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Morning links: Sherman vs. Revis

With much public debate back and forth on Twitter and other social media during the offseason, Andy Benoit writing for The MMQB finally takes on the task of determining what player is the better cornerback, Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis.

And after digging through the evidence, Benoit arrived at this conclusion:

“In the end, comparing cornerbacks comes down to the old-fashioned eyeball test. As pure physical specimens, Revis looked better than Sherman, showing fluid change-of-direction for someone with his thick build. Sherman, though not stiff, took more time and had to cover more ground in transitioning in and out of his breaks. Sherman didn’t quite have the comfort with mirror technique to consistently dominate without his hands. There was also a firm, subtle strength behind Revis’s physicality. He didn’t have to exert himself; the strength was just naturally there when he needed it. Sherman was very deliberate in his physicality. We’ll know in time whether the 28-year-old Revis can be the same player coming off ACL surgery, but based on available game film, he’s the better corner.”

Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports says Sherman sees big things in store for the Seahawks and himself. Sherman tells Garafolo he’s going after the single-season interception record held by Dick “Night Train” Lane, and wants 14 interceptions this year.

Clare Farnsworth of revisits Brandon Browner’s strip fumble and recovery that changed the game against Carolina last year.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that Russell Wilson’s improvement has the Seahawks believing big.

Jayson Jenks of The Seattle Times wrote a nice profile on Wilson.

ESPN’s Terry Blount and David Newton debate on how the Seahawks-Panthers game will shake out.

According to, Jeff Triplette’s crew is officiating the Seahawks-Panthers game.

Bill Simmons of Grantland picks the Seahawks No. 1 in his NFC power poll. Simmons: “Year after year after year, I can see the Niners and Seahawks measuring themselves against one another, lobbing potshots at each other, making sketchy roster moves clearly intended to piss off the other team (Chris Harper, everybody!), and maybe even getting into one of those postgame pseudo-brawls with 120 players milling around two assistant coaches who are screaming at each other. If it gets REALLY good, once or twice, we'll see a free agent switch from one side to the other for more money, and we'll all consider him a massive traitor — like how Red Sox fans felt about Johnny Damon in 2006. I think it's going to be a blood feud. I think it's going to be what Rex Ryan always wanted the Jets-Patriots rivalry to be … you know, before the Jets died.“It's going to be fantastic. I can't wait. But for 2013? I think it's Seattle's year. In Russell Wilson we trust.”

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated takes the Seahawks over the Panthers, 24-14.

Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated breaks down how the Seahawks will attempt to stop Cam Newton and the read-option.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski offers some analysis on how second year quarterbacks Andrew Luck, RGIII and Russell Wilson will perform this season. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

ESPN’s John Clayton writes that the Seahawks have a tough road to the Super Bowl. Clayton: “The road to the Super Bowl is a tough one for the Seattle Seahawks, a team many consider to be the most talented in the NFC. Their problem is their road schedule. They face five teams with winning records on the road, and the other three won't be easy -- Arizona, St. Louis and Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers game is critical for the Seahawks. It's one of five 1 p.m. ET starts on their schedule. Early games are tough for West Coast teams, whose body clocks are at 10 a.m. at kickoff. West Coast teams often get off to slow starts under these circumstances. This game is so important because three of Seattle's 1 p.m. ET starts are against 2012 playoff teams -- Houston, Indianapolis and Atlanta -- and the remaining one is against the New York Giants. The Panthers are expected to improve from their 7-9 season last year. This one won't be easy for the Seahawks.”

Joe Person of The Charlotte Observer writes that Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly are the cornerstones of the Panthers future.