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Seahawks taking the day-by-day approach with Percy Harvin

After all this time, Percy Harvin is taking it the proverbial day-by-day.

That's the phrase he and head coach Pete Carroll used to describe Harvin's timeline. There was no commitment either way to Harvin playing Monday night against the St. Louis Rams.

"I want to play as soon as possible," Harvin said.

Some highlights:

> Harvin worked with Russell Wilson over the weekend, Monday and some extra again today.

> Harvin: "Today was an excellent day just to be back in the building."

> Harvin said he was worried that it could be season-ending or a six to eight month recovery. A bone was blocking him from having full range of motion in his hip. He said he didn't want to have the surgery, from a general emotional view because it would mean he was out, but knew it was necessary. He said the night after the surgery he was already riding a bike, and that's when he knew h would come back quickly.

> Harvin said he's running and cutting well.

> Harvin also said he doesn't expect to be used any differently than he was when in Minnesota with Darrell Bevell running the offense there. "The verbiage changed a little bit, but the concept of what he's trying to get done is the same," Harvin said.

> Harvin said he just needs to get his reps done.

> Harvin: "I haven't played football since Week (9) of last year ... it's been tough, man, I've got a lot of things built up in me that I'm just ready to unleash on the field. I'm going to take my time with it, but when it's time to explode, I will."

> Carroll said RT Breno Giacomini is coming along a little slower than they hoped. "We don't have a real clear timeline on that one," Carroll said. "It's going to take him a couple weeks after we get him on the practice field before he's ready to play, and he's not ready for that yet."

> Carroll also said that Russell Okung is on the schedule they set up for him. Here's what Carroll said about his timetable (knowing by rule Okung couldn't play until Nov. 17 against the Vikings since he was placed on short-term IR): "Russell has a process of four weeks he's got to get through, from two weeks now. He'll have a chance after those two weeks to practice with us. Then, after that, I think this is right, he'll have a chance to return. He's doing really well. We'll real encouraged he'll make it back at that time."

> Carroll said Derrick Coleman (hamstring) could be out 4-6 weeks.

> Golden Tate is sore from the game. He had a shoulder problem and a foot sprain. Carroll said Tate's foot is fine, but the shoulder is still bothering him. He didn't finish practice today.

> LB Bobby Wagner has made "great progress," according to Carroll. But, they need to wait and see what he can do on Thursday before having a better idea of his availability this week.

> Lastly, there's this:[HTML1]