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Morning links: Are Seahawks prepping for Real Rob reports?

Good morning.

We're going to start today with some adjustments (hopefully, improvements) on the blog.

The feedback I've received about links, how many, etc., has been about split. Some want more. Some say they don't care. So, to try the impossible task of satisfying as many as possible, I've added a bunch of links to the right of this post.

These will be standing links. They are divided into categories: Our coverage; Seahawks coverage from other outlets; coverage of the NFC West and general NFL coverage. Also, I created a Twitter feed which follows all the Seahawks players on Twitter, plus dozens of people dispatching NFL news. We'll have that widget up shortly, also in the right sidebar.

In addition, we'll continue with Morning Links, where I will pull out a hand full of links each day. If you want to check out all those other places, they are just one click away on the right.

On to the day.

As we posted last night, the Seahawks are bringing fullback Michael Robinson in for a physical Monday. Obviously, the Seahawks are thin at that spot after Derrick Coleman hurt his hamstring Thursday night. Spencer Ware has been out since Week 2 with an ankle sprain.

If Robinson is healthy, it seems a logical move. He knows the system, is big in the lockerroom and will be taking a large pay cut after being released at the end of camp.

And, a reminder: The Seahawks don't practice until Tuesday this week because they are playing Monday night.

Also, our Dave Boling wrote about the Seahawks' special teams.


> The Everett Herald says the Seahawks will go 15-1.

> ESPN says the Seahawks are reaching their pass-rushing goals.

> St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford tore his ACL Sunday and is out for the year. His backup, Kellen Clemens, is a turnover machine.

> The Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz says the Colts' defense stole the show in Peyton Manning's return. The Colts have beaten Seattle, San Francisco and Denver. Andrew Luck had four touchdowns in last night's win over the Broncos.

> San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh says Aldon Smith could return to the 49ers in the "next couple weeks." They have gotten their act together with four consecutive wins following a 1-2 start.