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Carroll on Rams without Bradford: 'We don’t have any idea what they would do to adjust'

Here's most of what Pete Carroll had to say today:

(On if the World Series will work to the Seahawks’ advantage to winning the game against the Rams…)

(On if Coach Carroll would prepare to play against the Rams the same way if Bradford was playing…) “We don’t have any idea what they would do to adjust. They’re midstream in the season right now and they have a big commitment to their style of play and what they’re doing. I would think that it’s going to be very similar. Kellen [Clemons] has been around for a long time and he’s been with [Brian] Schottenheimer for a long time. So those guys… I’m sure that they’re not restricted, in terms of what the notebook brings him. We’ll find out what they do, in terms of changing style of throws or emphasis or whatever, at game time. We won’t know ahead of time.”

(On Smith having a fire lit with Irvin coming back…) “You know, I don’t know if that’s it. That’s a supposition that could be. I don’t know. I think he’s just been working really hard. He’s had a terrific camp and had a great offseason for us and all. I just think he’s very comfortable at the Will spot and the guys upfront are playing really well and gave him a chance to make a lot of plays and he was there for the opportunities. I don’t know if that was it. You’d have to ask him. I think it’s just the chance to play and feeling really comfortable with the position and he’s worked really hard to get to this point.”

(On Bobby Wagner…) “I don’t know that Bobby [Wagner]… I may have to wait... the walkthrough here this morning. So we’ll see how he is. We’re just going to take it one day at a time and find out how much he’s coming back. We’re already way ahead of schedule for the injury. So, we really don’t know how to handle that other than to just wait and see what happens to him.”

(On Russell Wilson getting hit in the pocket a concern for Coach Carroll…) “Sure it is. Yeah. Yeah he’s been hit pretty consistently, the last three-four weeks here and that’s why the ball has come out and it’s been unfortunate. It’s a huge emphasis for us to hang on to the football, but he’s getting clocked every now and then. So we’re working like crazy to keep that from happening. His awareness is growing and realizing that, ‘Okay. It’s happening.’ Kind of put the ball on the ground twice last week and lost it. So it is a big issue. Yeah. We don’t ever want him getting hit. Even when we’re running the football, we don’t want him getting hit. So we’re trying to avoid that. But, there’s a lot of factors in there. We have to do a better job and keep improving.”

(On if Robinson can help with the pass protection issue…) “Some. I think that Derrick [Coleman] did a fine job in protection. With Mike’s [Michael Robinson] experience, he might see something and pick something up and make a call that would help us on alert. We got to kick the rust off of him a little bit. But, there’s another person with that experience and maybe he can help us in a couple of snaps a game that might make a difference. He might come out of a route to chip somebody that might come clean. He might make a good decision there. We hope that will show up.”

(On managing ball protection with the ability to scramble…) “Well it’s an issue. Russell [Wilson] is a guy. He’s an escape artist. He can get out. He has to declare when t hats not available and right now, we’re looking for him to kind of recognize, ‘Okay. This isn’t that time,’ and that’s not easy to do because how do you know he’s going to make one of those miraculous escapes. Which, he’s done. He looks like he’s dead and gone and now, he’s out. So I understand that this is a little bit of an issue that kind of comes with the territory of utilizing his great talent and also expecting that we’re going to make some plays there and protecting the football. So it’s a little bit of an issue right now. Hopefully, we’ll manage this well and it won’t keep us from winning a football game.”

(On the Rams’ pass rush…) “They’ve got a nice rush. They really do. [Chris] Long is good, [Robert] Quinn is good, [Michael] Brockers and the big guys that they put in there. They’ve got a nice group to mix with you and they pressure enough to keep you off balance. So they’re a very aggressive, attacking front, and that’s something that we have to deal with that we’re concerned about. There’s no question that they can make some days hard on a team and we don’t want that to happen to us.

(On if there’s a chance that Harvin can play Monday…) “Nothing is realistic right now, but getting to the next day. We’ll just go one day at a time and we’ll keep saying it because that’s really the truth. It’s a day-to-day, almost a drill-to-drill kind of situation to see if we’re managing him properly; to bring him back. It would be great to see him play this weekend, but that’s not part of what we’re counting. We just want to see what happens today and see if he can get through it and go to him tomorrow and find out and take in the information; try and make a really good decision. So I don’t know what’s realistic or not right now. I can’t tell you. I won’t know really until Monday I would think. Unless, we learn something earlier.”

