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Seahawks on the road, a lot

Sources tell me the Seahawks travel a lot. After all, I am writing this post from a plane.

Over at, they have a cool feature. They show the travel maps for all 32 teams in the league (go to a team's page, click the specific year, then head to the "more" dropdown to find the travel maps).

The San Francisco 49ers will lead the league in miles traveled this season with 34,276 miles. Boosting their number is their trip to London later this month (which is that red line flying off the map and is 5,357 miles). Even without that, they would lead the league if that game was replaced with another road game.

Here's their travel map:

sf 49ers

The Seahawks are right there with them, thanks to 28,268 miles traveled. The Seahawks are also in a run of four out of five and five out of seven games on the road, starting back in Week 4 at Houston. Here's their map:


arizona cardinals

STL Rams

Then, there's Cleveland. The Browns could bus to almost all their road games. They travel just 6,578 miles:

Cleveland Browns

See you at the airport.