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Pete Carroll postgame quotes

Everything Pete Carroll had to say:

On the game in general:“Well, this was a really cool night for our football team. We wanted to get on the road here and get this thing done and continue to feel good about our ability to win on the road, and this was a tough football team. They came after us with a lot of stuff and our guys handled it well. It was a game that got tight, you know, and then we pulled away and then kind of put it in control, so it was a good night of work. A lot of guys played hard and played tough, and we had a lot of good sacks and stuff and a lot of good line-of-scrimmage play on defense. When you give up thirty yards rushing and something like that and seven sacks, the guys up front did a great job. So, we’re really proud of those guys for putting together a really good night. I thought Russell (Wilson) played great. He did a bunch of cool stuff and took care of the football for us and the throwing game (was good). Of course he got pounded a little bit, and we gave up the sacks that caused the fumbles, but that happens sometimes. But, our ability to hang in there and overcome that stuff gave us a chance. Normally, you can’t win like that when you’re not in the plus category of the turnover ratio, but tonight we got it done, so a lot of cool stuff happened.”

On their 6-1 record:“You know, we don’t feel we’re playing as clean as we want, and we just have not had the kind of across-the-board clean game that we’re looking for, so it feels like we’re still growing. I feel like we’re still a very young team, and it feels that way. We have enough fire power in a lot of areas to overcome the things that are going in the wrong direction, but we’re playing good solid football, and we welcome the challenge everywhere and anywhere we have to go, whoever it is, and we’ll go throw our game out there and see if we have a chance. We’re still disappointed that it happened a couple weeks ago that we gave one away. We just kind of want to climb, and hopefully, we keep moving.”

On the value of Russell Wilson’s escapability:“We would be a different team without him. I don’t know how you could measure it at this point. It’s such a natural part of our game, and he has become such a special aspect of our team that I don’t know what it would be like without it. It’s instrumental to everything we’re doing.”

On the Cardinals’ adjustments:“We missed our chance on the punt return and when you don’t get the score there things kind of just shifted. We went for it on fourth down and didn’t make it, and they made some points out of it; we turned it right back over … I don’t think anything really changed. We played pretty good the whole time. They pressured better as the game went on. We didn’t feel like they stopped us much. We felt like we stopped ourselves a bit too many times. But they did that with really good rush, and I give them the credit for that for sure.”

On the two points and punt return:“For a young bunch of guys we have a very strong resolve about him and the game and the ups and downs and the rigors of it, and I think we’ve shown that for a couple years now. It’s just kind of characteristic of the way we deal with stuff. We don’t like when it’s not going right, but it isn’t going to faze us. We’re not going to lose our cool and get out of whack.”

On Russell Wilson’s sneak:“We got knocked off the ball and had a couple misses up front there, and he got pounded on it.”

On James Carpenter’s injury:“Yeah, he got banged on his shin it sounds like, and it hurt him initially, but he came right back out of it, so we really don’t know what that’s going to be like in a couple days, but it’s really encouraging that he came back out and played.”

On Golden Tate’s injury:“Golden injured his toe a little bit and it sounds like he banged his shoulder and got hit.”

On the dominant defense:“The line of scrimmage was really solid. The stuff that they ran we defended really well. Danny (Quinn) did a great job of positioning our guys. They never really got anything going and on one count they made seven or so yards the whole day. Other than that it’s really just been that way for a couple weeks now. We expect our guys to play like that, and so it was great to see them. It’s great to see the production of the pass rush; that’s getting better. We said earlier it’s going to take us awhile before we figure out how to mix our guys in the pass rush, because we have a number of different kinds of athletes to mix in there and so we’re still finding that out. We said about eight or nine games, and I’d like to speed that up a bit. Seven sacks is a pretty good showing, but we’re going to get better there. We’re going to improve mixing our guys properly and using them to the best things that they can do.

On Percy Harvin practicing with team upon return:“I’m counting on it. He has a few big days right here; these days of the end of this week. He took the day off today and he’s working out the rest of the week. If he makes it through these days then we have a chance to be practicing with him on Tuesday.”

