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Seahawks postgame quotes Russell Wilson

Quarterback Russell Wilson said he's not concerned about the long-term outlook for the Seahawks offense.

(On a crazy win… )  That was a battle out there.  We did a great job of finishing the game, that’s what we talked about at halftime.  The score was 10-7 at half.  Our whole thing was, let’s just finish the game, let’s continue to execute our offense; defense keep getting the football for us, and that’s what we did.  We had some fluke plays out there today.  We had, I think, 5 fumbles today, we lost 2 of them. I was able to scoop that one up; I felt like I was playing shortstop again.  It’s just one of those things where we did a great job today.  Marshawn Lynch ran the ball really well.  The guys really caught the ball well. I felt really good out there.  I thought that me personally, even though I didn’t throw a touchdown today, I felt like I was really in tune with the game, and that’s where I want to be every week.

(On his fumble recovery, was he preparing to make a tackle…)  I was getting ready to make a tackle and just try to slow the guy down, obviously, and, yeah, I saw the big hop and went and got it.  That’s what they teach in baseball.

(On the bounce back plays…)  The key is to be able to bounce back and continue to make big plays.  I thought we did a way better job on third down today, we still made some plays.  We would have made another one, I think we had a holding call on one of them, we would have converted that one too, as well.  I thought we did a great job.  The communication huddle was great again.  Obviously, having Max Unger back in the huddle.  I thought Lem did a tremendous job the past two weeks of stepping up, but when you have a Pro Bowl center in Max Unger, it really makes a difference in terms of the communication and the knowledge of what he’s trying to do, and his skill level is just unbelievable.  He’s a tremendous center.  I thought we did a great job.  Sidney Rice made some plays, Doug Baldwin made some big plays.  Jermaine Kearse did, Golden Tate did too, I believe.  And then Marshawn Lynch, sneaking out on that back side that time was pretty awesome.  We made some great plays today.

(On the long pass play to Marshawn Lynch…)  It really wasn’t designed for him.  We did that a couple of weeks ago, I believe, but it really wasn’t designed for him.  Coming out of the huddle, Marshawn and I just talked, and said, hey, you never know, but I really wasn’t thinking it to be honest with you.  We had a guy in the flat, we had a guy in the over, we had a guy on a run back going deep, and we had a guy going to the far side of the field.  I got space, I got away from the defensive end, and everybody was kind of covered, and sure enough he comes out the backside and makes a big play for us, and that was a big gain.

(On what he is thinking when he sees Lynch that open…)   Just deliver the ball right on the money for him.  Let him do his job.  Just catch and run. He’s a tremendous football player; he makes so many different plays for us.  His effort, his knowledge of the game, is great.  He’s so enthusiastic about the game, he just plays the game so hard.

(On whether he wanted to go for it at the end of the first half…)  I always want to go for it.  I told Coach Carroll that I thought that was a great decision to kick the field goal.  It was 2 seconds left in the half, go ahead and kick the field goal, give us a three points.  It was a crazy play.  We have Steve Hauschka out of the game, Jon Ryan is kicking, who has done a great job before, stepping in kicking for us in years past.  It was just a fluke play.  We fumble it, and they get the ball and score a touchdown.  You don’t expect that to happen.  I thought that was a smart decision to kick the field goal.  I don’t think it was a bad decision at all.

(On whether he has been a holder before…)  Yeah, I have held before.  I got a couple of snaps at halftime.  Ironically, I’ve held for Steven Hauschka before, playing at N.C. State and stuff.  I’ll definitely start working on that, throughout the weeks.

(On trying to get the ball to the referee after the play before the field goal attempt…)  I always tell the guys in the huddle, in a 2-minute situation, make sure you hand the ball to a ref.  Turbin was trying to make a play, I think he was trying to run over a guy, and he got up, excited to get back, because we had to hurry, and let the ball sit on the ground, so I had to run over and get it.  I had to hand the ball to the ref, and he dropped it, maybe somebody knocked it out of his hands.  It was just one of those situations.  Luckily, we got the kill.  We clocked it, and ironically, they get the fumble and take it to the house.  That never is a good thing.  I thought we did well in that situation.  You think about it, we drove the ball all the way down, the goal is to score a touchdown or get some type of points, especially right before half.

