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Postgame quotes from Tate, Thomas, Irvin and Sherman

More quotes from Seahawks players:

Seahawks WR Golden Tate

(On the team’s play)

“It’s tough to get wins in this league. No matter how we played, a win is a win.  They’re great to have. Offensively we’ve got to be better and protect (QB) Russell (Wilson) a little better. We’ve got to get open better. But a win is a win.“

(On his touchdown reception)

“They gave us a couple things to work on. We had a perfect play on, to put the safety in the box. Russ (bought) some time, he threw it as far as he could and I made a play. Then, after that I let my emotions get to me. I’ve got to represent this team a little better than that and act like I’ve been there before. My mistake. That very easily could’ve given them momentum. They had a great returner back there. He could’ve cracked that one open and gave them good field position, but thankfully, special teams came through big and shut him down.”

Seahawks FS Earl Thomas

(On the goal-line stand at the end of the game)

“It showed grit. Everybody focused in on the little details and when you prepare well, it might not go the way you want and envisioned, but at crunch time we are going to stand up. We have been in those situations in the past and it didn’t work out for us. It just felt good for us to finally get a win in a close situation like that, especially on the goal line. Shout out to the big guys up front, Heath (Farwell) with the big stop, and the DBs at the end with the all out blitz. I’d rather go down swinging if we all out blitz at the end. I’m just excited to get the win.”

(On why they succeeded this time when they have failed in similar situations before)

“We have been there before. The funny thing about it is we learned from the situation that we failed. Today we persevered. That’s the positive that we can take from this game. We didn’t do well in the running game, but we have to get better. It’s football, you are going to have these days but you also have to pull these wins out, so it’s good for the team.”

Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin

(On adjusting to his new linebacker position)

(On his interception)

“I aint going to lie, Earl (Thomas) helped me out. He called the route out before he ran it so I was kind of alerted. We were working on the play all week and they ran it and I stepped up and made a play.”

(On how much more comfortable he is at his new position now than when he started.)

“I’m much more comfortable. I have a great room, great coaches. These guys really help me out when I don’t understand something. It’s just all about getting the flow and repetition, I’m a repetition guy and I have to keep doing it for it to really become second nature. I have eight more games and hopefully the best is still to come.”

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman

(On the goal line stand at the end of the game)

“Man up, stand up. We were in cover zero, wanted to bring pressure on the quarterback, and we knew it would be up to us in the back end to cover man up and we did a good job. Brandon Browner made a great play on the ball and that’s how it happened. Good ball game.”

(On not playing their best game but still finding a way to win)“We can win ugly ball games. I think we have shown that a couple weeks in a row now, that we can win ugly. That’s what it’s about. I think championship teams are able to win the ugly games, where things aren’t going right, ball isn’t going their way, and they are still able to stand up when they need to, make stops when they need to, get turnovers when they need to, and score points when they need to.”

(On the play of the defense)“I think the defense as a whole played a lot of plays and we limited them to nine points, we didn’t let them get in the endzone, so I think we are pretty proud of our effort. I know we have things to clean up, the explosive plays and things that they got on their last drive, but I’m proud of our front seven, our linebackers and the Legion of Boom. We have to find a way to play better, but Earl (Thomas) made some big stops down there when we needed him and that’s how we play.”

(On the mindset of the defense at the end of the game)

“We believe. It’s a lot of faith in one another, a lot of trust in the defense. That’s what you have to have to win games like this. You have to have trust in your front four, your linebackers, the back end. Everybody has to be working hand in hand and that’s what we did. We bent a little bit but we never broke.”