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Carroll says Clemons is questionable, Lynch is fine

Here's everything Pete Carroll had to say Wednesday, with some good news on Spencer Ware and RT Breno Giacomini, plus the injury reports for Thursday's game:

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(On how the short week of preparation went…) “It went really quickly. Yeah you have to cram a lot in, in a short amount of time. It’s not just the physical part of it that the players are responding to, but the mental side of it. We try to get a game plan in there, which I’m sure they did as well and you just have to do it a lot faster. You have to make possessions which we have, and hopefully the guys will perform really well. I’m not worried so much about us not being fresh enough because we took care of them. But, more that we can execute really well. They’re a difficult team, they cause us problems and we need some days to get this thing ironed out. So we’ll try to do a good job with that.”

(On if there were any limitations in preparing a game plan to play against the Cardinals…) “Well we have to cover the game plan; we have to cover all of the situations. You just don’t have as many options as you normally would, your just missing days. So it won’t look any different (than anybody) from the outside in. It’s different and when the teams are challenging and they give you problems and all, it can have an effect.”

(On if Chris Clemons will have a chance to play…) “Clem is questionable. We’re going to work him out in pregame. He practiced a little bit today and he definitely has a chance.”(On if the depth of the Seahawks’ roster will prove to be beneficial playing against the Cardinals…) “We’re actually in pretty good shape, other than the tackles that we’re missing. To have Zach [Miller] come back and looks like Clem [Chris Clemons] has a chance to make back, we’ll go without Bobby [Wagner] this time. But, for the most part, we’re pretty solid. We were able to rotate our guys pretty good the last couple of weeks, particularly last week, knowing that we were going to have this quick turnaround. So we will expect our guys to really be flying and ripping, come game time.”

(On if Miller will get limited playing time during the game…) “He’s full go.”(On how Miller has made it through the week recovering…) “He did fine. It was a week that you couldn’t really tell. There wasn’t any hard running or hitting and all that. But, he was well enough, last week, to go. He was a little bit sore on game day. So it was the right decision to hold him back, but he’s fine now. But he’s going to have to play himself back out there. But he’s going to play in the game.”

(On how he feels about preparing on a short week this year in comparison to two years ago…) “There’s no question. We’ve had enough continuity here that we’re as good as anybody getting back; to a short week’s preparation. We can rely on a lot of stuff that we did before. Even though Russell [Wilson] has only been here for a year and a little bit, he seems to be at it. So we don’t have any issues in that regard. We’re fortunate that we could have enough carryover to feel pretty good about the game plan going in.”

(On Marshawn Lynch…) “He’s fine.”

(On if Marshawn Lynch’s hip thing was just a carryover from last week…) “We just were monitoring it. He made it through last week so that he could play, and he felt fine in the game. The recycle process is a little different in this week for him, but he feels good enough and he should be good. We won’t really know until we get out there and start playing.”

(On Spencer Ware…) “He’s finally making progress. He’s out of the boot and he’s moving around now. He’s still a couple of weeks away from getting back, but at least he’s turning the corner and he’s working out now and he’s on the field and all.”(On what’s different about this Arizona team compared to last year’s Arizona team…) “I just think their whole leadership, and their hope and all of that is different. They had suffered through a difficult year last year by the second time we had got them. We got them when they were fierce at the opener. They’re on track, they’re fired up, they have high hopes, they have expectations, they want to try to get involved in this division, and they’re right there to do that. These games in the division are really crucial and the statements will be made. So you can just feel it’s a whole different climate, and Bruce Arians has done a great job to get the ready and to get their attitude on track.”

(On Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald…) “I don’t think anything is holding them back, it’s just time. They’re both great players and they have already made great plays. We expect them to be able to do that no matter who they play. Carson can make all of the throws, he has tremendous mechanics, he’s as pretty at throwing the football as anybody has ever been, and there is nobody better than Larry at what he does. So those two guys together are an extremely dangerous duo, and I don’t have any evaluation that they weren’t clicking. That’s somebody else’s thought. They look pretty good to me.”

(On Breno Giacomini…) “He’s turned the corner also. He’s moving around well, he’s not limping around really, they had to remove some fluids from his knee that made a big difference. He’s on it now so each week we’ll just have to wait and see. This is the kind of surgery that he could’ve comeback within four to five weeks so he still has a chance to do that here if he can get back soon, but he’s not going too far off of that.