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Sherman: 'What are the combined scores from the last two games? How much of it is real and how much of it is fabricated? That’s real'


Per usual, Richard Sherman had a lot to say postgame Sunday. He had a big game with a pick, a dance and sticky coverage on Anquan Boldin. Sherman showed up to the interview room with his two game balls from the night and displayed them on the podium.

Here's what he had to say:

Opening) A lot of people say, do they live up to the hype? Are they the best secondary in the league. There’s a lot of talk. A lot of hearsay. And, we just keep putting it on film. All we do. We go out there, put it on film again. Earl Thomas, All-Pro safety. Put it on film again. Took points off the board.

Kam Chancellor, All-Pro safety, showed it again. We do exactly what we’re supposed to do. People are like, ‘Oh, man, this is the best secondary, this is the best secondary.’ We’re just the best secondary on film.

On his interception) Once I located it, I thought I could get it. I wasn’t sure where Vernon was or if he was going up, so I wanted to get it at its highest point.

You were on Boldin a lot, was that a switch from last time?) Yeah, I asked coach for the challenge. I wanted to follow him. There was a lot of things being said this week and he had a great game last week. He went for 200-plus yards and had a resurgence and such. There’s a lot of talk about elite corners and who follow who, etc., etc. I wanted to negate that.

You followed him on third down?) I followed him a lot. A little more than third down.

How often have you done that in the past?) Not very often. When BB’s out, though, the defense gets a little different. Obviously, Walter and Byron did a great job and they’re great corners. Shoot, they’re elite-caliber corners. I asked them for it. It was no disrespect to those guys, but I wanted the matchup.

The number of guys who made plays on defense) It was fantastic. I was excited because the new guys made plays. You had Cliff Avril making a sack, forced fumble. You had Michael Bennett, you had old-school guys, KJ, getting a sack. There was pressure all day. I think the D-line and the linebackers did a great job creating pressure and making sure Kaepernick was uncomfortable the whole game. I think that helped us get turnovers.

A lot of national people picked you guys to lose, how do you use that as fire?) Did we lose? … Oh. See how smart they are. They might not have watched the last game that we played (against the 49ers). They might not know what the score was. You guys know. You guys know what that score was? Wasn’t that dissimilar from this score, was it? OK. Just making sure.

Almost 500 yards for 49ers last week, does it further the fact that you guys were able to shut them down?) We did what we expected to do. I think you guys expected something different. You guys expected a little more Kaepernicking, couple of these (leans, flexes bicep). We expect guys to play disciplined ball. We didn’t expect Anquan to go for 200 yards. We didn’t expect Vernon to go off. We had a great gameplan and guys executed it to a T. D-line played their jobs, they did an excellent job. The linebackers slid when they needed to, they made tackles. Kaepernick made his plays. He got out of the pocket. He’s a great quarterback, he’s dynamic. He’s going to make his plays. I think we withstood a lot of the flurries they had and we were able to make the plays when they counted.

Key against Boldin?) Being physical. I think a lot of people think he’s just going to out-physical you the whole game and I think I countered that with physicality.

Did the offseason attention for Kaepernick bother you at all?) Not at all. He deserved it. He deserved it. In the middle of the season, he stepped in, he stepped up and led his team to the Super Bowl. He deserved every accolade he got. He deserved every magazine cover, every nominee, every everything. No problem with a guy getting what he deserves. He led his team and he almost won it.

What’s the message from your D to Russell?) It’s the same message every week to Russell. He’s a great quarterback. He’s a dynamic quarterback. We want to ease the stress off him. If he makes a mistake, we’re there for him. If you throw a pick, we’ll get you the ball back. If things aren’t going your way early, don’t lose confidence. We promise you we’ll stand up. We’ll get the ball back. We want him to feel comfortable. Every game, we tell him the same thing, hey, we’ve got you’re back. We got you. Things didn’t happen very well in the first half and he was able to bounce back. We knew he would. He came out during the break, he came out with a shower or something and he looked like a baaadddd man. I knew he was going to do it.

What did you do during the break?) We listened to music. We got hyped. I partied with the D-line a little bit, we did some dance moves (now dancing at podium) and had a good time.

You had an exchange with Harbaugh after?) I told him good game. I slapped him on the butt, he turned around and gave me the wave.

After your pick, you were seen dancing with the Sea Gals. Are you looking for a back up career?) I was thinking, while I’m here with them, I could catch some of their dance moves and get thing jumping. I’m known to get it jumping from time to time. It was an opportunity to try out. I think there was a misogynistic thing said early in the week about “She-Hawks” or something like that. I think he meant the Sea Gals. He didn’t know the name, ah, I get it.

Athletic QB, but you guys were aggressive from the start) That comes down to knowing your assignment and playing. Everybody had an assignment whether you have the quarterback, running back, the fullback, whether you’re on Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin, you have an assignment. We needed guys to execute. Good defense comes down to executing your assignment and that’s what guys did today. Byron Maxwell, he was matched up on Vernon Davis to get him out on third downs and he stood up. Walter Thurmond had a heck of a game in the slot and on the edge. He stood up when he needed to stand up. We played a lot of man coverage and that’s something we asked our defensive coordinator for and he gave it to us and I think we proved we are capable)

What did you think of Cliff Avril?) I think he did a great job. That sack forced-fumble was huge. Any turnover is huge, but, I think just the pressure all day on him was a big deal and I think he was a big part of that.

Earl said he thought you could win 5-0, agree?) We felt that way. We definitely felt that way. We were playing them well. It’s not like we were doing anything exotic. It’s not like they weren’t executing their offense, they were running exactly what they wanted to run. They had a few nuances here and there. But, they were running their offense and we were able to make some plays, guys like Big Red, Mebane and Mike Bennett, they were standing up and penetrating and that was a big help for us.

Style of play with Boldin, is that something you welcome?) Yeah. I just get tired of the notion of people saying I’m not elite. Sunday Night Football, everybody’s watching? Watch this.

Personal fouls late?)

How much of this with you and the 49ers is real and how much is show?) What are the combined scores from the last two games? (71-16) Anybody? Anybody? How much of it is real and how much of it is fabricated? That’s real.