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News, notes and quotes Friday: Unger in, Wagner likely out

Pete Carroll said Friday that Pro Bowl center Max Unger will be ready to go this Sunday.

"Max had a good week, he'll be playing," Carroll said. "We'll see about Jeremy Lane. He had a good practice today. Could be a real good chance because he did work today."

Carroll also said that Zach Miller is "really close" after running well this week. Miller rested today. As did Sidney Rice and Marshawn Lynch. Carroll said Rice was just getting a break, the same with Lynch. He added that they treated Lynch for a "hip thing." Carroll added Lynch is fine.

As far as Bobby Wagner, "Outside chance if you're really optimistic," Carroll said.

Some quick hits:

> Carroll said having Unger helps people around him play better. "It's a big factor. It's obvious when he's out there." Unger and Russell Wilson have conversations to identify what defenses are doing. Wilson had the same conversations with Lemuel Jeanpierre, but said it wasn't the same. "That does take the burden off Russell, which is a good thing. That's what Max's job is all about."

> Carroll said it's an easy move for Malcolm Smith back to the outside spot. "I've been coaching Malcolm since he was a fourth-grader," Carroll said. "He's deep into our system."

> Carroll on Chris Johnson: "He's an incredible player. He's very unusual because of his speed and his change of speeds. He's got a great knack. He's not just an outside runner. He's very elusive and the burst that he has just shocks you."

> Carroll said they view B.J. Daniels as a quarterback. "He's not a running back for us at all. We're not thinking that at all. We're thinking he's the guy as a quarterback. He can run with it. He's very talented. We were able to see him in the preseason really play at running back, covering kicks and return kicks. We've seen him do a number of things as well as quarterback, but we like him and have always liked him as a QB. He's made a really good impression with us. He's got a great arm. He's picking things up really well. He's obviously a very talented athlete. The things that we liked about him are maybe even a little stronger than we thought. We didn't realize he would be as accurate as he is and have such velocity. We're really fired up about it. It's just going to take a long time. At this time of the year, it's really hard to get him caught up. So, it's going to be a long commitment to get that done."

> Asked if Daniels could contribute on special teams in a numbers crunch, he said, "there's no question he could. We're not going to limit what he does but we think of him as a quarterback."