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Seahawks postgame quotes from Hauschka, Tate, Rice, Unger and more

Quotes from several players:

K STEVEN HAUSCHKA(On his injury…) “I just felt it in my chest and I had a little bit of a bloody nose. I felt it a little bit in the side of my jaw as well. They had to check me for concussion protocol, that’s what took me a while to get out there.”

(On the status of his injury…) “Yeah it wasn’t a concussion.”

(On maybe it being a good idea for him to avoid contact…) “You can say the same thing, but you never know when it’s going to be a game breaking play. Who knows, he could’ve broke through. I was just trying to help out our coverage team.”

(On where he was the last play before halftime…) “I was trying to get out as fast as I could, but with the concussion protocol I had to follow that. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew that they probably needed me, especially towards the end of the half. I haven’t actually seen the play yet, I was still in here. So it’s unfortunate with what happened, but I was hoping to be out there.”

(On how important is the holder for a kicker…) “It’s just different. You don’t get a lot of practice in that situation. The kicking ball is different too so sometimes those get a little slick.”

C MAX UNGER(On if the game seemed a bit unusual…) “Yeah. I looked up the offensive numbers in the fourth quarter and I think we had like 350 plus yards of offense and we only had 20 points or something like that. It’s just the redzone. It was a point of emphasis, and third down was a point of emphasis. I thought we did a little bit better on third down, but redzone is still kicking our ass. We need to get in the zone.”

(On if he feels like the redzone problems will eventually be solved…) “Yeah you know I don’t have the answer for you right now. We’ll go check it out on film and then come up with something.”

(On if Russell Wilson scrambling saves the team…) “I mean they have a good secondary too. Our guys were covered, and he has to make a play. That’s just something that we have to live with.”

WR DOUG BALDWIN(On what was the feeling at halftime after the muffed field goal…) “It was frustrating. At the time I think everybody on offense wanted us to go for it. Steven Hauschka was hurt, we had our second string holder in there. Chris Maragos is usually pretty good at it, but it just felt like we should’ve just gone for it at that point. I don’t think it deterred us in any way. We knew it was going to be a battle. We always talk about ‘ we don’t win games in the first half, we win them in the second half.”

WR GOLDEN TATE(On Marshawn Lynch being there when the team needed him to be…) “Yeah that’s the type of player that we know him as, he’s going to come up big when you need him. He had some great runs, he played hard through the whistle, gaining those extra yards with the offensive line pushing him. We still rushed the ball pretty well considering that we have two of our guys missing. We got Max Unger back today, which is huge. He’s definitely a leader on the offensive line. We’re still excited, we’re excited. I can’t wait to get out there and play some more football, but I think it’s key that we really pay attention to detail this week and take care of our bodies.”

(On how does it feel when everything breaks down that Russell Wilson can still make a positive play out of it…) “That’s what Coach Carroll wants. He wants us to be special. He doesn’t want us to do what everyone else does. That’s why Russell Wilson is here. He can make plays everywhere on the field. Throwing it, handing it off, he’ll even go out there and throw a block on a reverse, recover fumbles, his wheels are great, he’s shifty, he just brings another dimension to our offense, and we don’t even have Percy Harvin right now. I think we’re just going to continue to get stronger, and I’m really excited for the future.”

(On how does it feel to be 5-1…) “I don’t care what our record is. Once we win I come here smiling, but come midnight tonight it’s time to look forward. What we did tonight doesn’t really matter, it does not matter. We have to come ready to grind, we understand that we really need to take care of ourselves these next two weeks with two back to back on the road primetime games, we’re ready, we’re excited.”

WR SIDNEY RICE(On his catch on the sideline…) “It’s just having awareness. I know if I would have moved my foot one moved my foot one more time I would’ve ended up out of bounds. If you look at it, I think I was leaning before the ball even got there trying to keep my feet inbounds. It’s just field awareness and we work on it every day during practice.”

DE RED BRYANT(On the Seahawks’ defensive performance…) “…We checked the line, we eliminated explosive plays. The only thing that I felt like we could’ve done better was contain the quarterback just a little bit better. But all in all, extremely proud of our effort and definitely affected the outcome of the game.”

(On ever seeing anything like the failed field goal attempt that was returned for a touchdown…) “Yeah you know, that was a tough situation for [Chris] Maragos. You never anticipate that scenario. We’re just glad that we were able to get our kicker back and we got our holder back. [Chris] Maragos was in a tough situation and he was doing what he felt like was the best thing to do and Tennessee just made a great play. Sometimes, they thought football was easy and you just need to know how to respond to adverse situations like that and that was an adverse situation at that particular time and we responded well.”

