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Pete Carroll postgame quotes

Here's some of what Pete Carroll had to say:

(On the game)

“We are very fortunate to get out of here.  I think everyone that watched that one knows that we are very fortunate.  The Rams played a great football game and did a lot of good stuff.  They ran the ball down our throat, the time of possession, they just did a fine job under the circumstances with a new quarterback and all, they did a great job.”

“We just couldn’t get going at all on offense. Fortunately our defense hung together in the end and gave us a chance to win the game.  I think if there was a positive on offense, it was that we didn’t turn the ball over for the first time this season in a game.  Had we done it one time, we would have loss.  It was absolutely part of holding this thing together when it was as tough of a night as it was.  There were a million problems in protection again. They rushed like crazy and we did a ton of stuff to try and offset it, but nothing really helped us.  It was a very difficult night to watch the Seahawks, but we are proud to get out of here with the win. This is what we came here to do.  This ends the first half of the season for us and we almost got them all.  Seven and one is as good as we could have done under the circumstances so that is a good finish for the first half for us.  Now that we are at the turn of the season we get to go home this week and we will play at home a little more than we will play on the road for the finish of the year, and hopefully that will be a real positive for us.  We have a lot of work to do in a short week coming up, and we just have to right some things and work like crazy to get it done.  So everyone will be dedicated to doing that.”

(More on Rams offense)

“That is as challenging a situation that a defense can get in.  They just kept hanging on.  We gave them an extra play down there and kept stopping them and stopping them.  (DT) Clinton McDonald did a great job of calling the defenses down there at inside the 5-yard line.  With a couple of those sequences down there he did a great job for us and gave us a chance to make the plays that we made. The guys came through.  A very difficult night, but a very happy win, but we have to go back to work.”

(On the last two plays of the game)

“They could do anything they wanted to do on that drive, it seemed.  We were a little bit behind the 8-ball on it.  We thought they were going to run the football.  On the last play of the game they could have done anything, we called something very aggressive to get the heat on the quarterback and it was a one-on-one deal for the guys across the board. It was a great job.”

(On if the win covers up concerns about pass protection)

“I don’t think so.  We have a long haul here, we are just at the half way point of the season.  These are the guys we are going with and we have to fix it.  We are trying.  We knew that these guys would be a difficult match up for us, so we tried to help them, but it just didn’t work out as well as we liked.  This was a very tough night on the quarterback.  I thought under the circumstances (QB) Russell Wilson did an excellent job once again.  He was pounded all night long.  To make the plays  he made and to keep the football and not give it up, you could see he was more aware of when he was getting hit and did a better job of wrapping the ball up and making sure he got to the ground.  That is an improvement for us, not a great positive, but an improvement.”

(On the touchdown celebration by WR Golden Tate)

“That has nothing to do with our football.  That is not the way we want to play, that is not the way we want to present who we are and all of that.  He at times has demonstrated like a young man, he is more mature now and he said something about it.  He is a playful, wonderful spirited guy who had too much fun at the wrong time.  That was not the right thing to do.  He knew it, he apologized to everyone and admitted that he screwed it up.  It still happened.  It kind of washes away a fantastic football play, by the quarterback and by him catching and running all that way.  It fired me up because the kick off team went out and recovered the kick off and you know it is coming off.  We don’t get many kickoff opportunities in this league anymore and that was one of the big crucial one and the guys totally rallied for it and kept them around the 20-yard line, which was an enormous play for us.”