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Sherman: 'I think we played great on the road last year'

Here's much of what Richard Sherman had to say Friday:

(On if he has watched film on Kellen Clemens…) “Well we have film on him from the preseason; we have some film from his years prior to coming to St. Louis. He’s a good quarterback, he makes good decisions, he puts some zip on the ball, and he throws the deep ball well. We’ve been preparing for him just as we would prepare for Sam Bradford. Unfortunately he went out, but we’ve been preparing the same just getting all of our keys and everything we need.”

(On what stands out from the Rams' receiving corps…) “Well they have a lot of speed. They have a lot of speed at the receiver spot, they do a great job at the line of scrimmage, they take shots with them, and they do a lot of inside stuff. a lot of stuff that they used to do with Danny Amendola they do with Tavon Austin. It’s similar to what they’ve been running over the years; they just have different guys running the routes.”

(On Earl Thomas…) “Earl is playing outstanding man. He’s playing his best ball that I’ve seen him play since I’ve been here. He’s playing discipline, he’s playing sound, he’s playing aggressive, he’s making every play that’s there, and he’s not missing any open field tackles. I think a lot of people pissed him off last year saying that he missed some open field tackles, and the last thing that you want to do is tell Earl something that he didn’t do or that he can’t do. They got him going and now he’s making every freaking tackle. He’s aggressive, he’s punching the ball out, and he’s making every play that is out there.”

(On noticing a drop off in the quarterback turnover…) “Not really. We don’t pay attention to that. We keep track of the teams that we’re playing against and the guys in front of us, and the things that we have to deal with. We don’t worry about quarterback turnover, or who’s playing for this team, or who’s playing for that team. We can only deal with the guys that we’re playing on a weekly basis, and this week we have Kellen Clemons so that’s the guy that we’re focusing on.”

(On improvements to the Seattle defense…) “There is a lot of room to get better. We have by no means reached our ceiling or even got close. I think the defensive line feels like they can get more plays, they left a few plays out there. The linebackers have some things that they can clean up, and obviously us in the backend feel like we have a lot of things that we can clean up. We feel like we’ve giving up too many explosives, we need to limit the explosive plays more and we need to play tighter defense.”

(On the Rams contacting Brett Favre to start…) “That would have been great, that would have been great. It would have been great playing against a Hall of Fame quarterback. Somebody who is as accomplished as Brett Favre is. Being his first game back, it would have been fun to welcome him, but we don’t get to do that, but it would have been a great honor to tell you the truth.”

(On if it would be hard to play with the low fan attendance at the rams' stadium…) “Not really. We have a great time at practice every day and nobody is there. I think we’ll be fine whether the stadium is filled to capacity or whether it’s empty we’ll be good. We create our own energy, we do a great job feeding off of one another, and if one of the guys makes a play we’re amped up. If one of the defensive lineman makes a sack and does their sack dance, I don’t think things like that are going to change.”

(On the main reason why the Seahawks play well on the road…) “To tell you the truth I think we played great on the road last year. I think we just didn’t catch the breaks that we needed to win. The first game of the season our offense was at the four yard line with a chance to win down by four. Every game we were in we lost by three or four. I think in the Rams game we didn’t give up a touchdown on defense, they won on a couple of long field goals. So every game we played last year we were in. so we never felt like we actually had a problem on the road. I think that was more of something created in the outside world. We always were confident in our abilities and we just continue to be that way.”

(On Brandon Browner paying fines…) “Yes. He’s back to where he should be. He’s playing good ball and hopefully he’s going to pick his knees up if he gets another chance at it. There were snipers in the stadium. Nobody saw it, but there was a sniper.”

(On expectations of the defense…) “Turnovers. To get turnovers, to keep them to 10 points or less as, as a secondary we want to try to hold them under 100 or 150 yards passing. We want to do our part to limit explosive plays and make an impact on the game.”