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Seahawks 34, Cardinals 22: Postgame victory party thread

With the exception of some unfortunate fumbles, the Seahawks looked pretty solid on the road and against a divisional opponent.

Let's get to it ....

1. The Seahawks are 6-1 on the season, the first time in franchise history. Is this where you expected them to be at this point?

2. Game ball goes to ... ___________ .... Why?

3. Who was another big difference maker in this game?

4.  Besides the offensive line, which is the obvious issue of a lot of what went wrong, what other things do the Seahawks need to improve on?

5. Have you allowed yourself to realistically  start thinking about Percy Harvin playing in next Monday night's game against the Rams? What kind of difference will he make?

6. Finish this sentence: Tackling Marshawn Lynch would be about as enjoyable as __________________.