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Harvin: 'The team is already rolling so I’m just looking to fit in'

Everything Percy Harvin had to say today:

(On how he’s feeling today…) “Today was an excellent day just to be back in the building around my guys. There’s been a lot of traveling back and forth to New York, but with the support of the organization, and I want to give a big thanks to Dr. Kelly in New York. It’s been a long ride, but it’s been all worth it. I’m just ready to get back to work with my guys and get back on the field.”

(On if he thought it was possible he can return this quick all along…) “At first I was listening to them thinking it could be a season ending or the six to eight months that they were thinking, but after I had prayed on it and after the surgery I was already picking my leg up the night after they did the surgery, and I was already riding a bike. So it was no doubt in my mind at that point that I could make a quick recovery, but we just wanted to be smart as we go. So we put a great plan in place and it’s been great so far.”

(On how his hip is feeling…) “It’s feeling great right now. I haven’t had any setbacks. I’m running pretty good, cutting pretty good, I’m doing all of the things I was doing previously so it’s just getting the grind, getting the practices in, and getting back in the meetings and all of those things and I’ll be ready to go.”

(On if he has a goal on when he wants to play…) “It’s all day to day. I want to play as soon as possible, but we all want to be smart in this thing so we put a plan together and we’re just going to take it day by day and see how it feels.”

(On how do you pace yourself when you want it as bad as you do…) “It’s hard. Just working out when we first started and doing things 50 percent and 60 percent was very difficult for me. I know one pace and that’s full stride. It’s been tough, but I know that at the same time I have to take progressions to not have any setbacks and hurt the team any further.”

(On how he feels with the playbook and the offense…) ‘I feel very comfortable. Of course I was with Coach Bevell in Minnesota. The verbiage has changed a little bit, but the concept of what he’s trying to get done has been the same. I’ve been able to plug in some things and I was doing a lot of film study away from the game. I was in the building a lot while they were practicing, weight lifting, and meeting and doing those types of things. So I still feel confident in the offense.”

(On how did the injury affect you what kinds of problems did the injury cause on you…) “Well I had a bone that was blocking me from getting my full range of motion. Just like any labrum in your shoulder there was just a lot of pain, certain movements would hurt real bad, and it just got to the point where it was getting real tough to pick up my leg. I just had to get it done, I’m glad I got it done, I was confident in the surgery so we all put our heads together and all of us at the end of the surgery felt real confident that we went ahead and got it done.”

(On if it was affecting him with everyday things such as walking around…) “Yeah it was bothering me sleeping, running, just relaxing; it was getting real tough so we knew we had to get something done. It just came at a funny time, but it all worked out.”

(On if this was something that was reoccurring or if it just popped up…) “I have no idea. Looking at it they said it could’ve been wear and tear, but it’s 100 things that they say it could’ve been, but we do know that is something that needed to be cleaned up so we got it done, and now we’re moving forward.”

(On if it was a hard decision to have the surgery or was it cut and dry…) “It was cut and dry, but it was just tough for me just coming to a new team. I didn’t know how everybody would perceive it so it was real tough for me to deal with. I really didn’t want to have it, but I knew it was something I needed to get done. It was really tough just being away from the team and being new to the team. They gave me great support and I was able to get through it.”

(On what does he feels he needs to do to be able to play…) “For me it’s just conditioning and just getting back out here getting the reps with the guys. I’m familiar with the offense, my condition is pretty good, and weight lifting and everything is good. So just getting the repetition and being back out there with the guys and just getting back in the flow.”

(On how similar is his role going to be hear as it was in Minnesota…) “It should be a lot similar. Especially dating back to my first two years when Coach Bevell was the offensive coordinator with the Vikings. I expect it to be a lot similar, so I don’t expect pretty much anything to change.”

(On how badly does he want to get back on the field…) “I can’t describe it honestly. It’s been a long ride. I haven’t played football since week seven of last season, and just dealing with the trades, dealing with the injury that ended the season, and then coming here and having another injury. So it’s been tough man, I have a lot of things built up in me that I’m just ready to unleash on the field. I’m going to take my time with it, but when it’s time to explode I will.’

(On if it’s nice to be coming onto a team that is doing so well right now…) “It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. The team is already rolling so I’m just looking to fit in where I fit in and not try to do too much. They’re just going to plug me in and we’re going to keep rolling.”

(On if it’s hard to watch this offense knowing what he can do…) “I wouldn’t say hard. I think the hardest part is just enjoying being out there with the guys. I don’t look at it as saying I can do it better than anybody. I love playing with those guys since I was here in OTAs. We all enjoy going out there and not knowing whose going to get the ball, but just using everybody out there and letting Russell Wilson take the pick.”

(On how is his timing and chemistry with Russell Wilson…) “It felt fine. Russell and I have been working throughout the weekend and we’ve been passing for a while now so our chemistry is fine. It’s just me getting back with the team, getting my conditioning back to full strength and just getting the repetitions.”