(On Golden Tate…) “Golden [Tate] went through the walkthrough. Looked pretty good today. Looks like he’s going to be okay.”

(On what Harvin is expected to do in practice…) “We’ll be talking about that after the walkthrough. It just ended. So I can’t even tell you that because we’re not updated on that yet.”

(On if Coach Carroll is ok with Russell Wilson taking risks…) “Absolutely. Absolutely that comes with it. Absolutely, I understand that and if we were going to go conservative, he would take a knee back there if he felt some pressure. He’s not doing that. So he’s a great decision maker, he’s got a tremendous conscience, he knows what we’re trying to protect, and we just have to work together. They’re may be a time where he goes down and he thinks, ‘I need to get out of this situation and go down,’ and he may have had the opportunity to escape. We’re just going to take it and really it’s because we trust him. He’s a fantastic competitor, he gets it, he knows what we’re after and what we want and so that means that there is some risk involved and I think that he’s as much of a risk taker out there than anybody playing the game. But I think that he can manage that risk really well.”

(On Kris Richard…) “Well Kris [Richards] is a really bright guy and was always a really smart football player and those guys show up and they can talk the game and they have good insights and you can tell they stand out from the normal guys. He was very obviously that. Really realty bright guy, was inquisitive, and had a good motor, in terms of his work ethic and all that kind of stuff, and also had a lot of confidence too, in himself. So all of those things made him a really good prospect to be a good football coach. So it’s really fun for me because… and these guys that have played for us, we’ve raise them up as DB coaches and I take a lot of pride in that and Kris [Richards] is doing an incredible job. I mean he’s coaching one of the best groups around and he’s shown that he relates to them really well, he’s very demanding, and he’s at the cutting-edge of what’s going on. So I think that he’s done a fantastic job. He’s only been coaching a few years. So, it’s a remarkable ascent.”

(On how Browner has responded to first half against the Titans…) “Well yeah. He’s done really well. He had a very good game last week. That was a really cool game for BB [Brandon Browner]. He made some big plays, made a big tackle, knocked the ball around, pick, forced a pick, he had a tremendous football game last week. I think we all were excited for him because he had a little bit of a rough spot there, a couple of weeks, ago and he bounced right back in that game, which shows his medal and all. But to come back the next week and play that effectively was really cool to see it happen.”

(On the challenge of approaching the hostile St. Louis crowd…) “Well it’s indoors and all if they get riled at all, it doesn’t matter how many people are there. It gets really loud and all of the indoor arenas are tough, in that regard. To us, it doesn’t matter. The roof may be getting blown off or maybe it isn’t. We’re not going to change anything that we’re doing, it’s not going to affect how we approach anything, it won’t have anything to do with our conversation. Our communication system is ready for whatever and we’ll deal with whatever we have. I don’t know what they expect. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but last week, in Arizona, our Seattle fans were obvious and that was incredibly a factor for us to have just fun at the game and in pregame, they were going crazy and all that,. I don’t know if we’re going to get somewhat of that kind of following again, but I would think that there might be some availability in case somebody may be interested, late in the week. We’d love to see them show. Honestly, the point of this is we can’t allow the environment to be the factor. It takes tremendous discipline on our part and focus and understanding of what those elements that can be involved in the game so that we can put them in a place, where they properly fit, which is no factor. So it doesn’t matter whether we’re home or on the road or whatever the magnitude of the crowd is at the game or whatever, we want to play the same every chance we go and that takes tremendous discipline and not everybody can do it and we’re seeing if we could pull that off and pull it together, week after week.”

(On how to take pressure off of Russell Wilson with the play calling…) “We’re trying. We’re trying to do that every snap, every game, yeah we’re trying to do that. So what you’re saying is that you think that we’re really predictable and you can count on what we’re doing? Hopefully that’s not happening to us.”

