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Carroll: 'It’s a very frustrating game to leave out there'

Here's everything Pete Carroll had to say Monday:


(On the Seahawks struggling on third downs...) “You know, we’re working on it real hard right now. The last couple of weeks, it really shows that protection issues have really been at the root of it and there’s a number of things that we can do better. But, just the protections issues has made the quarterback move quite a bit and it hasn’t allowed us to be on time the way that we’d like to. So we’re going to work real hard at it again. We got better from last week. There was half as many this week as there was from the week before. Didn’t show up in the results so much but it’s still… that’s a factor that stands out the most. And in that, there’s also chances to throw it and catch it. We dropped a couple, missed a couple of throws and we have to really focus in here because what that leaves is that leaves us field goal opportunities. You’ll notice that a ton of our third downs has been in the plus territory and they’ve turned into field goals instead of getting a new set of downs and moving on in. And if we are really going to hit it, we’ve got to take advantage and do a better job. So third down will be a primary focus again this week and see if we can get better.”

(On personnel changes...) “We will just get to that. We were going to count on Max(On Zach Miller...) “That’s going to be a day-to-day thing. We don’t know yet. Let’s see how he goes. So it’ll take ‘til the end of the week before we will have a chance to have him back.”

(On Breno Giacomini...) “No I don’t know that exactly. He’s back with us now and he’s still hobbling around right now. But, he should make a pretty good turn here in the next week or so; to get back to where he can still moving around a lot. Everything went well, he’s progressing fine, but he’s not ready to go yet.”

(On changing receiver routes in order to reduce the protection issue...) “There’s always some stuff. But that’s really not the focus. We’re always going to try to run our routes more crisply, be on time with the ball and all of that kind of stuff. Guys got to make all of the catches. A couple got away from us. But, that’s not the biggest issue right now.”

(On fundamental differences between last year's third down issue and this year's third down issues...) “You know last year, we were so new and we were just trying to figure out what we could do with the quarterback and what was right and all that. I think it’s a much different situation right now. I mean, it was drastically different, in the last couple of weeks, with the changes in the offensive line and it’s just hard. They’re working hard at it, they’re improving. But, it’s just a factor and that’s the most difficult time to pass protect because they know that you’re going to throw the football and so they give you their best shot and we just have to be better. We certainly want to get the ball out quicker and we’d like to have him, with his feet set, and all that. It’s been difficult because there’s been lot of leakage and stuff.”

(On Percy Harvin...) “Percy [Harvin] is back and he’s ready to take the next level of training. I know he’s very enthusiastic about getting going and getting back and all. So we’ll just have to see what happens. But, it’s a very positive response at this point. He’s in really good shape to take the next step and he is doing on the ground running now and he’s working pretty hard at it. We’re anxious to kind of watch him and our guys worked out with him today. I haven’t seen him yet, alive and in color. But, I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. His attitude is perfect about getting back and doing everything he can to get out there.

(On having a timeline for Percy Harvin's return...) “No. It wouldn’t do us any good to talk that way at this time.”

(On managing Marshawn Lynch's workflow...) “I think it’s going fine. He’s in great shape. As I keep telling you, he’s handling everything. He could carry the ball more than… it’s been pretty moderate so far, just by the way the games have gone. But he’s been very effective and he’s been right around 100 yards, the last three weeks, and all of that’s going fine. So if we need, in the game… and I thought maybe it would be this week that he would get the ball more than he did. We’re ready to do that next week too. If he’s got to get the ball 30 times in a game, he’s ready to go. We’re not holding him back any, we’re just running the offense and playing the situations out. He’s doing really well and he’s on it right now. So we’ll see what happens.”

(On Marshawn Lynch being okay on Sunday…) “Yep absolutely. Yeah.”

(On going away from the running game in the second half...) “Not necessarily. We were just trying to advantage of the stuff we had going and they had the football a little bit more than we wanted them to. We didn’t feel like that was the issue. We just needed to just convert on our plays and get us third down wins. That’s always what happens. The third down losses, kick the ball to the other team. So we needed to get to the next set of downs and it would’ve made a lot of difference.”

(On if Coach Carroll worries about how the defense will respond to this week for practice...) “No I know exactly how they are going to respond. Yeah they weren’t happy at all about that and we played him really well early. They were having troubles a little bit early and we were all over it. And then they just made some huge plays and then they made some incredible plays too. The quarterback and the receivers, combination-wise, they hooked up and our guys were frustrated by that. But we’re not backing off, we’re not changing anything, they can’t wait to get back out to practice and get working again. I know they feel that way. I tried to make the point that, they didn’t want to hear it, how good they are. They have really, really good players, and good receivers and a great quarterback and it took them until the fourth quarter, to really show I thought. But they had it when they needed it. But our guys, they will be up for the next challenge for sure.”

