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Carroll on Harvin: 'He’s got to get through normal days of practice and we’ll see how he handles it'

Here's everything Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On Robinson’s performance at practice today…) “Mike Rob (Michael Robinson) looked really good. Did a nice job today.”

(On Harvin’s performance at practice today…) “Well Percy [Harvin] got started today. Limited involvement in practice today, but he got out there running around. He looked good. He looks quick and ready to take the next step, which is the next time we come back on Thursday. We’re going to do it one day at a time.”

(On the Coach Carroll’s thoughts of the Seahawks’ performance at practice today…) “Really, the way the week worked out last week, we took it easy on the fellas to get to that game and they handled it really well and they came out of the game well; in good shape. So they report back after some extra days off really strong and ready to take on this week. So kind of pleased the way that’s gone. We’ve handled it well and got a good win and so now we will get ready for Monday night.”

(On Percy Harvin playing on Monday…) “Like I’m saying, we’re going to go one day at a time. This will be one of those things that I’ll probably say the same thing every time you ask me. So you can keep asking me if you want.”

(On Derrick Coleman’s prognosis…) “He’s got a hamstring that we don’t know how long it’s going to take. It could be anywhere from four-to-six weeks. Although, he’s thinking that he’s going to get back way sooner than that. So we’ll find out. He’s had some history of really quick healing and we will see if we can pull it off again.”

(On if re-signing Michael Robinson has always been a thought…) “Yeah. We told Mike [Michael Robinson] when he left, that we had that in mind going into the season. We’d see how we progressed and fortunately, we have a chance to get a guy back that we really think a lot of and he’s done a lot of good things for us and he gives us a chance to have continuity right off the bat. So we’re very fortunate.”

(On what Harvin would have to do to convince Coach Carroll that he’s ready to play…) “He’s got to get through normal days of practice and we’ll see how he handles it. With the thought we’ve been going with all along is to take the conservative approach and make sure our guys are healthy and so we’re going to continue to do that. We’ve waited this long to get him here; to this point. So we’ll just continue to take our time and see how he goes. The workload will increase, as we go through the week and next week and all that and we’ll just see what happens.”

(On Coach Carroll having to see Robinson being healthy to play…) “Well he had an extensive physical and all that and just make sure that he’s been working out all along and maintaining his conditioning. His weight is good and all that. So we’re pleased that he made it through today. We could see him running around a little bit and get going. He had a little extra sweat going today, for the first time. But, we’re counting on him playing for us this week.”

(On Coach Carroll envisioning more pass rushers this year in comparison to last year…) “Yeah. To come up with Michael Bennett, who’s been a factor already, and to get Cliff Avril to add to the group, that was something that we were hoping to do. The first time we told you this is the kind of picture that we would have, I think Tony [McDaniel] has added to that as well. He’s been a factor already. He had a great sack last week. So I think right now, we have six or seven sacks out of those new guys. That’s pretty darn good for this early in the year. That’s the kind of boost that we needed and like I’ve been saying, we continue type figure out the rotation with our guys; to get them in the right spots and all that. It’s a good problem to have and its very competitive and all that, which is great. But it is definitely what we were hoping to do and how far it takes us, we’ll see. We don’t know.”

(On the Seahawks’ competitiveness…) “They need to be grumbling a little bit about it. That comes along with this here. So I’m not worried about that one bit.”

(On the mood of the team…) “Well I think our mood has been pretty good all along. I don’t think it’s changed much.  Like I said, we’re really pleased that we made it. The adaptations we’ve made to the week’s preparation for Thursday, worked out beautifully for us. We were strong on game day and the guys felt good all the way throughout and I think to come back and have the extra days here,  just makes us feel that much more physically fit and hopefully we can build on that.  We don’t know how that’s going to work out. But, they feel great and they should. I told them that they should feel good about what’s going no and all that. They’ve been working really hard, we’re making progress, we have a long ways to go and a lot of challenges up ahead. But at this point, we’ve accomplished almost as much as we could have, with a lot of upsides. So everybody is pretty well encouraged around here.”

(On Tate’s health status…) “He’s a little sore from the game. He started practice and didn’t finish out there. His shoulder is still sore. His neck and shoulder area, where he got popped pretty good. So we’ll have to wait and see what that means. He couldn’t finish practice today.”

(On Tate’s foot being better…) “His foot is fine.”

