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News, notes and quotes Friday: Sherman not worried about Monday attendance

A few highlights from out chats with Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson today:

> Wilson says his weight is about 210 pounds and he works on his legs a lot. Prior to the season, he said he wanted to get to about 215. Despite all the running and escaping he does, not to mention some hits he's taken of late, Wilson says the physical fatigue isn't a concern. "I never really get tired out there," Wilson said. He said the fight for him is with mental fatigue.

> Wilson said he plays with a "never-say-die attitude" and that he's still learning the balance between maintaining the but being safe with the ball.

> Wilson said he went back through his notes for early road games last season and that something important always seemed to happen between plays 25-40 (essentially the second and third quarter). He was determined to be better during that period of the game and brought it up to Pete Carroll.

> Wilson said WR Percy Harvin brings the "fear factor" and that he already feels very comfortable with him.

> Wilson also said he and TE Zach Miller "are locked in together."

> Asked if he dreamed about playing in the World Series or Super Bowl when he was younger, Wilson said both. He also said that he's good friends with the St. Louis Cardinals' Matt Holiday. that's because Holliday's father, Tom, was the associated head coach of the NC State baseball team when Wilson played there.

> Sherman said he thinks that Earl Thomas is playing his "best ball" of his career, in part because "I think a lot of people pissed him off last year, said he missed some open field tackles. The last thing you want to do is tell Earl something that he didn't do."

> Sherman said "there's a lot of room to get better" on defense.

> With the Seahawks game being opposite Game 5 of the World Series in St. Louis, the crowd is expected to be small. Sherman said it's not a factor. "We have a great time in practice every and nobody is there."

> As a defense each game, Sherman said they expect to create turnovers, hold opponents to 10 points or less and, as a secondary, limit passing yards to to less than 100.

And this, from Brian McIntyre on Twitter: