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Bevell on Wilson scrambling: 'We want to make sure that the timing stays the way the timing needs to'

Here's everything OC Darrell Bevell had to say today:

(On Tennessee’s third down defense…) “They’re really good. They just do a great job with their scheme. The Greg Williams influence, they just do a great job of manning you up. They get in your face, they play you tough, they play you hard, they bring a good rush, and I think they’re third in the league on third down. They’re doing a great job.”

(On if it is more on an emphasis to rectify their third down offense because of how good Tennessee’s third down defense is…) “That’s going to be a huge part of the game because obviously that is one of their strengths, and right now it’s one of our weaknesses. It’s something that we’re continuing to work on each and every time that we go out, and it’s something that we definitely need to improve.”

(On if there is a consistent theme to the offenses’ third down troubles the last couple of weeks…) “We’re always going to point to every theme. There are a lot of things that we can do better from things that the coaches can do to things that the receivers can do, to the quarterback, obviously the protection. I mean there’s enough to go around that all of us need to get better at.”

(On how does he try to manage Marshawn Lynch’s workload…) “We’re just playing each game as it comes. We’re not projecting it until the long haul, we’re not trying to see by the end of the year if he has a thousand carries or not, or whatever it ends up being. We’re just trying to win each and every game and whatever it calls for at that time is what we go with.”

(On Marshawn Lynch having 11 carries in the first half and six in the second half and if that is a flow of the game thing…) “It goes back to other stuff as well. We didn’t do a good enough job of staying on the field. When you have a three play and out, another three play and out, there were two of those drives as well. Guys don’t get the ball when you’re doing that. Whether it’s receivers, whether it’s a running back, whoever it is. We have to do a better job, and part of that is the third-down issue.”

(On where has he seen the most progress in Russell Wilson’s first five games this year compared to last year…) “I’ve said it a number of times in terms of his understanding of our offense. He’s really well equipped with all of the things that he needs to do, and things that he needs to get to, how well he knows it, those types of things. Right now he’s running around like crazy, and he’s just surviving for us and doing a great job of keeping a lot of plays alive, making some big plays by moving around. I know that’s something that he did last year, but he’s doing that quite a bit in these first few games as well.”

(On if he sees any bad habits developing with Russell Wilson running around…) “We’re trying to stay on top of that. That’s definitely something that we’re looking at. We want to make sure that the timing stays the way the timing needs to, that he’s not getting quick with protection issues that we might be having, that he’s not speeding up the clock in his head, and getting out of there before he needs to. So we’re constantly making sure that we look at that. There’s a lot of stuff that goes around, whether it’s receivers understanding the timing that he has back there, and getting open in the time that they’re supposed to, him taking the correct drops, calling good routes for him, all of those things kind of go together.”

(On Russell Wilson’s composure…) “That’s something that I had noticed when he was at Wisconsin. I watched all of their games obviously. So just sitting there watching him, not having any clue he’d be playing for me, I was a fan at the time just watching Wisconsin, and I couldn’t believe how poised he was. I mean everything is storming down around him and he looked like he was going through pat and go. That’s just something that he has always brought, and he’s brought it here with him as well.”

(On how nice is Russell Wilson’s poise for you…) “Well it’s really nice. He stays calm, nothing really gets him rattled, and he’s just always positive and has great confidence, he doesn’t worry about all of the other stuff. He’s not going to start yelling at the offensive line or yelling at the receivers, he’s just positive and confident in what he can do. He brings great stuff that way for us.”

(On if that is typical of Wisconsin quarterbacks…) “Absolutely. All of us.”

(On Alterraun Verner…) “Obviously we need to know where he is. That’s important. We need to know what kind of routes we’re doing, know what our scheme is. Obviously we’re going to continue to bring it back to ourselves, but it’s just like our guys. We have great corners here and there are times where they do take chances, and you hop you have the right stuff called when they do.”

(On getting more opportunities for Jermaine Kearse and speaking on how he’s grown since he’s been here…) “I mean I’ve seen a guy who has come a long way. He’s come a long way in a lot of areas, and probably the biggest area is his confidence. I think that he feels like he belongs now. at the beginning going all the way back to when he was undrafted I think he was just kind of feeling it out, wondering where he was going to fit, all of those things that young guys do go through. His confidence is soaring because of the plays that he’s been able to make, that helps him. That first touchdown ball at Carolina that he caught you could go back and you could see two that he didn’t make last year in basically the same type of situation. Well he makes the first one this year, and he’s done it a lot in training camp and OTAs, and he was able to make that one and then make another one. He’s got it, he knows that he has it, he’s got great quickness of the line, he does a great job with running his routes and I think all of that goes back to his confidence.”

(On getting Sidney Rice more involved…) “We have to get everybody involved. You have to get Golden Tate his touches, you got to try to get it to Sidney, we didn’t have Zach Miller, and you got Marshawn Lynch you have to get the ball to. Doug Baldwin is our leading guy, Doug gets his catches, you’d love to be able to get Jermaine Kearse involved, and again we only have one football and there is going to be 65 plays. Marshawn is going to get quite a few of those. There are certain times where things are designed to go to a certain spot, and it doesn’t always go there. The defense dictates where the ball is going to go. Russell Wilson does a great job of making those decisions. Sometimes protection has something to do with it, then he moves around and finds somebody else and it’s a whole different play. It’s not that we’re not trying, and it’s not that he’s not doing a good job, it’s just how it’s been going so far.”