(On what happened in coverage on the long touchdown pass to T.Y. Hilton…)  “We made a mistake. We saw something in the route and Sherm [Richard Sherman] needed to stay deep on that one and he just missed the look of it. It was a nicely done route. It was just a thing that happened and was unfortunate. It was a mistake.”

(On Bruce Irvin's performance...)  “He did well. He was active, he was physical, took advantage of the opportunities that he had – a couple good rush and a couple good coverage opportunities. He tackled well. Shoot, he looked like he hadn’t missed a step. It came out where he got to play a number of different spots and situations. We got to pressure with him. It’s exciting that he’s back and ready to go. He’ll get into the flow of things and play a good deal in the game this week.”

(On Bruce Irvin moving around and playing some defensive end as well as linebacker...)  “That’s the whole idea.”

(On Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright’s health coming out of the game...)  “Bobby did sprain his ankle. He finished the game so we’ll have to see how that works out this week. We’ll see what that means. K.J. was fine.”

(On any other injuries that occurred during the game...)  “I think Bobby was the one. [Michael] Bennett had a bruised thigh and Jordan had a bruised thigh but both those guys seemed to be okay and should be able to play this week.”

(On Jordan Hill...)  “He looked good. He looked quick. He’s quick. He was active a couple times. He got knocked around a little bit. But it was good to see him out there. Limited number of reps but we’re pleased to get him back and get him involved and see how that goes. That was kind of a decision late in the week that we had a chance to get him in there and so we’ll see how it goes this week. We’ll press him to be more involved.”

(On what happened during the blocked field goal attempt...)  “Yeah, we got knocked off the line of scrimmage a little bit. The ball happened to be a little bit low on the kick, too, but it was a combination and they hit it one hand up they got it. They did a nice job pushing on the side that they got the block and the way the ball bounced right to their guy was a great advantage for them. It was a good job by them pushing it but it’s an issue that we should take care of. We did the rest of the game and have all season so it was one play where they got us.”

(On Jeron Johnson's fumble recovery on the blocked punt looking different on film...)  “No, it looks exactly like you could see it. It was hard for the officials to trust that he had control of the ball. He controlled the ball so quickly and so well that he jumped up and got it to his other hand – he knew he had the ball. It just happened so fast that it was hard for the officials to rely on that. It looked like the ball juggled from one hand to the other. He went here and passed it to his left hand. He already had it, you know. It was a great recovery is what it was. It was a very difficult call and I totally understand that. But you can stop it and he’s sitting there, he’s in bounds – his whole body – you just have to trust that he had the football and they didn’t have to do that. I did, they didn’t.”

(On Russell Wilson's performance...)  “I think both of the last two weeks he’s taking what they’re giving him. There has been a considerable amount of issues in protection that have let guys show up quickly in the pass rush and he’s had to make a decision of what to do with it. He knows. He knows what’s going on. He realizes that that’s happening but he’s taking full advantage of it and he’s made it difficult on the opponents. It’s not exactly the way we’d like to do it. We’d rather pick him up and let him throw the football at a later rhythm of the play but he’s been as resourceful as you could be and he’s very effective and he’s not made poor decisions in doing that. He has not rushed himself out when he didn’t have a good opportunity. He feels the flow of the field really well. He can tell when there are a lot of guys offset and there is space and it gives him a chance and if it’s there, he’s taking off. As long as he can continue to get on the ground and not get banged, which he’s very good at – I think he frustrates the opponent when they can’t hit him – he’s going to keep doing it until we settle it down in the pocket.  I’m a little concerned about that because he’s so resourceful but he’s doing what we have to do right now. In that regard, I think he’s done a really good job managing this. I think a really good job. He’s kicking himself that he missed Golden [Tate] on the deep ball and he missed another shot to Doug [Baldwin] and a couple plays in there, but all in all, he played very good football for us. He’s showing he’s a real football player.”

(On being affected by the hit that he took...)  “No, he tried to ham it up a little bit trying to get the foul. But it was a good hit. He’s a tough stud and he takes the hits that go with it. His athleticism is exceptional and his ability to sense when he’s getting banged and to avoid it, it’s remarkable. We don’t want him getting hit like that, but it happened.”

(On Coach Carroll’s curiosity as to how his guys will respond coming off the Seahawks' first lost...)  “Yeah, I am. This is just like coming off a big hyped opener or another big win or whatever. All of those have an effect – how much we listen to the hype and how much we let conversations get away from what’s really at hand. That can happen. Our guys are very disciplined and we had a fantastic start to this game in terms of being on the road a second time and all those situations and our guys were just extremely well-prepared to come out. I was thrilled with how they came out of the chutes in this game. So we handled last week well, that didn’t bite us. And we’ll deal with this too. I don’t want to get real good at this – at playing well after losses – but we need to handle it well. I’m curious to see how we do. We’ll take care of that stuff day by day and watch what’s going on and listen to them and make sure they’re on track and that we can get great preparation.”