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Russell Wilson on St. Louis: 'Their front seven is unbelievable'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say today:

(On generating a positive energy to play against the Rams...) “Well I think for this game, it’s an NFC West game. That creates enough energy in itself and the fact that the St. Louis Rams, it’s a team that we struggled with last year. A team that does a lot of great things, they’re coached extremely well, they got a lot of great players from the offensive side of the ball to special teams, and then especially their defense. When you look at their defense, their defensive front, their front seven, is unbelievable. They make a lot of plays, they can do a lot of great things and then their secondary is young, but still, is very very talented. So you know, it’s one of those things that we’re going into this game and we know it’s a championship game for us. That’s our mindset every week. NFC West game and our goal is to go 1 and 0.”

(On if there is a balance between extending plays and ball security...) “I think in terms of the escape-ability factor, its good thing. It’s a positive thing and in terms of trusting the pocket. Just always trusting my guys and they are doing a great job so far. When you think about the guys that have stepped up, in terms of Paul McQuistan moving to tackle and [Michael] Bowie playing right tackle. A rookie, who has done an unbelievable job for us. So for me, I think the biggest thing for me is just hold onto the ball. Sometimes, you got to sacrifice yourself and just get down and other times, you just got to continue to step up. I’m always looking down field, I’m always trying to find guys down field. So it’s one of those things that it’s a happy medium you know? So the biggest thing is just continue to try to deliver for our football team in big situations and then third down, try to be great and in red zone, be great too as well, and in terms of just eliminating any turnovers possible. I think that’s the biggest thing for us. We have a great football team. If we stay on schedule, we’ll do the things that we need to do to win.”

(On the Zach Miller play being an example of extending plays...) “Yeah you know it’s one of those things that I kind of have that ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. But at the same time, you have to be smart with the situations too as well. So you know, I’m still learning, I’m still figuring things out, you’re still growing with it, and Zach Miller made an unbelievable play. Obviously, coming across the field and getting open for me and me being able to pitch that ball to him right there, for a big first down.”

(On the difficulty of maintaining the never say die type attitude...) “In terms of having that ‘never say die’ attitude, that’s the thing that helps our football team; that competitive nature. But at the same time, the competitive side too is the smart side of the competitive side is to say, ‘Aw maybe this isn’t the time,’ and just knowing the time and place. There’s a time and place for everything. So I think the biggest thing for us is to continue to stay on schedule, do whatever it takes to help our football team get the first downs, move the chains, get touchdowns, put touchdowns on the board, and trust our defense to make big time plays for us.”

(On Wilson reaching his goal of weighing in at 215Lbs...) “Yeah I’m probably about 210 (Lbs.) right now or so. So it’s one of those things that I work on my legs a lot, with Coach [Chris] Carlisle, our strength coach, and the rest of the strength coaches. So I think that’s a big part of my guy obviously is being strong in the pocket. Even though I’m a shorter guy, just making sure that I’m ready to take those hits and be able to step up and stay in the pocket when I need to and deliver a big time throw, when we need it and still get hit and still be able to get up the next play. So I think the biggest thing for us is just staying on schedule and continue to move the chains, like I said earlier. The big thing for me is making sure that my conditioning levels is always up, in terms of if I do run and that way, my mind never gets fatigued too as well. I think that’s the big part of me. I never really get tired out there. It’s more of a mental thing for me than anything.”

(On the Rams' defense this year being similar to Rams' defense last year...) “Yeah like I said, their defense is really really good. I mean they got tons of guys. You think about their defense, they got so many first rounders, just across the board just in general. So it’s going to be a challenge for us. Our biggest thing is, like I keep saying, staying on schedule, making sure that we have great attention to detail, and doing the things that we need to do to be successful, come Monday night. And, I think having great poise. It’s going to be some ups and downs throughout the game, especially when you play on the road, especially when it’s a NFC West game, especially when it’s a very very good defense, and the St. Louis Rams. So we’ll probably face some adversity, but the key is getting through the adversity and continue to move on and play one play at a time.”

(On the impact of Zach Miller...) “Zach Miller is as good as it gets. He’s so consistent, you know where he is going to be, you know that he’s going to make the catch when you need it. Having him back last week was huge for us and you think about the catch he makes in the back of the end zone, it’s a beautiful catch. The way he blocks, the way he moves his feet, the way the he just brings that leadership into the huddle, especially when I’m outside of the huddle and talking and listening and everything, he just keeps everyone together. Him and Max Unger do a great job with that. So just having those guys back and having Zach [Miller] back, in terms of the passing game but also, the run game is really important too.”

(On what the changes were to the Seahawks' performance on the road...) “I think the biggest thing that I noticed last year and after evaluating and taking that bye week and evaluating the start of the season and everything, I take tons of notes, as you guys know. But just kind of observing myself and going through, self-evaluating each game and just going through the emotions of each game. Just literally going through each play and kind of noting each play of what I was thinking, what I was feeling during that play. And it’s usually around play 25-to-40, where something in that game happens. Whether it’s good or bad, something happens and that’s kind of the ebb and flow of the game. That’s just natural because obviously when you come out of the game, we go into the beginning of the game, starts the first quarter. Everybody is ready to go. That type of thing. Or when the game is at the end of the game, it’s the fourth quarter; everybody is really focused because it’s the end of the game. But in between that second and third quarter is where you really have to be great I think too. So that’s something I noticed and something that I talked to Coach Carroll about and whatever it takes to make sure that (its) as a collective effort, as an entire football team, but also myself. Really be in tune with that situation.”

