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Sunday Primer: Seahawks defensive line rotation is looking fresh, bacon cupcakes and chalk talk

Good morning.

Still, the Seahawks are yet to play. But, we'll start with them before heading into an abbreviated version of our Sunday stuff.

I wrote about the Seahawks' defensive line rotation today. The percentage of snaps the Seahawks' line is playing is way down for most most of the guys.  For instance, Cliff Avril said he is accustomed to playing about 80 percent of the snaps. He played 49 percent of the snaps last Thursday and 58 percent in each of the two prior weeks.

"I think all of our snaps are down a lot this year," Avril said. "At the end of the game, we are still fresh. Playing 75, 80 snaps a game, toward the end, a 2-minute drive you’re blown. I think in the long haul, toward the end of the season, where you’ll have 1,000 snaps, you’ll have 500 and not be as beat up."

Avril was asked if the reduced time on the field was weird.

"Yeah, but I’m getting used to it," he said. "It’s a change for everybody on the D line. Once again, I understand why. We’re doing well, so what’s to complain about?"

For comparison, here are the snap counts for players officially listed as part of the defensive line among the top-five defenses, according to Football Outsiders' advanced metrics, from Week 7. Take this with a grain of salt since each scheme isn't the same, and there are deviations like Bruce Irvin being listed as a defensive end thanks to Pete Carroll's "we play 4-3 with 3-4 personnel" approach, but it still illustrates the point:

Seattle SeahawksBruce Irvin, DE (LB) 56 snaps, 75 percentMichael Bennett DE, 50 snaps, 67 percentClinton McDonald, DT 41, 55Tony McDaniel, DT 40, 53Cliff Avril, DE 37, 49Brandon Mebane, DT 34, 35Red Bryant, DE 32, 43Chris Clemons, DE 31, 41O’Brien Schofield, DE 9 12

Kansas City ChiefsD Poe, NT, 56, 100M Devito, DE 38, 68T Jackson, DE 32, 57A Bailey, DE 13, 23A Toribio, DE 1, 2

Carolina Panthers

New York JetsM Wilkerson, DE    75, 99S Richardson, DT    72, 95D Harrison, NT    15, 20L Douzable, DE    5, 7K Ellis, DT    1, 1

Tampa Bay Bucs

Both Carroll and DC Dan Quinn said the rotation was by design, not because they were able to pick up such capable rushers in the offseason. The Seahawks are fourth in the league in sacks after seven topplings of The Leaning Tower of Palmer last week. We'll see if this rotating is able to keep them fresh and injury-free until the end of the season.

In other Seahawks news, Percy Harvin will not play Monday. WR Golden Tate and LB Bobby Wagner should be good to go. Safety Jeron Johnson is still out because of a hamstring problem.

Wagner healed a high ankle sprain about two weeks ahead of schedule, according to Carroll.

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