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Morning links: The corners could decide things tonight

Good morning from sunny Phoenix.

Today, I wrote about the four cornerbacks in the his game: Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. We'd be hard pressed to find another game with four corners of this total talent level.

They all do it in a different manner, too. Sherman is a technician. Peterson is a freak in the land of freaks. Browner is a bully. Mathieu is a gambling playmaker.

Sherman had three interceptions in two games against the Cardinals last year. Even Larry Fitzgerald, as noted in the story, is wary of his respected counterpart Sherman.

“I love playing against him,” Fitzgerald said. “He’s right there at the top of the business at his position.

“He’s a guy you have to be careful with. He’s just one of the guys that can change the complexity of a game very quickly, so we have to do a good job of making sure we’re careful around him with the football.”

The ongoing and often on-point argument is that games are won in the trenches. This may be an evening that is sealed on the outside. All four corners have the ability to dramatically alter the game.

But, we'll go back to those trenches. Our Dave Boling had a chat with J.R Sweezy. Sweezy's first start came against the Cardinals in last year's opener. He, uh, had some trouble with Darnell Dockett. Boling explains:

As is sometimes the case with those suffering trauma or surviving accidents, J. R. Sweezy has only vague recollections of the details of the afternoon of Sept. 9, 2012.

Sadly, he still suffers from Darnell Dockett Syndrome, a specific strain of selective amnesia.

“I’ve blocked most of it out,” Sweezy said when asked of the ordeal.

As it turned out, he’s blocked the memories better than he blocked Dockett that day in the Seahawks’ 20-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Boling points out it was Sweezy's first game. He also looks at rookie Michael Bowie now being in Sweezy's shoes as a rookie finding his way.

Also, the Seahawks have spent the short week cramming in preparation. To cover some nuts and bolts: Marshawn Lynch is good to go, as is Tempe, Ariz., native Zach Miller. It's going to be another week in the middle for linebacker K.J. Wright since Bobby Wagner won't play. Chris Clemons is questionable, but I would be surprised to see him on such short rest.

In all, should be a fun one tonight. You can catch the game on the NFL Network or JoeTV.

Starting five:

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