(On the improvements that the Seahawks has made playing on road…) “We weren’t playing very well, and when you don’t play very well you get your butt kicked. That’s happened in the first year. There were some bad games, even to the first half of the second year I guess. It’s really just getting your football in order. It’s where you don’t make the mistakes that get magnified on the road when a team gets crazy and wild and all of that. It takes time to get to the understandings that we’re talking about, and it takes time to have the discipline. It wouldn’t be called discipline if you could just all of a sudden have it. It takes time to get your structure right, to get your language in order, to get your mentality right so that guys can see it happening, and then they can build on that and they can believe and the resolve becomes strong enough where now we really see consistency. We’re getting there, and I’m really proud of the way we have been on the road. The last three weeks on the road we’ve been on it right from the very start of the game, and it didn’t matter where it was. Just like we were talking about we were right. Even though you might not see that, you can feel it on a football team, and so we can handle whatever. We can handle the good start, the bad start and still keep functioning. That takes time to get to that, but it’s really important because you need these wins as you go out on the road. I think we have been on the road five of the first eight games, that’s just as hard as it gets. I can’t imagine someone going 6-2 in the first eight games, I’m not sure if that happens in the league. That’s as demanding as it can get and so hopefully we can take these lessons that will really allow us to finish in the second half well.”

(On if playing on the road is a learned skill…) “No I’ve never been around anywhere that just all of a sudden just did it, it takes time. We had the big stretches in LA down there where it didn’t matter where we went. Tremendous arenas from Ohio State to Auburn to Fedex to Nebraska where they have incredible fan bases and we’ve played well in all of those settings, and in all of the bowl games too. I really felt like we were really clear on how to deal with it. We’re trying to get there now and trying to understand. We’re definitely on track, our guys are on it, and we’re much deeper into the understanding here than we ever were in a college game. Those guys were just kind of doing what we told them. These guys are way more into it. If we can own that we can show that we can be really consistent for a good while.”

(On how much of a benefit was it to get Zach Miller back…) “I think it was really obvious. I think Zach had a fantastic game for us, I’m hoping it wasn’t because we played in Arizona, and we named him captain for the week too so maybe it was all of that I may have to do it again, but I like to think that Zach is just on it. He’s a tremendous football player, he’s the kind of guy you can just count on every single time you go out whether it’s blocking, catching, or running, the whole thing. Really last year he really got hot at the end of the year where he was really making key plays and coming through with some spectacular plays. As soon as we give him the chances he’s there. He’s a big factor for us, it’s kind of what we’ve come to count on from the guy, and we’re going to expect him to continue to do that. Even if I have to name him captain every week, I’ll do it.”

(On Breno Giacomini…) “The word was starting this week that he’s starting to make a good turn. It’s taking him a while to get going; he had some fluid on his knee after the surgery that they had to get out of there. Once they got it out of there he had a week or so to get away from that and he’s really made a good turn. That doesn’t tell us that he’s going to be back next week. We don’t know that yet because we have to keep making progress, but he’s finally turning the corner. We’ll hope as soon as possible we’ll love to get him back out there.”

(On Brandon Mebane…) “Brandon is having a rock solid start to this season. He’s been on it. He’s been consistent as can be in the running game, he’s had enough factors in the pass, and he’s had a couple of sacks going already. It’s such a steady factor that maybe we don’t point it out, but he’s played great football. The inside of our defense is really solid against the run, and the things that we’re asking him to do, he’s the pillar of all of that. He’s doing great.”

(On if Coach Carroll is looking ahead to playoff tie breaking…) “No. Every game is a championship game for us. we don’t know which one is going to factor, and which one is going to make a difference at the end. If we would’ve won that game right there everything else would’ve been different. So again it goes back to our focus and discipline to stay in connection with what that takes to consider each game like that. Those things all take care of themselves. That has nothing to do with anything.”

(On the Seahawks’ pass rush…) “We’re really excited about what happened last week. We did some things better last week in our pass rush. Just today Dan Quinn and I took a little bit of time in between stuff to just focus what’s happening with our four man rushes in third down situations. We got better last week. We could point out the areas where we improved in some stuff. We’re really still just kind of getting going. I think we’re scratching the surface on where this can go, and we just need more input to get everybody in the right spots more accurately and at a higher percentage to get the effectiveness out of the guys. We’re learning, and I don’t know if we could continue to keep up with last week. We had seven sacks last week. That’s a big day, but there are reasons why and we’re getting close to maxing our guys out. Hopefully we’ll figure it out pretty soon. We’re trying.”

(On the four-man rush on 3rd downs…) “Really it’s getting guys in spots where they can best utilize their talents. And also take advantage of the scheme. We have to read how they’re going to protect against us, and situate guys so that the matchups come out right. It’s kind of like a batting average, you get a great rush on this opportunity and how many times can they take advantage of the protection, the scheme that we’re throwing at them, and also maybe the mistakes that a guy makes. We’re trying to take advantage of all of that. There are a lot of variables in there, it’s not quite as easy as lets go get them.”