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News, notes and quotes: Harvin, wait for it, is day-to-day

Just finished up with Pete Carroll. Here are some highlights:

> Carroll said the "guys feel really strong" after getting a break following the Thursday night game.

> Carroll reiterated that Percy Harvin is still day-to-day and said they probably won't have an answer on his availability until Monday. "We'll keep saying it because that's really the truth," Carroll said. "It's day-to-day, almost drill-todrill kind of situation to see if we are managing him properly to try and bring him back. It would be great to see him play this weekend, but that's not part of what we're counting on."

> LB Bobby Wagner went through the walk-through this morning and Carroll said he is, "way ahead of schedule." Not sure about a timeline for his return.

> Carroll said he, as always, is concerned about Russell Wilson taking hits. "He's been getting clocked every now and then. We don't ever want him to get hit."

> Carroll want on to explain that they continue to work with Wilson about when to keep plays alive and when to take an incompletion or short gain in order to not get blasted.

> Carroll said the Rams have an aggressive, attacking front four on defense that the Seahawks will need to pay attention.

> Golden Tate went through walkthrough this morning and felt better. Had a chance to chat with Tate and he said he's feeling better. He expects to be 100 percent by game day. Tate also said he hurt his neck and shoulder on separate plays. The neck on an incompletion into the end zone and his shoulder at the end of his 32-yard catch. He laughed when asked if he had any problems from diving into the end zone at the end of his punt return for a touchdown that was called back because of an illegal block. "I'd feel pretty silly if I hurt myself doing that," Tate said.

> Carroll also said the Wilson is as much a "risk-taker" as anyone in the league. At times, that's going to lead to problems. Other times, it's going to produce the spectacular (those last words are mine, not Carroll's).

> Tickets for Monday's game between the Seahawks and Rams are going for as low as $7.95 on StubHub today, and a truckload are still available. Carroll said whether the stadium is full and raucous or half-empty, "We can't allow the environment to be a factor."

> Carroll joked that he named TE Zach Miller a captain for the Arizona game (Miller is from Tempe) and that he played so well, he may have to make a captain every week.

> Carroll said DT Brandon Mebane has been "rock solid" to start the season.

> Though the pass rush has been progressively more effective, Carroll said they are "still just trying to get going."

> WR Sidney Rice was asked about the Seahawks being better on the road this year. "We sucked at that last year," Rice said. "We didn't handle it right. I felt like we prepared well, but we didn't pay attention to the details of things that it's going to take to win on the road. I feel like everybody was tired of it, people saying we couldn't win on the road and sort of go out there and prove it."

> On Harvin, Rice, who played with Harvin in 2009-10 in Minnesota, said Harvin provides "electricity. He's been a big-play guy. Takes the top off the defense. It's hard to  cover a guy that's that explosive and fast in the slot.