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Sherman says focus is on containing 49ers run game

Yes, Richard Sherman knows that Colin Kaepernick threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns last week against Green Bay.

Still, Sherman said defensively for Seattle it all starts with stopping Frank Gore and the 49ers running game.

“They have an incredibly consistent run game,” Sherman said. “And I think that’s their bread and butter. They run a lot of play action, and run a lot of their deep routes off play-action pass because their run game is so potent.

“So we’ve got to be able to stop their run game to start off with. Once we can stop their run game, or contain it a bit, then we can focus on everything else. So you work inside-out.”

Stopping San Francisco’s running game is easier said than done.

The 49ers used a series of traps and counters to run for 175 yards in a 13-6 win at Candlestick. But in the second contest last season at CenturyLinnk, Seattle held San Francisco to 82 yards in a 42-13 win at home.

“They always come with some special type of runs when they play us,” Seattle defensive tackle Brandon Mebane said. “So we were prepared the next time they played us, that they were going to come with some different type of things.

“But they weren’t the first team to try and run traps on us. Most other teams tried to run traps before we played them. But we didn’t go about it right, and it happened to where they go some big runs on us.”

Russell Wilson talked about the similarities and differences between himself and San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“He’s a lot taller than me,” Wilson said, when asked to compare himself to Kaepernick. “He’s pretty fast, too. But I think for us, obviously I have to focus on myself. I think we have a lot of similar abilities in terms of running the ball, and throwing the football and everything – making things happen.

“He’s more of a long strider than me. I’m more of a quick guy, and try to avoid people. But I love the way he plays. He’s a great football player.”

The Seahawks also made a couple roster moves. Wide receiver Tyrone Walker and linebacker Ty Powell were released from the practice squad, and defensive tackle Michael Brooks and offensive lineman Jared Smith were added to the practice squad.

Linebacker Allen Bradford, released to make room for tight end Kellen Davis, was claimed by the N.Y. Giants, according to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post.