On how Percy Harvin can improve the team:“I don’t know that. He’s a great football player and we cherish him and we went after him and all that, but our expectations for him from the start were like I said: we’re going to fit him in to help this team in any way that he can, which is exactly what he wants to do and we’ll grow with him also. We won’t come all out with him the first time we get him on the field. We’re not changing what we’re doing. We’re just going to fit him in and welcome him to be a part of it when the time is right. I don’t know when the time is.”

On the first quarter offensive success:“Pretty much we always script early and sometimes we stick with it and sometimes we don’t. The whole first quarter was pretty solid and we had a great scramble adjustment by Sidney (Rice) for the touchdown that Russell (Wilson) took advantage of. We haven’t had many of those big plays. We know they’re going to happen and we’ve been running a lot but it was a fantastic adjustment by Sidney to get open and make the play. The last two times on the road we’ve really started well. I’m really proud of that. It’s something we like to do and something we want to do and we want to get off to a good start and then hold it. I’d like to be able to finish well, but I’m liking that we’ve been able to start well.”

On injuries to Derrick Coleman and Jeron Johnson:“Both those guys had hammies. We won’t know for a week or so, but both those guys, or Johnson, re-injured his hamstring.”

On converting third downs:“I heard we were 7 of 12, which is awesome, and we’ve been trying to turn the corner on that thing. We know we can be a good third down team and we know we have it in us. It just hasn’t happened the way to those kinds of numbers yet. But that’s a big goal for us, to get a third down game and a red zone game, and we’ll continue to work at that. When that happens, we’re going to be really hard to stop on offense.”

On Carson Palmer:“He’s a great player. He’s a great athlete and a tremendous competitor and we sacked him seven times and the pressure came pretty quick. He wasn’t sitting back there hanging onto it a lot. We were able to get to him some. But, we have great respect for him and honestly it was really kind of an honor to go against him. He was a guy who was at such a crucial time in our program and got things going and has always been kind of the guy who kicked it into high gear, so I have great regard for him. It was really with great respect that we played him. We tried to get after him. We wanted to kick his butt today if we could and show him how much we love him, and I don’t know if he sees it that way but that’s kind of what we tried to do. We just wanted to try to break him down to see if we could break down the pass protection and we did a good job of that.”

On Brandon Browner:“Brandon had a terrific game tonight. He was all over the football. He challenged everything. I challenged him a little last week and he came right back and had a great week. I can’t believe he stumbled there on the five-yard line, but it was a great night for him. That kind of shows the kind of competitor he is and how much we count on him and why we went right back to him in the second half last week, and I’m really proud of him.”

On Zach Miller:“That was really cool. Zach was a captain for us this week, coming back home and all that. He made a great catch and some great plays. You can just see he’s a clutch guy and we count on him, and there was a lot of stuff he did in the running game as well that helps us. Without him we were so new with Luke (Wilson) doing all the little intricacies and stuff, so it was great to have him back. It really helps us out.”

On the defensive line:“I think scheme-wise we’re playing the defense really well. We’re playing to their strengths and Red (Bryant) and (Brandon) Mebane are doing really well. Mike (Bennett) has done a lot of neat stuff as we move him around. He’s been effective in a number of different ways. We have the defensive ends with Cliff (Avril) and Clem (Chris Clemons) being able to keep each other fresh; that’s a nice aspect of our stuff too, and then tonight if you noticed, Bruce (Irvin) was rushing the third downs a lot. I didn’t see him get a lot of numbers but you know he was a factor just rushing out there, so we have a lot of nice combinations of guys to mix in there.”

On Chris Clemons playing despite his injury:“We kind of declared yesterday, I said, ‘look you can’t really go in unless you can get through pregame tests’ and he was fine. So we really had it in our mind that he was going to play.”

On Marshawn Lynch:“There must have been five or six runs tonight where he just kept going and churning and finishing, and he just fires everybody up. He’s a tremendously inspirational football player and I don’t know that people on the outside understand what he means to us, just because of what he brings on game day. His style is something that we love and he continues to prove it to us why he’s a stud out there. It was a cool night for him. I don’t know if his numbers were so big but the message was sent loudly and it was an excellent part of our football play tonight.”