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Richard Sherman quotes from Tuesday

Here's everything Richard Sherman had to say:

(On what Richard Sherman remembers when playing against the Cardinals back in 2011…) “Not too much. Was that my rookie year? Yeah I don’t remember a lot. I should’ve had a pick six that game, and I got freaking caught and Marshawn Lynch was on me about that the rest of the game. That’s one thing that I remember from that game, him getting on me talking about I should’ve scored.”

(On why Richard Sherman does not talk trash about Larry Fitzgerald…) “There’s not really opportunities, and it’s just one of those games where you’re too locked in to do it. It’s nothing really to talk about.”

(On his respect level for Larry Fitzgerald…) “There’s definitely a mutual respect. He’s a great player, he’s been a great player for a while, he’s been incredibly consistent over the years, and he’s been consistent through multiple quarterbacks, multiple systems. He should’ve won the Super Bowl for his team when they went, he played a heck of a game, and you have to respect a guy like that.”

(On developing a relationship with Larry Fitzgerald and how did that get started…) “Just meeting him in the offseason. I saw him in the offseason a couple of times and he was a great guy. He asked me to come out to his softball game and I did. It was a fun event, we had a great time. So I asked him to come back and reciprocate the favor, and we just had a good time. He’s a good player and a good guy.”

(On what Richard Sherman thinks about playing on Thursday night…) “I think it’s fun. I think it’s going to be a bunch of fun. You always are looking for your next opportunity on the field, win lose or draw you always want to just get back right out there and I think people would rather play than practice so shoot it’s a lot of fun for us.”

(On how the Arizona offense is different from last year's offense…) “It’s not too different, it’s not crazy different. You obviously see different schemes that you would have seen in Indianapolis last year, but a lot of it is carry over. A lot of the routes Larry Fitzgerald likes to run, a lot of the ways the like to condense formations and expand and bring their receivers back underneath is similar to what they have been doing. I think they try to balance it out with a good running game, and they have two good running backs who’ve been running pretty hard so they have just been trying to balance it out a little more this year.”

(On how Richard Sherman got to know Andre Roberts…) “He was with Larry Fitzgerald. I guess they were traveling somewhere together and he tagged a long, but he was fun. I hadn’t met him, I think that might have been the second or third time that I met him, but he’s a cool dude man. It was cool to meet him and have him involved. He almost won it for us man he’s a heck of a softball player.”

(On scoring the winning touchdown…) “I don’t know, I don’t remember the game. The last time i think we played there wasn’t a winning touchdown.”(On Sherman's thoughts on Carson Palmer throwing picks and the Seahawks being able to pick the ball off and if that comes in to play…) “Nah not really because any given day if you start looking at stuff like that, and then he hits four touchdowns and no picks, and then you’re like man what happened to the 11 picks who threw earlier. He’s a good quarterback who trusts his arm. He has a big arm, he’s accurate, and he’ll get the ball down there. He’s due for a big game so we’ll give him all the respect in the world and we’ll play the receivers as tight as we can and do what we can do.”

(On Patrick Peterson and how he is similar to Sherman…) “I think he’s a much better athlete than I am. He moves better, he’s faster; he’s just different because he has so much speed so it allows him to play a little different than I play. I have to play straight technical football, and I think he gets to play a little looser because he can recover in a flash and get back into play. I think that’s what makes him an elite corner. He has elite speed and jumping ability. So I think we’re similar in the way we play the ball and our ball skills and things like that. We both go up for it pretty good, yeah he’s a good player.”

(On how Walter Thurmond, Byron Maxwell, and Jeremy Lane help the Seahawks' defense…) “Well all of them bring a different asset to our team. They all have technique, they all have good technique, we all play similar techniques and they’re just as good in it as Brandon Browner and I are. They’ll come in whether it’s inside or outside, they’ll play discipline, they’ll play good coverage. I think they’ll go out to a lot of these teams in the league and start. I think they can start for a lot of other teams, and that’s how they play. They come in with confidence. I think their confidence level, and the confidence of our coaches and everybody in those three to bring them in allows them to play the way they do. Especially Walter Thurmond and Byron Maxwell.”

(On if it takes a lot of confidence to wear the suit that Walter Thurmond wore on Sunday…) “It takes a lot of swagger; it takes a lot of swagger to do what Walt did the other night. He did look like the monopoly man, but he was smooth. Did you see the pocket watch? He had the pocket watch and everything.”

(On Tyrann Mathieu…) “I haven’t seen too much of it to tell you the truth. He’s been on a lot of highlights man; he’s been creating a lot of turnovers. It seems like he’s been doing the same thing he was doing at LSU. He’s been creating turnovers, I know he has a couple of picks, a couple of forced fumbles, he’s been making plays. A lot of people were talking about his size and everything and how it was going to be a big factor, but he seems to be holding his own just like he was at LSU.”

(On how important it was for the Seahawks' defense to hold the Titans to 6 points…) “It was just getting back to the technique and getting back to playing discipline ball. I think it was important for us because we know our standard in the defensive room, and in the defensive back room. The Legion of Boom always wants to make an impact on the game, and we felt like we definitely could’ve made more of an impact last week. We tried to comeback and clean up our mistakes and make a huge impact this week, and we were able to get some plays and limit the explosives and things like that. It was important for us, but we’re happy that we get another chance with a quick turnaround, and get back out there to do it again.”

(On if the Seahawks' depth can help prepare for the short week…) “Definitely, definitely, it definitely does because you never really know in the NFL how the injury situation is. Legs get weathered in a game and things like that, and we know we have defensive backs who can step in, we have linebackers that can step in in a short week. The defensive line has incredible depth, and on the offensive side you see the receiving core can miss match any parts they want. I think that is huge for us in a game like this where the legs aren’t always 100 percent.”

(On if there is a weird balance between recovering and preparation…) “Yeah there is some balance there because you have to work, you get your wind, you have to see the plays in full speed, but you laso need to rest. We did play a game two days ago so you also have to rest the legs. I think Pete Carroll and our training staff are doing a great job of working that balance.”

(On the impact that Bruce Irvin has had on the defense…) “Well to tell you the truth I think they have been getting great pressure the whole year. Having him back is a great addition, he had a sack in his first game back, that was huge for us, but man they have been bringing chaos upfront. Our front four and front five are bringing a lot of pressure every game, game in and game out, and I think that’s what’s helping us. As a defensive back you look back there and all you see is a quarterback scrambling around, running around, and throwing balls off of their back foot and you appreciate the work that our defensive line is doing, and our linebackers.”

(On if the Seahawks change their game plan after the loss against the Colts…) “No we didn’t change the way we did anything. We know that it’s a rare occurrence when things like that happen. They happened in that game, but you don’t revamp your whole system because of a few plays in one game. We just went right back to our technique, kept it discipline, kept it hard nose, guys were on the technique just like we were, and we’re having fun also. We were dancing to the music doing the things that we always do.”

(On if playing on the national stage makes it more exciting…) “It is fun playing on a national stage, but it’s just fun playing the game in general. We appreciate playing on these national stages and the big games, not every team gets a lot of these games, but you always want to put on a show. Obviously Deion Sanders was primetime, but it’s always nice to put on a show. He was the best at it.”