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Sherman: 'We went over the couple of plays that we needed to fix and we move right on'

Here's what Richard Sherman said Thursday:

(On the Seahawks' defense response to the loss…) “We just move on. We didn’t play a very bad game. it’s not like we gave up 500 yards passing. They gave us some plays, and we just have to correct the mistakes that we made. We went over the couple of plays that we needed to fix and we move right on. It’s no different than after a win, you correct the mistakes and move on to the next game.”

(On what stood out to the Seahawks' defense in letting a pass for more than 25 yards…) “Nothing really stood out to tell you the truth. It’s just some miscommunication on a couple of plays. That was what it came down to at the end. We miscommunicated and had a couple of busts. It wasn’t anything in particular, it was just a  bad communication day.”

(On why the Seahawks play so well at CenturyLink Field…) “Well we have great fans first off. The 12th Man is always great, they’re loud. I think we try to play well everywhere, but it’s always fun getting in front of our fans and the energy they bring, the tenacity they bring regardless of what the score is. They don’t care if we’re up or down, they’re going to cheer as loud as they can every play, and I think that we enjoy playing in front of them and enjoy putting on a show for them.”

(On how much Richard Sherman focuses on Ryan Fitzpatrick or QBs in general…) “We try to treat it the same because at the end of the day you’re facing offenses and tendencies and receivers more than you are facing quarterbacks. We try to study the route combinations, and study what they like to do on third down, first down, second down, and things like that more than we like to study the quarterback’s tendencies because in any given offense his tendency can change. We try to study the concepts more than the quarterback.”

(On if Richard Sherman has paid attention to Alterraun Verner…) “Oh yeah Verner is a good friend of mine, he’s a real good friend of mine, we’ve known each other since we were real young, and I’m happy for him man. He’s having a great year, I’m excited for him. You know it was going to come out eventually, he’s a good corner, he plays discipline football, he studies the game hard and I’m happy to see him doing well this year and I wish he continues his success.”

(On what stands out to Richard Sherman about Alterraun Verner…) “I think he’s just going after it more. There have been plays where he’s just attacking the ball more than he has in other years, and there are some plays where the ball is just finding him, tips and overthrows and he’s just in the right place at the right time. And then there are other plays where he is just right place, right time because he is doing his job correctly. Sometimes the ball just finds you, and he’s doing a great job of capitalizing on those plays, scoring or getting his team in position to score. I think it’s just a good year for him. Hopefully this is the kind of ball we can expect from him until the end.”

(On if the Seahawks are looked at differently in terms of penalties…) “Not really, not really. It was just one of those days. It was just one of those days out there in Indy. We just have to keep playing through them. I don’t think it’s us as a team, this is the fifth game now, and we haven’t gotten too many penalties. I think they called it at a very inopportune time.”

(On how important it is for the QB [Russell Wilson] to maintain his composure…) “Well I think it’s more important for the offense more than anything because on defense you try to keep yourself composed. You’re obviously watching the offense closely, but if he’s having a bad game you can’t let the whole defense have a bad game, that will compound your problems. I think he does a great of keeping his poise in every situation, regardless of what the score is, what part of the game, first quarter or fourth quarter he stays very poised. Doesn’t matter if he’s having a great game or a not so great game he keeps his composure. I think that’s good for the team, and that’s good for what we’re trying to do.”

(On the Titans' receivers…) “They make plays. They make plays when they need to. I think Kendall Wright is the guy that they like to go to on third downs. He’s a dynamic player who can explode at any time just like Chris Johnson can. Nate Washington, Kenny Britt, all of those guys, they don’t have any regard of who is getting the ball. Anybody can get it at any time, they have no problem throwing it to #17, #15, #13, so I think that makes their offense dynamic because they can interchange any part. We have a lot of respect for all of their guys.”

(On if he takes anything from the game they played against Ryan Fitzpatrick last year into playing him this year against the Titans…) “Not really. It’s a totally different from what they had in Buffalo. So it’s not much that you can take from it. Maybe the safeties can because they key the eyes a little more and the head movements and everything, but as a corner you’re playing the concepts and the offense and you’re studying that more. But the safeties in the middle of the field need to watch the quarterbacks head and eyes, and the stripe of his helmet. So I’m sure they’ll get more from it.”

(On playing quarterbacks that went to prestigious academic colleges in back to back weeks…) “I didn’t even think about that. I forgot Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Obviously you know he’s going to have a great mind, he’s going to think fast, he’s going to be on his toes. He scrambled a little bit last week, and I think that surprised Kansas City a little bit, his mobility. I don’t know if you guys have watched all of the plays, but there is one long scramble where he fake pitched the ball. You can tell he’s a quick thinker, and he’s on his toes. He’s going to keep us on our toes for sure.”

(On what impresses Richard Sherman with the Titans' offense…) “Well obviously Chris Johnson is a huge playmaker. He can bomb you from anywhere. He can go the distance so that’s something you have to watch out for. And then they have Kendall Wright who is also very dynamic, so you just have to watch out for them. You can never fall asleep, you can never chill. Chris Johnson scored on a play last week where he wasn’t even in a route. He was a check down, he chopped a guy to keep the play alive, and then Ryan Fitzpatrick flipped him the ball and he went 50 yards or so for a touchdown. You always have to stay on your toes and you have to have great tackling playing them.”

(On if the loss was a wakeup call for the Seahawks…) “It’s definitely something that we can grow from, something that we’re going to us as motivation to keep us on our toes. You always need games like that to get you on your toes, to get you back on your P’s and Q’s and I think it’s going to be a fun game this weekend.”

(On the UW versus Oregon game…) “Man that’s going to be a game. They’re running the same offense right now so that’s going to be a fireworks show. If UW can keep their fire power going and keep their consistency, they might pull that one out.”

(On if Richard Sherman watched the UW versus Stanford…) “I watched it until about the end of the second quarter or something like that, but it was close, and it was close by the end. I looked up the next morning and they won by three, and then I saw the pass that was so controversial, it looked like it hit the ground to me.”

(On if Richard Sherman faked any injuries while he was playing at Stanford…) “No, no I did not fake any injuries. I read about that, that he faked an injury, and I was thinking that’s a heck of a fake job if he went to the MRI the next day, and then sat out of practice. That’s an extended fake. Very extended.”

(On how the Seahawks has improved in terms of handling losses in comparison to last year…) “If anything we’re just older and more mature. We have pretty much the same players, just a year older, games older, guys that have been to pro bowls and seen a lot more ball than we did then. I think we’re just more capable, we’re more ready, we’re just a better team than we were then. Hopefully the result will be the same.