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Bevell: 'I want Marshawn to want the ball'

Here's what offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell had to say:

(On how to move forward without Sidney Rice…)  “Well, you move forward like you always do. It’s really the next man up. We’re really fortunate we have guys who have been waiting in the wings and champing at the bit to have their chance and lo and behold, here it is. So we’re moving forward.”

(On how much better Ricardo Lockette will be now, after being where he’s been since he was here last…)  “Obviously, he’s been on the field and continued to practice and heard language and been able to make adjustments as far as his routes are concerned. But he’s also been back here for a couple weeks so he’s gotten back into our verbiage and our adjustments and our plays so it’ll be good to have him back out there. He’s got a chance to be a special player once we get him fully up to speed.”

(On what didn’t quite work with Lockette a year ago…)  “Well there’s a lot of different things. We loved his talent and didn’t want to let him out of here. We were trying to keep him and have him on the practice squad. That just didn’t work out. I mean, he’s a talented player, but he’s got to make sure he knows exactly what he’s doing all the time. I think that would be the biggest thing for him.”

(On how to balance keeping everybody happy with play calls and distributing the football and such after not giving Marshawn Lynch the football in goal line situations recently…)  “Fortunately, in the two situations you’re talking about, both times we scored. So we did accomplish the goal of getting the ball in the end zone. Obviously, you want your competitors to want the ball. And I talked to Marshawn about it and I want Marshawn to want the ball. I want Golden [Tate] to want the ball and Doug [Baldwin] to want the ball and all those guys. That’s how they should feel all the time. They should feel if we give it to them, they feel like that’s the best chance for us to be successful. That’s what great competitors do.”

(On his evaluation of the offense’s performance Monday vs. the Rams…)  “We didn’t perform up to our standards. We didn’t perform well enough, all the way from the top to the bottom. I’ve got to do a better job of putting us in better situations to be successful. We have to execute better. We have to protect better. We have to throw and catch better. There’s so many areas that we didn’t play up to our standards.”

(On if there’s one particular area that he regrets not doing or how they handled any particular situation…)  “No, I mean there’s no use in doing that, in going back and second guessing because you’re always going to make the right call when you second guess. The things that we called, the things that we put out there, we need to execute better, whether it was in protection, whether it was throwing and catching, whether it was reading – all those types of things. I do evaluate how I do and what types of situations we put them in, and like I said, from the top to bottom, we need to do better.”

(On how Rice being out affects Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin…)  “Well, obviously it means they’re on the field more. Both those guys have the ability to play Z and both of them also have the ability to play our slot. So you’ll see both guys in there quite often.”

(On Tampa Bay’s defense being better than their record indicates…)  “Yeah, without a doubt. This is a solid team and it’s really a nasty defense. It’s going to be another great challenge for us. They challenge you in a number of ways in the amount of pressure they bring. They bring pressure quite often and they have quite a few variations of how they like to bring the pressure. So that’s going to be the big question that we have to answer this week is being able to handle their pressure.”

(On Gerald McCoy bringing more pressure up the middle than they’ve seen lately…)  “Last week, obviously, we were real concerned about the two ends and that played out in the game. And McCoy inside is really a big emphasis this week. With where he is, it’s really the pressure that they bring and the extra guys that they add.”

(On how Russell Wilson did in protecting the ball and if he looked to scramble less vs. the Rams than in several games past…)  “I don’t think he scrambled less. I think you’ve got to give the Rams credit. They did a really nice job of trying to keep him in the pocket with some of the pressures that they brought. You saw, there were a couple times that he was able to escape and get outside, but they did a really nice job at keeping him in the pocket. The number one thing that we’ve been preaching is taking care of the football. Obviously, interceptions and turnovers, fumbles, those kinds of things have kind of plagued us the last few weeks. And he’s had a few fumbles in the pocket. So we talked about those plays where he’s in the pocket and it comes to a chance where there’s no chance anymore, we used the word  ‘surrender’, but surrender to protect the football so that we don’t give up a bigger play than is already happening for them. I think he did a good job of that. He protected the ball and we didn’t turn it over. He didn’t give up any play and say, ‘Okay, I can’t get out of the pocket,’ there was just no chance to get out of the pocket so he protected the football.”

(On the difficulty of getting the run game going vs. the Rams…)  “Yeah, it seemed like a game that we were really just out of sorts a lot of the time, whether it was in backed-up situations, then you end up having a nice play and there was a hold, then there was another nice play and there was another penalty on that play. It kind of continued. Every time we felt like we made some progress, then we knocked ourselves back. We just didn’t do a good job at staying on schedule. There were some crazy down and distances, crazy field positions. We just didn’t function very well in my mind.”

(On what he wants to see accomplished this week…) “Like I said, I just want to see us get back to playing ball like we’re capable of playing on offense. We have a high-powered offense. I know that we can put points on the board. We can put yards on the board. But it’s not about that. Obviously, the bottom line is win and we did that. All of our guys are champing at the bit to get the ball, to move the ball, they feel like our offense is much better than we put out there, and I agree with them. So that’s what we’re trying to do, we want to come out and play as well as we’re capable of playing and I think everyone would be happy with those results.”

(On Tate’s long touchdown…)  “Well it ended up being a good scheme for us and we thought we might get something out of the defense and we did, with the play that we had. It’s fortunate for us that we did because it ended up being probably the biggest play for us in the game to be able to make that play and keep us ahead and be able to put those points on the board. It’s just something that we saw against their defense that we thought we might get and we were fortunate to get the matchup call against the call.”

(On if teams are starting to emphasize trying to keep Russell Wilson in the pocket…)  “Well I think the biggest thing is their pressure—or the best part of their defense was the two ends and we had to manage the two ends – so those two guys really wreaked havoc on us and presented real problems for us. With the pressure that they were putting on the edge, he wasn’t able to get out. There was one particularly where he was able to roll out to the right, but their ends kind of boxed him in with the rush that they had, because those two guys really presented problems for our tackles. So I think that’s what kept him in the pocket.”