(On Bobby Wagner getting the chance to practice this week…) “We’re going to wait and see on Thursday what he can do. He’s made great progress and just surprised the trainers. But again, we won’t know until we get to Thursday and see what happens after that.”(On Jeron Johnson’s hamstring…) “Yeah he’s still got that. Matter a fact, he has two. He’s not practicing yet.”

(On Russell Okung’s status…) “Well Russell [Okung] has got a process here of four weeks that he’s got to get through from, I think it’s two weeks now, and then he will have a chance after those two weeks to practice with us and then after that, which is still four weeks from now, he’ll have a chance to return. So he’s doing really well. He’s working out; he’s doing the rehab stuff that they can do. Can’t get out on the practice field for a bit yet but, we’re really encouraged that eh will make it back after that time. Still seems like it’s a really long time. But, we’ll be happy to get him back when we can get him.”

(On Okung being ready to practice in the next two weeks…) “I think that’s the case. I think that’s the case. I didn’t know what the status was when it first happened. If you can recall, I had no idea what it was called. The details had escaped me as well.”

(On Giacomini’s status…) “He’s in the process of recovering too. We don’t have a real clear timeline on that one. We had hoped that he would make it back a little sooner than it looks like right now. But as a big man, it’s taking him some time to get right. I can’t tell you. It’s going to take him a couple of weeks, after we get him on the practice field, before he’ll be able to play and he’s not ready for that yet.”

(On Malcolm Smith being more comfortable playing linebacker…) “I think he is a natural Will linebacker and he’s played that, like I aways say, forever with us and he really had a very good game last week. He played well for a couple of weeks now and it’s great to see that we have that kind of depth. They can step up and not just filling in, but really make plays and be a big contributor. It just makes us stronger depth-wise and the rotation should allow us to keep guys fresher. So it’s a real positive for us.”

(On a personal connection when he visited Robinson in the hospital…) “Well I think it’s always a personal thing around here. We care about these guys tremendously and particularly when he had an unusual circumstance and I was worried about him. He didn’t know what was going on and we didn’t have the answers at the time. I’d like to think that we take a personal interest in all of our guys. These guys give us so much and we try to give back, as much as we can and make that connection real. Mike Rob [Michael Robinson] has done a lot of great stuff for us and he’s been here form the beginning and been a fantastic contributor. So when he went down, we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We were concerned. At the time, we had to make the move that we make. But with the thought in mind the long ways thought that we would get him back and he would contribute to this season. I think we made a connection that lasted a long time and I do care about what goes on with these guys, particularly Mike’s [Michael Robinson] was unusual and we worried about him.  So that’s all that happened there.”

(On Harvin giving the Seahawks a psychological boost when practicing with the Seahawks…) “Well I don’t know that. It might give us a boost on the football field. It’s been a long haul for Percy [Harvin] to get back. A kid that loves to play and a great competitor. I think more than anyone we’re happy for him. I don’t think it’s the inspirational boost we’ve been waiting for. Whenever our guys get back out, it’s great and when they’ve overcome surgeries and rehabs and all of that stuff and all those dreams are kind of squashed and put on hold, we feel for those guys. So I think we’re more than anything, we would be happy when he can get back out and play the game that he loves and we’ll see how that fits in when it happens. Remember I said a long time ago about this, we weren’t expecting him to come in and change our football team. We were hoping that he could come in and contribute and help us and that’s all that he wants to do. He wants to help us get better and try to win the games and that’s what we’re counting on too. It would be wonderful to have him out there. He’s a great player and he loves the game so much. To get that back, will be fun to see and everybody will be grateful when that happens.”

(On how well Coach Carroll knew of Bum Phillips and Don James…) “I did not know either one of the guys well. Bum [Phillips] way back in the day, he was a hero. He was a hero because of the way he took the game and the mindset that he brought to his football teams’ was unique. He had fun and loved it and enjoyed the heck out of it. You just knew that he loved being a ball coach and it was conveyed in his way he handled his teams and the way his players responded to him and all that. Coach [Don] James, particularly in this area, he’s a big hero. He was tough and demanding and really stood for something that was really obvious. He had a legacy and the success here that was really… I think it was probably unprecedented for the university. I don’t know the big history of the school but, it seemed like it and I know that the people around the area are going to really rally for this celebration too and deservingly so. So it’s tough time for coaches and coaches’ families right now.”