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Russell Wilson postgame quotes

Here's some of what Russell Wilson had to say postgame:

(On the game)

“I’ve played in some close games before, obviously. To win that game in that fashion against a very good defense in the Rams … I mean when you think about what they were doing with (DE Robert) Quinn and (DE Chris) Long, I think we just found a way. (WR) Golden Tate came up with some big catches when we needed to. The ball was on the 2 yard line and he catches that touchdown, and he came up with the long distance one where he raced to the end zone, that’s a big touchdown and we needed those plays. Then you think about the defense. The defense just stepped up. It’s always going to be a team effort. I think to be a great team you have to stay in the moment. You have to stay in the situation and keep believing. The whole time the defense was out there on the last possession I completely believed they were going to stop them. I had no doubt in my mind.”

(On his touchdown pass to Golden Tate)

“On the long pass to Golden I rolled out to my right and was reading through my progressions. He was my last guy in my progressions. He just kept running deep and it was one on one. I gave him a chance and he went up and caught the football. He waved at the guy, which he didn’t necessarily need to do, but he was so in the moment. He made an unbelievable catch, you’ve got to give him credit for attacking the football. That’s what we need. I truly believe the Rams defense is one of the best defenses we face because of the front seven, how active they are, how quickly they can get to the quarterback, how they stop the running game, and we just found a way. Despite the situation … special teams came up big, defense came up really big for us. Not turning the ball over in those situations was huge for us.”

(On setbacks on the offense)

“The thing about the first three drives, we started off, got a couple good plays then had to bring it back with different penalties. We can’t have those penalties, especially when you’re playing on the road. So whatever it takes, and we were moving the ball and had to come back. We got a nice run, I threw a nice ball to (TE) Luke Wilson who made a nice catch on that and got a first down, then we had to come all the way back again. Then we had a sack … you just can’t do that against a very good football team. We’ll fix it. The great thing is we found a way to win. At the end of the day when you look at the record books, nobody really remembers the score. You’ve just got to find a way to come up with the Ws, and that was a huge one for us on the road. Once again, what, have we played on the road four or five times already? That’s a tough schedule and we found a way.”

(On fixing issues on the offensive line)

“I definitely believe we’re going to fix it. There’s no doubt in my mind we’re going to fix it. You’ve got to remember in terms of offensive line, we’ve got (RT) Michael Bowie, who’s a rookie going up against one of the best defensive ends in the game. Chris Long is very active, and then Paul McQuistan, who plays guard for us, was playing left tackle and just trying to step up and slow those guys down. Those two rushers are as good as it gets for the most part. You have to give that defense a lot of credit. They’re a very good defense, but at the same time you just move on. One game at a time you stay in the moment. You stay in that moment, stay in that game, stay in that situation, keep believing, keep playing. At the end of the day we just want to find a way to win no matter what the circumstances are.”

(On his ball security)

“It was definitely something I was conscious of. I think it was something I could’ve gotten better at in the first few games, just making sure I get down. Those guys obviously were bringing the pressure all night so the quarterback coach and I were talking about all week, ‘If it’s not there, sometimes you just have to surrender.’ That was a term we talked about, going down and just protecting the football. At the same time we still found a way to make some big plays when we needed to. We kept believing. I still give credit to the offensive line to keep battling, for what they did tonight against a very good defensive line. They just kept believing in themselves, and we’ll fix it. There’s issues that we can definitely fix. Go ‘hawks.”