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Robinson thrilled to be over illness and back

With his construction belt back hanging in his locker which is again next to pal Marshawn Lynch's, fullback Michael Robinson was happy to be back in the Seahawks' lockerroom.

"You miss Sundays," Robinson said. "You really do. I almost became one of you guys (reporters)."

Robinson's path back to the Seahawks is interesting. He lives in Arizona, so he saw Derrick Coleman get hurt last week. He also watched every game, so he knew that Spencer Ware was already hurt.

He said he texted Coleman to see if he was all right. The next day, Seattle general manager John Schneider called him to see how he was feeling.

That was a key question.

Robinson said he woke up Aug. 17, the day of the second preseason game which was against the Denver Broncos, and felt like he had the flu. He didn't think it was much more than that.

Eventually, he was off the field. His weight went down 30 pounds. Considering the cap hit his salary would bring and that he was ill, the Seahawks released him.

Robinson said he saw it coming. He also said that he had a good talk with Schneider and Pete Carroll when they told him the news. Robinson said those two told him if there is an opportunity to bring him back later, they would do so. He was not upset.

"I'm a realist," Robinson said. "I knew that I needed to be on the field to keep my job. I knew what my salary was. I know the business of this game. I knew there was a big chance that I would be let go. I was just hoping and praying that I would get a chance to come back and get to work.

"Been in this game eight years, playing in the National Football League. If you think there is loyalty in this game, that's your fault. It's a business. You've got to understand that."

Robinson's main concern after getting cut this year was his health. He went all the way down to 212 pounds, was admitted to the hospital twice, and had liver and kidney concerns.

Robinson was taking a prescribed anti-inflammatory twice a day. He said he became dehydrated and had the flu, which kind of put together a "perfect storm" for him.

He went to the hospital once, then was readmitted a couple days later and said doctors told him he should have never left in the first place.

Once he felt better, he had tryouts with the Tennessee Titans and the New York Giants. He said he didn't like the Giants' situation (read losing every week), then Titans quarterback Jake Locker was injured, forcing Tennessee to make other roster moves and eschew fullback.

Thanks to all that, he's back in Seattle.

Robinson says he now feels great and he'll be ready to go Monday.

"Let's get some," he said.