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Seahawks postgame quotes: Sherman, Tate and Rice

Richard Sherman says the best is yet to come.

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman

On if this was a message to the San Francisco 49ers:“No. We don’t worry about them. We keep it within us. We don’t look at other teams and what they’re doing. They may worry about us, they may watch us, but we don’t watch them.”

On how big the defensive front was in terms of how the secondary played:“They were huge. They came up so big for us; Cliff Avril, Mike Bennett, big Red (Bryant), everybody. There were so many people that had sacks this game. We appreciate them. We appreciate them bringing pressure. We just try to stay focused back there, stay disciplined, and keep the coverage tight so they have the opportunity to get sacks. Coverage and rush work together and we did a good job tonight.”

On how much easier the pressure makes his job:“It makes it a great deal easier because the quarterback is throwing it off his back foot. He’s lobbing the ball. He’s taking his zip off the ball, so it’s easier to get your breaks and get your timing. Sometimes the balls are late and that’s how you get opportunities for interceptions like Earl’s (Thomas) and like Brandon’s (Browner). We had a couple more opportunities, but it looked like they were over on the sidelines practicing to bat down our picks and they did a good job.”

On how much better they can get:“We have a lot further to go. This wasn’t our cleanest ball game. We haven’t played our best ball yet. We’re far from where we want to be. We can play more disciplined. We can play more sound. We can eliminate the penalties. We can just get more turnovers. We can play better ball. I think as the season progresses, we’ll get stronger.”

Seahawks WR Sidney RiceOn the offensive balance they displayed tonight:“We came out on the first drive and got a big play, a touchdown in the endzone. Marshawn (Lynch) ran the ball really well. Russell (Wilson) does what he does. He made plays happen – extending plays, getting outside the pocket, and getting first downs. It’s a balanced offense, as you just said. Run comes first, that’s our foundation. We have to get Marshawn going, that’s our main thing. That’s just going to open up the pass game. I think we did a pretty good job balancing it out today.”

On how big the division road win is:“It’s huge. That’s one thing we struggled with last year. If I’m not mistaken, we lost the majority of our road games. We wanted to come out and make a statement this year. If you’re going to be a great team, you have to win on the road. No excuses. There’s nothing else you can say about it. Everybody prepared themselves really well throughout the whole week. Coach took care of us, took care of our bodies. We came out here and won the ball game.”

On Russell Wilson’s ability to spread the ball around:“It’s great play calling. You have different receivers; he goes through his reads and makes the passes. It’s a really good job by him.”

Seahawks WR Golden TateOn how big it was to get Sidney Rice involved:“It was great. We have playmakers. From head-to-toe in the receivers, we have playmakers. We know, we’re confident. All the media, the national media, I wouldn’t say our media, want to say that we can’t get open and we’re average at best. That’s a bunch of BS. We can play this game and I think we can play it well.”

On going against Patrick Peterson:“I had a chance to go against a great player in “PP” (Patrick Peterson). We battled. He was following me all night. Like I said, we battled. I won some. He won some. That’s just what you expect when two good players are going against each other.”

On the deep pass in the first quarter that wasn’t called pass interference on Tyrann Mathieu:“I didn’t see it because I was near the line of scrimmage. After talking to the referee, he said that because they were both looking back for the ball, there was a no call. If he (Tyrann Mathieu) would have been looking at Sidney, there would have been a different story. I’m just glad we were able to overcome that.”

On if there is a feeling that they can play even better football:“Oh yeah. My motto in life is never be satisfied. There’s always room to play better. I think that’s something this whole locker room has adopted. We’re going to watch this film next week and be critical. We’re ready to go. We’re ready for St. Louis. What’s next?”