(On the challenges that arise when preparing to play against the Cardinals on a short week…) “It’s definitely a tough challenge; due to the fact that it’s a division game. But the good thing [is that] we’re familiar with each other, in terms of the type of style of football they like to play and style we like to play. They got a new head coach. I’m pretty sure we will watch a lot of the Colts, in terms of last year of what they like to do and a little bit of the Steelers, I’m assuming because he was the offensive coordinator from there as well. I know that we’ll come up with a great game plan as usual and we will go out there and give our best foot forward.”

S EARL THOMAS(On Ryan Fitzpatrick not throwing the ball towards Richard Sherman…) “But they got to throw at him. If they see me going that way, it’s just one-on-one. They got to throw at him. So we were in zone right there and he does a great job with his technique. So polished, best corner in the league, and he just shows up week in and week out.”

(On how it good it feels for the Titans’ offense to not score a touchdown against the Seahawks’ defense…) “I think it was just us. We’ve been normal. A loss doesn’t define us. If we have a bad game, in our guys’ eyes, when the quarterback only throws for 220 yards, that’s just high expectations and we appreciate that. So we just looking forward to the next opportunity that we have.”

(On Earl Thomas chest bumping Kam Chancellor…) “Yeah. See, they sleeping on me now. I might be short, but I’m strong. Especially, when my momentum is pumping and stuff like that. It’s all fun and games; we’re enjoying this journey. We know that it’s not going to be smooth sailing. There’s going to be bumps in the road. But, I appreciate my teammates.”

S CHRIS MARAGOS(On the field goal attempt that was returned for a touchdown…) “I think I could’ve been a lot more aware, especially too, if we did botch it because obviously, it’s a possibility. All three of us never had that timing like that and obviously, game experience. So you know, just going down with it and having the opportunity to just eat it at that point and go into half time. So that probably would’ve been a good move.”

(On things happening so fast when situations like a botched football hold happen…) “Yeah it is. Like I said, I should’ve done a better job of just controlling the situation. When the snap got mishandled, I should’ve just went down with it. Our defense was playing well right before the first half. Really all game. So to be in that position, I should’ve just knelt it.  But like you said, things move fast and you’re just trying to make something happen with it.”

(On how much Chris Maragos has practiced holding snaps…) “Well I held four years in college, so I have previous experience doing that and then I’ve held a few times in practice; things like that too.”

CB RICHARD SHERMAN(On if the Seahawks’ defense has fixed their mistakes from the game against the Colts…) “You know, we cleaned up the things that we needed to clean up. It wasn’t anything crazy that we had to do. We just played discipline football, we played sound football, and we made plays that were there. We didn’t do anything… we didn’t make ordinary plays. We got a lot of great football players on the D-line. They made great plays. They (faced) a great running back. They kept him inside, they kept him bottled up, the D-line played a great game. Linebackers, they were flying around, making plays, popping balls up, tipping balls. Earl [Thomas] made a great interception,; coming over the top to save us. I was able to make a play on the ball. That’s an ordinary play that we expect from one another.”

(On Earl Thomas’ chest bump with Kam Chancellor…) “I don’t know if that’s going to be on C’mon Man or Not Top 10. But he’s going to be on top 10 too.”

(On his interception…) “Yeah. I mean I played receiver for a long time. You get good at locating the football; you got to find that dark dot. And (when) you look up into the blue sky; you got to be able to find that dot. I was able to find it. He pushed the ball kind of inside. I went to eye-point it and get the ball before Nate Washington got it.”

S KAM CHANCELLOR(On the defense helping the offense staying positive after making a mistake…) “We’re all a team. It goes hand-in-hand. Some days, we might be down and the offense might be up. Some days, they might be down and we up and you know, both be up one game. So it’s a team thing and if they’re down, we’ll be up for them; give them the energy.”

(On Kam Chancellor chest bumping Earl Thomas...) “Yeah man. He’s been delivering big hits all game and that was just one of them. That’s all I can say man. That was just one of them. A part of the big hit”

(On expecting Earl Thomas to knock over Kam Chancellor when chest bumping each other…) “No I didn’t. I didn’t expect that at all. As you just got up under my chin, leverage wins.”

(On being 5-1 gives the Seahawks more of a reason to win games…) “Never. You know, every game is going to be hard.  You know, you got good competitors all over the league. You got to respect every opponent, every team. We just got to go out there and play disciplined, play sound ball and just Seahawk ball the whole time.”