little bit and we’re going to try to wait it out to see if it will be a factor in the game. Max is questionable also, hoping maybe he can make a turn, too, but it hasn’t gone as quickly as we hoped.

On Bruce Irvin return: he’s done really well, he’s rough around the edges on some stuff but he’s in great shpe and he’s ready to go and he’s really charged up and he’s done a lot of studying over the time he was out of here and has come back ready to take advantage of this.

On Jeremy Lane: he’s got a hamstring he got in the game and he’s not ready to go.

On Willson and Davis backing up Miller: Both of those guys have been playing in games and been a part of the game plan, so it’s no big deal, they’re going to have to play more and be more involved if Zach can’t go. Luke’s done a good job, he’s measured up, I’m anxious to see him play and take over this role  and get a lot of responsibility..

On Jordan Hill: He’s close, he practiced all week long, we’re going to wait another week until we get him out there.

On BJ Daniels: We evaluated BJ at length and really liked him and wanted to see if we could get him on the club but he got chosen earlier than we had an opportunity to pick him, we had an eye on him the whole time kept him in our minds in case he got loose we would grab him. He’s a guy who brings a lot of versatility , he’s played a lot of football in college and can throw it and run it. … we really liked everything about him and when we got a chance to grab him, we did. He's  obviously an all-around athlete, but we like him as a quarterback

Jeron Johsnon came around and he’s going to be back.

On staying on task this week: It’s real important for us to hold on and maintain the mindset of what it takes to get ready and get prepared, we’ve had a very good week of work again, there’s an enormous challenge going to Indy with all they’ve got going, we have to be on our best …

On O-line replacements having another week of practice: You can see the difference, Michael Bowie feels much more comfortable, we’ve had no troubles with Lem, the fact that those guys get back , they’re more ready than they’ve been.we expect them to play clean and sharp football and they’re going to have to to play well.  that’s what I’m counting on.

On Wilson facing pressure: I think he’s doing fine, he knows that when people pressure you, there’s opportunity for big plays … I don’t know anybody I’d like to have back there more when the heat is on. he’s got a variety of solutions to the problems.

On punt coverage unit: (Jon Ryan) does a great job placing the football, he’s an incredible kicker when we’er kicking around the 50 yard line, we pin guys consistently , it’s a weapon we count  on to put them inside the 10 yard line, we’ve been together, this is a really experienced punt team , they know what’s going on and the way jon’s been hitting the football it’s worked together really well, it’s a part of our game we really count on.

On special teams in general: We’ve been for the most part without the penalties, had explosive opportunities on punt returns, the cover teams have been great and on it, this is a classic example that you need that again and put together a game when you give them nothing and special teams is a big part of that.

On Colts: they’re fantastic, they’ve turned the ball over twice, haven’t fumbled the ball yet… we’re going to try to do something about that..