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Morning links: Add eye shadow and blush to go with the lipstick on a pig

Good morning.

The Seahawks dash out of another road stadium using words like "fortunate" while the home team explains that they should have won, after Seattle played cover-0 on the final play, blitzed and had a pass fall incomplete on 4th-and-goal from the 1-yard line with time running out. Seattle 14, St. Louis 9.

Seattle is 7-1 at the midpoint of the season. It's the best start in franchise history. It just finished four road games in five weeks. It has four total road wins, one more than the regular season of 2012.

Yet ...

The opener at Carolina, well, you could reason that it was Week 1 on the road against a very good defense.

The comeback in Houston? Well, the Texans were possible Super Bowl material, or so many thought at the time, and the Seahawks played a very strong second half after a dismal first.

Monday night? Didn't carry the same feel.

The Rams dominated the ball. They ran 71 plays to Seattle's 40. They had the ball for 38:09 to Seattle's 21:51.

St. Louis running back Zac Stacy gouged the Seahawks for 134 yards on 26 carries.  That's one yard fewer than the Seahawks offense had all night.

"They ran it right down our throat," Pete Carroll said.

Asked if how he felt hearing his coach say that, Red Bryant was in agreement.

"It's the truth," Bryant said. "They did a hell of a job today. They controlled the line of scrimmage. They did all that and still came up with a loss."

A little defiance there from Bryant, but he's right. All of that, and yet the Seahawks, again, still won.

Some thoughts and quotes before the links:

> The offensive line was terrible. Russell Wilson had little edge protection from LT Paul McQuistan and right tackle Michael Bowie. JR Sweezy had problems at guard. Even Zach Miller whiffed on a protection. The Seahawks are in survival mode with the line until Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini make it back, assuming they both do.

“We have a long haul here, we are just at the half way point of the season," Carroll said. "These are the guys we are going with and we have to fix it. We are trying. We knew that these guys would be a difficult match up for us, so we tried to help them, but it just didn’t work out as well as we liked."

Carroll said the tried a "million" different ways to protect Wilson and none worked.

> Marshawn Lynch: eight carries, his fewest since Oct. 2, 2011. Lynch again was used as a decoy at the goal line. Twice, Wilson kept the ball for outside runs after faking the handoff to Lynch from the 1-yard line and was stuffed. On third-and-goal, Wilson completed a 2-yard pass to Golden Tate. Lynch sprinted off the field and sat on the cooler. He put a towel over his head. Several teammates came over to him, as well as Pete Carroll. Shortly after, Lynch was up and congratulated Wilson and Tate on the score.

He was also the first to hop over the bench and check on injured Sidney Rice when Rice was on the trainer's table.

Carroll was asked postgame what he thought of Lynch's body language the past two weeks after goal-to-go situations where he didn't get the ball and appeared visibly upset by it.

"I don't have any idea," Carroll said. "He's a competitor, he wants the ball, he wants to put the ball in the end zone, he wants to help us win. He got the ball eight times tonight. He didn't have a chance tonight. We couldn't get him the football.

"That's not enough for him to be a factor in the game and he was frustrated by that. I am, too. We were both frustrated. We were sitting on the sidelines together frustrated that we couldn't get him going in the game."

I had a conversation with one of the Seahawks' team leaders who told me they saw Lynch's upset communication with the sideline last Thursday when the call was for play-action at the goal line and again today. He said they had no problem with it (and laughed about the gesture during the Arizona game) because the team knows Lynch is not a selfish player. They pointed out Lynch runs as hard as possible and only wants the ball in those spots because he thinks he can score, which helps him shoulder a big load for the team while trying to help it win.

One other thing that should also be noted is Lynch's ongoing skilled blocking. He whacked Chris Long in particular on one play Monday night. Those aren't the actions of a selfish player.

> Golden Tate knows he screwed up with the 30 yards of showboating to the end zone. As Carroll pointed out, the most unfortunate part is that Tate's preening overshadowed an outstanding play, one that provided the winning score for an anemic Seahawks offense. Common phrases from Tate postgame: "lesson learned" and "act like you've been there before." He said it won't happen again.

> Carroll didn't have a prognosis on WR Sidney Rice who hurt his knee and head, which caused him to leave the game and not return.

> MLB Bobby Wagner was back on the field after missing the prior two weeks with a high ankle sprain.

> Two programming notes: Today is the trade deadline at 1 p.m. The E:60 on Lynch is on tonight.

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