(On how much he needs to throw the ball to Harvin to gaining trust in him to catch the ball...) “In terms of Percy [Harvin], I feel very comfortable with him already. We talk the game all the time; he’s up here all the time just getting ready. So I think the biggest thing is just continuing to throw to him, continue to just do what it takes to have that chemistry. He’s a great football player. He’s one of the best in the National Football League and he brings an electricity to our offense when he is able to come and play. So I think the biggest thing is when we are able to have him out on the field, we’re excited about that opportunity and the great thing about it is we have so many other guys that have stepped up this season and we’re still doing really really well. You think about the guys... Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, they’ve been big time for us this season. And then obviously Sidney Rice and Golden Tate and so on. Just to be able to add Percy [Harvin] whenever that opportunity comes around, we’re excited about that.”

(On what excited him about Harvin playing...) “Just the fear factor. I think that Percy [Harvin] brings so much speed, he can don so many great things, and he just loves the game of football. You just got to love having guys out there that just love the game and all of our players do.”

(On noticing the Rams on film starting with a 4 man front...) “Yeah the Rams are doing a great job. They do so many different things, their coached so well, and they get a lot of pressure from their front four. Guys that I’ve played against in college and stuff like that and [Robert] Quinn at North Carolina and then Chris Long, I’ve known my whole life pretty much. So they bring a lot of pressure. They’re able to get to the quarterback and do a lot of great things. That’s our challenge for sure is slowing those guys down and what they can do. They bring a lot of speed and a lot of strength.”

(On feeling comfortable throwing to Zach Miller...) “Well Zach [Miller] and I are locked in together. It’s something that we’ve talked about all off season, all of the beginning of the season; he’s always in every single meeting. He’s right there, even when he wasn’t able to play during training camp and all that. So just having that relationship with Zach [Miller] is really big for us. Having a tight end that you know that is a go-to tight end, that can do a lot of things for you, is big for our offense and he does that. And Luke Willson, the guy who’s stepped up and made a lot of plays for us so far, as a rookie too, and he brings so much speed and so much ability and agility to the game, it’s tough on defenses. And then you have Kellen Davis, who made that big time touchdown for us last weekend who is definitely a presence for us. So our tight end position is really good right now.”

(On Michael Robinson's return...) “Having Michael Robinson back, my good old Richmond, Virginia teammate, he’s a great leader. Just having him with us, he’s one of a kind to be honest with you and he brings so much energy to our football team, so much experience too as well, and that toughness factor. Derrick Coleman did an unbelievable job for us. He still is. Just to have Michael Robinson back though is a huge thing for us.”

(On Earl Thomas...) “The way Earl [Thomas] is playing is expected to be honest with you. When you have a great player like that, when you have a guy that goes hundred percent every day that loves the game and studies and just separates himself by his preparation, you got to love it. Every day he prepares the right way and he’s locked in. Every time you see him in the locker room, every time you talk to him, every time Earl [Thomas] and I text or whatever it is, he’s so into it and that’s what you got to love about him. He’s the best for a reason. He’s going to be the best for a long time and you get excited about that. Having a guy on your team that loves the game so much, that’s exciting.”

(On if it’ll be odd for the Seahawks to play in a stadium with a low attendance...) “You know to me, in terms of how many people are in the stadium, obviously with the World Series going no and everything, it’s not a factor to us. Whether if its 75,000 people or just two people, our biggest thing is we got to play great football. It doesn’t matter, any time any place. That’s what we talk about all the time and so our biggest thing is bringing our A-game and it’s going to be a huge challenge for us and it’s going to be a great game, we’re excited about that opportunity, we’re excited to go back on the road again and play a very very good football team in our division.”

(On if he dreamed about playing in the Super Bowl or World Series...) “I dreamed about playing both. So this is like a perfect opportunity for me right now. To be able to play in this game and hopefully in it and then hop on over and finish the game hitting. So that’d be fun”

(On if he will watch the World Series...) “Probably doubtful. Funny story, I’m actually really good friends with Matt Holliday and their family. Matt Holliday is a really good friend of mine. We’ve gotten to know each other; we’ve exchanged jerseys last time. I have his Matt Holliday gray jersey hanging up on my wall. So I’m wishing him the best of luck. Till be fun to watch him play. Obviously, I probably won’t be able to go to the game because of meetings and everything. Getting ready for our game but, it’ll be an exciting game I’m sure.”

(On how he knows Matt Holliday...) “Matt Holliday’s dad, Tom Holliday, was my baseball coach at NC State. He was the assistant head coach there. So we have a really good relationship there. Talked to Matt [Holliday] quite often and talked to Coach Holliday a good amount too as well. As good as a person as it gets to be honest with you and he was a really good football player too. Played in Texas… a great quarterback. So just talking to him about sports, he loves it.”