(On his long-term concerns about the offense…)  I’m not concerned about our offense at all.  I think that we’re doing a great job.   I think that with the circumstances the past two weeks; before this week we have a lot of guys out; we have 3 of our starting offensive linemen out.  The past 2 weeks we went to Houston, against a very, very good defensive line, and then we go to Indianapolis on the road, and a very hostile crowd against a very good football team.  We shouldn’t have lost that game, but we did, and so we come back this week, and I thought we did a great job.  Like I said, I felt like I was in tune with the offense, I felt like I was really clicking with the guys today.  Obviously, you want to score every single time you get in the red zone, you want to do that.  When you’re playing in the National Football League, it’s not that easy.  It really isn’t.  At the end of the day, if we’re able to turn it over for just 3 more plays, or I think we were 2 for 5 in the red zone, if we can make those 3; and they did a good job of stopping us.  They made some good plays.  But if we can turn that over, it’s going to be lights out, so you look forward to those things.  At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to win, and that’s what we did.  The defense made some big turnovers.  The offense made some big plays when we needed to.  Going in to that fourth quarter, it was a close game, and we were able to separate ourselves a little bit there, and get a touchdown when we needed to.

(On his having never lost a game in this building…)  I don’t think about that.  My goal is to go 1 and 0 every week.  Obviously, I love playing at CenturyLink.  There’s nothing like it.  There really isn’t.  The fans are unbelievable, the Twelfth Man is so energetic.  But, at the same time, I want to win on the  road, I want to win at home; I don’t care where it is; anytime, anyplace.  For me, it’s going 1 and 0 every single week; that’s the ultimate goal.  We have a quick week this week, we’re going on the road to Arizona.  It will be a good game, it will be an NFC West game, and so we’re going to have to prepare the right way and make sure that we rest our bodies, get ready to go and play a great football game, and try to go get a win.

(On trying to draw the Titans offsides…)  Yeah, I went a hard count on them.  We had done that once or twice in the game, on third and longs or whatever, or third and mediums.  We didn’t quite get them before, but I knew that they were going to be excited to go.  It was third and four right there, if they go offsides it’s an automatic first down.  We almost came down with the catch, too, which would have been really big, too, but we didn’t.  That was a big play in the game.

(On the sudden turnaround, say after Richard Sherman’s interception…)  It’s exciting, man.  We expected that to happen.  We expect the defense to get a turnover every single time they get on the field.  That’s how good our defense is, that’s how much belief we have in them, and they expect us to score as well and they expect us to never give up.  They expect us to continue the drives, continue to fight, and that’s what we’re doing, our football team is so close.  When you think about winning in Houston, when you think about that type of game.  It’s back and forth, back and forth, and we come up with a huge win, down 20 points or whatever it was.  Then, the  Indianapolis game was a great game too.  We still had a shot.  We didn’t end up getting that win but this week, playing at home, in front of our crowd again, we wanted to be sure to give our best effort, and we did that today, and we made some huge plays when we needed to.

(On what it took to get things going on offense …)  After the second or third drive, we were really rolling.  They’re going to stop us sometimes; I thought we did a great job, but we had a couple of close attempts, in terms of passing game.  A guy made a nice play, knocked down a slant.  I think that we may have missed one, but other than that, I think we were rolling.  We also had that one first down where I ran for it, and I think we got a holding penalty, so that kind of took us out of the red zone there, where we would have had first down.  But after that, I thought we did a great job on offense.

(On whether he is looking to run more himself…)  Not at all.  I’m not really looking to run any more.  Just trying to keep the drive alive; continue to have positive plays.  Whether it’s me running for 4 yards, or me throwing it for a first down, with a 5 yard throw, or a 20 yard throw, or a 70 yard throw, or whatever it is; I’m always keeping my eyes downfield.  To be honest with you, I hate to run.  I really do.  I’d rather give the ball to our playmakers and let them go to work, and we have one of the best running backs, if not the best running back, in the National Football League, and we have tons of receivers, and great tight ends.  So, I want to facilitate the ball to the right guy at the right time, and if it’s not there, then get something positive.  And, sometimes you have to salvage the play as well, and throw the ball away.

Thank you guys.  Go Hawks.