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Morning links: Seahawks say the offense is getting there

Good morning.

First, I'll quickly address two things.

As many of the commenters pointed out later in the evening, the tenor of the blog and focus of the discussion is up to you. Let's hope we can be on point as often as possible.

In regards to the "morning links" posts, they are here because they preceded me. If we were starting from scratch, and I had my preference, they would not be here. I'm going to tweak the format a bit in hopes they spur more of a talking point or two for the day.

Moving on.

I wrote about the Seahawks' offense for today's paper. It's an excellent optimist-pessimist argument, mainly because there are a lot of caveats to consider:

-- How much of this is on the injured offensive line? For me, a lot.

-- The Seahawks' offense has actually been quite serviceable in the first six games. Is it The Greatest Show on Turf? No. But, as you can see here from Football Outsiders, the Seahawks are ranked 10th in offense DVOA. Considering the Seahawks have the No. 2 defense and are projected to have the No. 1 defense the rest of the way, a 10th-ranked offense should be more than enough for a truckload of wins. It likely won't average 32 points per game.

-- The expectations of any viewer will also skew their assessment of a result. So, if a starting point for expectations is the late-season run from 2012, which lasted just three weeks, you're going to be disappointed on a weekly basis. As noted in the story, even Pete Carroll, someone who would think a car falling on him is some kind of opportunity to excel, said he's not sure that they can get back to that level.

As I've seen you guys talk about, and we have discussed on the chat, there are some legit concerns here. Namely, red-zone offenses and third down. Both have been improving. Both can be linked to the line to a degree, but since that's subjective rather than quantitative, for the most part, it's hard to nail down.

Starting five:

> looks at Michael Bowie.

> says the Seahawks are wary of Arizona DBs Peterson and Mathieu.

> Always interesting stuff from Peter King.

> The Everett Herald talks about Pete Carroll and Carson Palmer.

> Golden Tate tells, "We've figured it out."